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A Complete Guide to Bohemia Market

Bohemia Darknet Market Guide

A complete guide to the darknet marketplace, Bohemia market. A new and unique open darknet market. Everything you need to know about Bohemia.

Bohemia Darknet Marketplace: What you need to know

Darknet Market Onion Links: http://bohemiaobbpsjvkexpdpnekqai2ebi32xgr6sbhdpapipv547rm6jhad.onion/ 

Location: World Wide (Mainly EU, UK, and Canada

Language: English

Established: June 2021

Currencies: Monero and Bitcoin

Payment Method: Escrow / FE 

Fees: 1-4% commission on all sales + $200 Vendor Bond.

Bohemia Overview

Bohemia Market is still a new Darknet Market. But even though it is only a few months old, the darknet marketplace is quickly growing into the modern silk road alternative. The market works similarly to many of its predecessors but does so in a unique way.

The Market’s design is simple and user-friendly, it has an amazon vibe. Their slogan is “Where Innovation Matters”, a slogan that feels slightly out of place. While it’s a well-developed site. It’s not so much innovative. 

One customer improvement is their multi-product purchase option, which allows users to make one payment for multiple vendors. They also have an affiliate system that encourages users to invite members for a reward. 

With the support of both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) as payment options. Its payment methods are standard Multisig Escrow payments, and for more popular vendors you may have the option of Finalize Early (FE). 

If you are looking to become a vendor at Bohemia Darknet Marketplace, it’s exciting to hear the vendor bond is very low at only $200. However, some have reported that their rules are frustrating. Whether this is because they are trying to prevent scams, or just trying to be picky with vendors is debatable. 

Where it started

The owner of the Bohemia market is very active with its users via dread. This is where he originally announced the marketplace a few months after it was up and running. 

The announcement on dreads forum coincided with the retirement of the White House Market. The darknet market news about WHM resulted in the marketplace growing very quickly and already has over 1K vendors and about 4K listings up only 6 months after it started. 

While this means it’s a decent market with a good variety of options, the market is still new and has not established itself. There is the possibility of an exit scam to come with this site. Though this is usual on the darknet. 


A Complete Guide to Bohemia Market

The main product in Bohemia market, as with most darknet markets is drugs. Though they have many other items. 

  • Cannabis/Hash, Benzodiazepines, Dissociatives, Psychedelics, Ecstasy, Opioids, Steroids, Stimulants
  • Prescription drugs and “study drugs” such as Adderall or Ritalin
  • Fraud
  • Counterfeit items
  • Digital Products
  • Software and Malware
  • Security and Hacking Service

Mass Messaging

A feature that is helpful for vendors is the option to reach out to multiple customers with one message. 

This feature sounds very helpful for very specific circumstances for a vendor and will help only the larger vendors. But seems to open a door to spam as well.

DDoS Protection

Standard to many darknet marketplaces, the site has a Captcha system as a feature for DDoS protection. Many larger sites will attack smaller ones that seem to be growing. 

Since Bohemia gained many customers from the White House Market retirement, it seems that larger sites were unhappy and made many attacks. The DDoS protection ensures the site remains speedy and the servers are not overwhelmed.

Affiliate Program

The Affiliate program is a feature that rewards users for inviting others. This provides the opportunity for the site’s growth, as well as an incentive for users to invite friends. 

The affiliate program gives users 25% of the site’s commission, this equates to about 1% of all sales made from the new user. The funds will automatically apply to your balance and available to spend or withdraw

Multi Purchase

One of Bohemia’s innovative options is their “smart cart” option which allows users to make purchases for multiple vendors at once. 

The user will need to find the items they are interested in and add them to their cart. After finding all the items, they can go to their checkout and process the payment all at once. It will all work in the escrow payment system. 

Though this is not the biggest difference, it just reduces a little bit of customer effort. 

Getting Started On Bohemia

Before using Bohemia market or any darknet market, we always recommend having a few things in place. These are the basics of using the darknet and you should do your best to have a basic understanding of these basics.

​​A Complete Guide to Bohemia Market

Cryptocurrency payments

It is important that you understand the basics of cryptocurrencies and their transactions. You should have a good understanding of address, payments, fees, and using a mixing exchange. 

However, the most important point to understand with Cryptocurrencies is ensuring your own privacy through them. This is we recommend using Monero (XMR) as your main crypto option

Here is a guide to Bitcoin Wallets which has some basic information on using cryptocurrencies for Darknet markets. 

Using Tor

The Tor browser is the only way to access this website, it is a browser of its own that is used to access all darknet webpages. Its design is made with your privacy in mind, however, you need to make sure you also understand the browser and how to use it securely. 


Operations Security (OpSec) is arguably the most important tool you need set up on the DarkNet. OpSec is about releasing as little data transferred as possible. This keeps your real-life identity hidden from all parties you are encountering. 

OpSec ensures you do not reveal your real name, never use the same username, ensuring all usernames are not in any relation to your own identity. Never send directly from an exchange, always use a wallet, etc. 

We have a thorough guide to Opsec security on DarkNet Marketplaces.

PGP Tool

The PGP key‘s used as another form of security on the Darknet. Gather a fundamental understanding of sections using a PGP Key Pair, learn how to make a public PGP signature and how to encrypt and decrypt messages using other PGP keys.

We have an onsite PGP Key Generator built into our site. 

Buying items on the site

Log In to Bohemia market is fairly straightforward. Just like all other darknet marketplaces, there is a tedious Captcha system in place.

When Signing Up you need to complete

  1. Username
  2. Password (+ password verification);
  3. Security PIN (+ PIN verification);
  4. Captcha
A Complete Guide to Bohemia Market

After you have finished the log-in process you will want to add funds to the balance of the site which allows you to purchase items. You can do this as you log in, or only once you have found items you are interested in.

The site accepts both Bitcoin and Monero as payment options which are ideal for the old school darknet users and the modern users that prefer Monero. We prefer Monero as this is much harder to track. 

The site has a navigation tool that allows users to search by word, category, or vendor. It also has a featured list of items that are directed to each user depending on their previous search interest. 

When you have found the right item, the product purchase page will pop up. This page will provide information such as 

  • Product Description
  • Vendor Rating
  • Product Photos
  • Previous Disputes 
  • Payment Methods
  • Product Pricing

If it is a digital item you can pay for the product and you will receive it within a few moments. 

If you are purchasing a physical item you will need to use the PGP option, preferably using your own one and not the site for safety reasons. You will then share information needed from the vendor such as a delivery address. 

You can add items to the cart here which will allow you to change your quantities, shipping methods, and payment methods. It will warn you if you do not have enough funds available and will provide the option to do so. 

Before you purchase

Because Bohemia is still small, there are advantages. Scammers are less likely to use this site as it’s monitored more easily. However there are disadvantages such as limited options, or certain payment options are missing. 

Before making any purchases you should make a few checks.

  1. Ensure you are within the seller’s location. The purchase page will provide this information on the seller’s delivery options. 
  2. Vendors can decide whether to accept both Bitcoin and Monero, though some may opt to only accept one of them. 
  3. View the vendor’s ratings and how many items he has sold. This will give you an idea of what to expect from the vendor. The site is partnered with the RECON system. This means you can see the vendor’s feedback from multiple platforms. 

Most payments will be escrow payments. This means you pay the money to Bohemia, who acts as a middle man. Once the products have been received, the system releases the funds to the vendor. 

Certain vendors may qualify for an FE or Finalize Order payment. This means the vendor is paid much quicker. This option should be used for more reputable vendors as it’s more dangerous. 

After placing an order an order number is provided to the user. They can also contact the vendor through the messaging system if needed and view orders previously made and their status. 

Once you have received the item, be sure to mark the item as received as quick as possible. Both vendors and buyers are rated so that vendors can know who they are working with. 

Becoming a Vendor

Once logged into the account at the top left corner you can see a button, “Become A Merchant”.

After selecting this a page will pop up with information on becoming a vendor. The page will have details on vendor expectation and their terms and conditions. 

The vendor can then process an application and is required to provide relative information.

After accepting this General merchants are required to pay a non-refundable Vendor Bond. The Vendor Bond is an option to provide funds for the site, but also will prevent scams from vendors as there is a process and a fee in becoming a vendor. The Vendor Bond is deducted from your site’s balance. 

Vendors that are already well established could apply to join Bohemia market without a Vendor Bond. 

The process can take a day or 2 depending on staff and site activity, as each vendor’s application is viewed manually before it’s accepted. 

Rules on Bohemia

Although we are using the darknet, the site makes some rules that increase the experience of all its users. Whether a merchant or a customer. 

The Bohemia market staff made it clear that all rules are final and not debatable. If anybody is caught disobeying these rules their account will be suspended. 

Site Rules

  • Prohibited products will not be traded by users
  • Spamming by other users is not tolerated on the market.
  • Anyone attempting to impersonate the platform’s admin or moderators is prohibited under any circumstances. This includes claiming to speak for the market on the dark web’s current discussion boards.
  • On Bohemia, PGP is a legal necessity. This protocol must be used to encrypt all sensitive and private data.

Banned Listings

Bohemia’s idea is to allow users to purchase items through the darknet, however, they want to ensure this is a safe process. The site attempts to keep all harmful items and services off the site.

The site includes a word filter system that will allow staff the opportunity to look into any cases where these items are discussed or provided. This means that staff can look into this and ban any vendors or customers that break this rule. 

The Following Items are Banned

  • guns and bombs.
  • Fentanyl and its metabolites.
  • Laced Drugs.
  • Content including child sex abuse.
  • Animal mistreatment
  • Human brutality
  • Any tools or guidance that is intended to cause harm
  • Any items associated with terrorist acts.
  • All types of financial schemes that could cause Bohemia users to lose money.

What do you think of the Bohemia Marketplace? let us know in the comments.

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