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A comprehensive tutorial on how to safely use Abacus Darknet Marketplace

A comprehensive tutorial on how to safely use Abacus Darknet Marketplace


This is an easy to use step by step tutorial on how to safely use Abacus Market Place on the darknet. This comprehensive tutorial covers just about everything you need to know to get started with darknet marketplaces, with a particular focus on the Abacus marketplace. It gives a high-level summary of what is expected of the user and teaches several universal principles in a straightforward, step-by-step manner. Please keep in mind that anyone who wishes to go beneath the surface of the internet and explore the deep web, also known as the dark web or darknet, must pay close attention to the specifics. As a result, this tutorial contains specific information that you must pay special attention to in order to have a deeper understanding. The dark web has a broader scope than the internet you may be familiar with, and as a result, there are many jargons or, in other words, unique terminologies that you must be familiar with in order to grasp the complete concept of the darknet and, as a result, have a stronger position on darknet marketplaces like abacus. That stated, at this point, feel free to follow this instruction step by step for a complete understanding of the market place and all other pertinent information. Now let’s dive deeper into it.


In this section we will discuss security measures that need to be taken, this is often referred to as OPSEC which stands for Operation Security. Before you venture into the darkweb you need to acquaint yourself with OPSEC as much as you can possibly learn in order to stay safe. There are lots of articles available on the clearnet that have further vital information in this regard, and you can lay your hands on them with a simple google search, meanwhile we will cover the most vital aspect of them in this tutorial. To safely browse the darknet there are at least three most important tools you need to have. And they are as listed below:

  1. VPN: Which stands for Virtual Private Network, this extends a private network across a public network, allowing users to send and receive data as if their computer equipment were physically linked to the private network. This provides a good layer of security while browsing the darknet market places such as Abacus.
  2. Tor browser: Tor browser is similar to other web browsers, but it has been customized to provide privacy-related features that other browsers lack. It also has the unique capability of connecting to top-level domains ending in the “.onion” suffix. The darknet is made up of these domains. When used together with a good VPN it provide it provides a higher level of security and thus maintains anonymity which is very important while using the darknet. People use the Tor browser and the darknet for a variety of reasons, including protecting their privacy, communicating freely about sensitive subjects, sharing sensitive files or programmes, selling illegal or restricted goods and services, sharing critical information that could otherwise result in legal actions for the user, bypassing governmental bans on some websites and so on. Visit the Tor Project’s website to get the Tor browser. Choose the version that corresponds to your operating system and download it for free. Tor is available for Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android. If you have any further issues about Tor installation or use, you can consult their user manual, which is available on their website.
  3. Tail OS: TailsOS is a privacy-focused operating system that defaults to sending all traffic through the Tor network. It’s not required for accessing the dark web, but it’s strongly recommended for OpSec. Tails is significantly more secure and less vulnerable to attacks than Windows, iOS, or Android computers because it is built on Linux. Perhaps best of all, Tails does not leave any traces of what you did with it once you’ve finished using it. You might think of TailsOS as a DVD or virtual machine whose contents are permanently imprinted and can only be changed momentarily, throughout the duration of the session, because the OS is burned onto a USB stick via image file.

Other security measure you need to pay attention to before using darknet market places such as Abacus include, crypto currency such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) these are payment methods that are widely accepted across darknet market places, and they offer maximum security protection especially monero therefore it is a good OPSEC to understand them and make use of them. 

Also PGP which is often referred to as, Pretty Good Privacy is another good security measure. It’s essential to know how to encrypt important conversations sent between parties through the darknet. 

It is important to mention at this time that Darknet markets have come a long way since its inception. It was easy to escape with a lot more back then because no one was paying close attention or even knowing what to hunt for. However, large swaths of the darknet are currently being actively monitored and catalogued. Transnational law enforcement personnel are working nonstop to shut down as many markets as feasible, arresting those who participate. Highly advanced tools are being used to evaluate massive amounts of data, a process that includes blockchain analytics. As a result, it’s more crucial than ever to learn how to use the resources at your disposal to safeguard your online privacy.

Accessing Abacus marketplace: 

To begin, turn on your VPN, then open your tor browser (or any other browser you chose to use that has the ability to decode the onion routing process and grant you access to the darknet space) Then type in the abacus web address as follows: abacuseeettcn3n2zxo7tqy5vsxhqpha2jtjqs7cgdjzl2jascr4liad.onion and If you get it right, you’ll be directed to the waiting or landing page at which you will wait for about 20 seconds, after which you will be taken to the captcha page.

The landing page looks like this:

A comprehensive tutorial on how to safely use Abacus Darknet Marketplace


CAPTCHA, which stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart, is a form of security mechanism known as challenge-response authentication that is particularly widespread among all the highly encrypted darknet market places. A CAPTCHA test consists of two parts: a randomly generated sequence of letters and, or numbers that appear as a distorted image, and a text box, which is also available on abacus market place, and this is also the first welcoming security guard in abacus market place, and this feature should never be ignored as it is a very pivotal aspect of OPSEC in the darknet.

Abacus captcha looks this way:

A comprehensive tutorial on how to safely use Abacus Darknet Marketplace

Main Page:

This is where you can log in as a returning user or register as a new user. Everyone is welcome to register for free.

Here is a view of the abacus main page:

A comprehensive tutorial on how to safely use Abacus Darknet Marketplace


Before you sign up for an abacus darknet market account, you’ll need to disable JavaScript in your Tor browser. Many markets these days require this, and it’s just an excellent OpSec practice in general. To do so, go to the top right corner of the Tor browser, click the guard icon, then the change button, select SAFEST bullet icon under security levels, and Tor will disable javascript and set other security parameters accordingly. The usage of a VPN in conjunction with the Tor browser is highly advised for proper operation security.

Abacus Market Features:

Abacus market has a good looking interface that looks this way: 

A comprehensive tutorial on how to safely use Abacus Darknet Marketplace

Abacus market has Forum where users can freely interact with each other, it also has Manifest section which throws more light on the company’s ideology, history and code of conduct. But in this article we will be focusing more on the market section. To access the market place, you will simply need to register with your unique private and public username, password, pin and login phrase, then solve the distorted text captcha correctly and you will be redirected to the market page, unlike most darknet sites, the login phrase available on abacus market is to ensure that you are on the real Abacus Market site and not on a phishing site. Also take note of the security mnemonic on the site because If you lose your PIN and want to regain it, you’ll need it. This page will only be displayed once and will then be unavailable. If you ever forget your PIN, you’ll be prompted to enter your mnemonic and username to have it reset. When you have written down the mnemonic somewhere, go to the marketplace by clicking the button underneath it on the site. After you’ve completed the first registration process, the login page will never ask for your mnemonic or PIN. Be aware that if you forget your PIN or 2FA private key and are unable to recall your mnemonic, your account will not be reset, and you will lose all of your coins on the site!

While on abacus market place, you will notice that abacus has Home page where you see the first set of listings ranging from drugs & chemicals, counterfeit items, digital products, frauds, guides and tutorial for frauds and others, services, software and malware and so on. It also has a quick search feature that enables you to search for other items that are not readily seen on the home page. And also the following tabs and their functionalities as indicated below:

ORDERS Tab: Is where you see the number of orders you have placed on the site.

MESSAGE Tab: Is where you see all your messages for interactions with other users on the site.

BALANCE Tab: Here you can manage your balance, deposit and withdraw funds. There are no fees for deposits. To deposit funds, send bitcoins or monero to the address provided by the site admin. The balance will appear after 3 confirmations, which should complete your payment depending on blockchain network congestion. The address will change between each deposit. Addresses are only ONE TIME use, if you send more than one deposit to same address, the coins will be lost.

There is also your profile section where you manage your personal information, and there is a support tab through which you can communicate with the site admin for further assistance.

Another prominent feature of the site is the Vendor Application tab. Here you can activate your vendor account. Take time to read the vendor rules as clearly stated on this section of the abacus market, and click on accept when you fully grasp it. After that, you will be able to create listings and start selling there. Be careful to acknowledge the rules, as breaching them may result in account suspension and you will lose your vendor bond, as rule #4 clearly stated that There is a USD $100 vendor bond (0.00216517 BTC / 0.55244216 XMR at the current rate), non refundable. Another interesting feature available on abacus market is that If you were a reputable vendor in other market places you will be able to upgrade your account automatically, you just need to add the same PGP Key. In case you think that you are a reputable vendor but you cannot use this feature, you are free to open a ticket.

Abacus also have affiliate program where you can refer other users to the site and earn a commission of 20 percent as shown in the Affiliate section of the site.

Here are a few important reminders to be aware of before making your first darknet market transaction: Never make a deposit straight from an exchanger, especially local exchangers. This is considered a terrible OpSec as it potentially creates an association between your darknet market activities and your real-life identity. Secondly, Only deposit the amount necessary to cover the purchase of an imminent order. Don’t keep large sums of coins in an account wallet as darknet markets could go down at any time (Keep in mind that these markets have a near-zero long-term survival rate, especially since the collapse of most early market places) Thirdly, Never re-use deposit addresses. Normally markets will assign you a new address for each deposit. Those that don’t almost always have a function that allows you to generate a new address, and this should be used on a frequent basis.

And finally, when an offer seems too good to be true, they probably are, because in this space of the darknet, secret law enforcement agents are also lurking, and sometimes pose like every other user as a means to hunt down offenders, so always measure twice and cut once, and always wear your thinking hat whenever you are browsing the darknet because a single link you mistakenly clicked on can implicate you if you aren’t so careful.

In conclusion, Abacus market is a safe and easy to use darknet marketplace, and if you follow the guide as indicated in this article you will be able to use the site effectively to buy or sell.

Disclaimer:  This guide is intended solely for educational purposes. In some jurisdictions, following its directions could be considered criminal. The use of darknet markets is inherently dangerous, and the material of this guide is in no way condones any illegal activity on them. The usage of the darknet market is exclusively at the discretion of the user, who is fully responsible for their acts, both legal and illegal. It’s true that a lot of what is for sale in darknet markets is prohibited in almost every country. We cannot advocate that you participate in darknet market transactions since you face the danger of losing your freedom. However, we believe in personal liberty and responsibility, and that people should have the freedom to do anything they want as long as they don’t damage or hurt others, in the spirit in which Bitcoin and Tor were founded. Access to darknet markets is also thought to have a key role in preventing violence in drug deals, giving a far safer alternative to the usual experience. “With freedom comes responsibility,” as the old adage goes. This is no exception. You’ll have easy access to items that could land you in trouble with the law and are downright dangerous to your health. So, just because you have the ability to do something doesn’t imply you should. You, on the other hand, are the owner of your life, and it is your responsibility to determine what is good and bad for you. No one else is capable of doing so. As a result, users should exercise extreme caution! Enjoy yourself while remaining safe.

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