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A Guide to Archetyp Darknet Market

A Guide to Archetyp Darknet Market

A complete guide to the European darknet marketplace, Archetyp. a drug focused marketplace. Everything you need to know about Archetyp.

A Guide to Archetyp Darknet Market

Archetyp Darknet Marketplace: What you need to know

Onion Link: http://4pt4axjgzmm4ibmxplfiuvopxzf775e5bqseyllafcecryfthdupjwyd.onion/

Location: Europe

Language: English and German

Established: 10-May-2020

Currencies: Monero

Payment Method: Escrow / FE (Auto-FE with a timer of 5 – 99 days)

Fees: 5% commission on all sales + $200 Vendor Bond.

Rules: No weapons, no porn, no racism, no poisons, no fraud, or similar

Archetyp Overview

Archetyp is one of the better marketplaces in Europe, Since its launch in May 2020, it has quickly gained a name for itself. The market is Drugs Only and has over 1300 listings already available. The market accepts Monero (XMR) as the main payment method. 

The marketplace supports both the English and German languages and the pricing of listings is displayed in Euros. The market has many vendors located in the UK, Sweden, and Germany, but many offer deliveries all over Europe. 

They also have some vendors based in Aus, Canada, and the US. Though there are only a few vendors in these locations. 

As of December 2021, the site has 355 registered vendors and 30 000 users. Although this is not large for a darknet marketplace, the vendors often already have a reputation from other marketplaces but have moved here. Archetyp also seems to be growing rapidly in the last few months. 

DDOS Protection

Since the closure of Cannazon back in November 2021, many vendors made their way to Archetyp as their new home. Because of their rapid growth, the site has had some DDOS attacks recently by competitors, causing the site to slow down and log some users out unexpectedly. 

The site has set up multiple CAPTCHA’s in order to prevent the DDOSes but since Archetyp is still small, it does not have the best resources to combat these issues. This is typical for smaller markets on the rise using the darknet. 

The CAPTCHA system is not too invasive and is a “Fix the broken circles” version of the DDOS protection. Unlike many other markets that make difficult and frustrating CAPTCHA systems.



The site has a simple UI that is pleasing to the eyes from the moment you log in. albeit I am a sucker for Dark Themed sites. Its design is unique instead of a copycat of multiple other marketplaces. 

The checkout process is easy to handle while completely different from other markets, It reduces customer effort and removes more possibilities for error. 

The team is very involved and always working on the site, their reward for this is a decent community. The site seems likely to grow steadily. 

The site pushes for OpSec and has clear scheduled maintenance for their own OpSec. The site allows for deposits using multiple coins but always converts them to XMR for security on all parties involved. 

They also include a $200 fee for any vendor to join their market in order to prevent scammers. This of course is also to help the site stay afloat. The site also takes a 5% cut from all orders. 


They have a “Deadpool” section where users can bet on various marketplaces. The Deadpool sections allow users to bet on how a marketplace will meet its demise. With 3 available options. Bust, Exit Scam, or Retire. 

Archetyp has multiple games for users to play on the site as an extra form of entertainment. These features provide proof of the dedication of the team involved in making the site.

Getting Started

Before using Archetyp or any darknet market, we always recommend having a few things in place. These are the basics of using the darknet and you should do your best to have a basic understanding of these basics.

Cryptocurrency payments

It is important that you understand the basics of cryptocurrencies and their transactions. You should have a good understanding of address, payments, fees, and using a block explorer. 

However, the most important point to understand with Cryptocurrencies is ensuring your own privacy through them. This is why Archetyp mainly uses Monero (XMR)

Here is a guide to Bitcoin Wallets which has some basic information on using cryptocurrencies for Darknet markets. 

Using Tor

The Tor browser is the only way to access this website, it is a browser of its own that is used to access all darknet webpages. Its design is made with your privacy in mind, however, you need to make sure you also understand the browser and how to use it securely. 


Operations Security (OpSec) is arguably the most important tool you need set up on the DarkNet. OpSec is about releasing as little data being transferred as possible. This keeps your real-life identity hidden from all parties you are encountering. 

OpSec ensures you do not reveal your real name, never use the same username, ensuring all usernames are not in any relation to your own identity. Never send directly from an exchange, always use a wallet, etc. 

We have a thorough guide to Opsec security on DarkNet Marketplaces.

PGP Tool

The PGP key is used as another form of security on the Darknet. Gather a fundamental understanding of sections using a PGP Key Pair, learn how to make a public PGP signature and how to encrypt and decrypt messages using other PGP keys.

Making an Archetyp Account

A Guide to Archetyp Darknet Market

If you have ever registered for a darknet marketplace, the registration for Archetyp is fairly typical. Complete Archetyps circle Captcha system and you will see a login landing page. At the bottom, you will see “Create Account”, select the button and you will start the usual registration screen. 

The registration has 5 section to complete and another Captcha. 

  • Display Name
  • Login Name
  • Password
  • Repeat Password
  • PIN for withdrawals.

Once completing the sign up you are taken straight to the Archetyp home page. There is a banner at the top that requests you to set up your PGP key. This is required to place any orders. 

Using a PGP Key and 2FA

To set up your PGA Key head to the Settings page located at the left side of the site, looks like a power button. A new page will open and one of the settings will be a PGP Public Key box. 

Once located, paste your public PGP key in the box. This is used for you to communicate with other users on Archetyp. You will likely only use this with other vendors. Ensure this is your public PGP, not the description key. 

After you added the PGP key, you will receive a Captcha to complete and a new page will open. You will never be asked to decrypt a message encrypted by your own PGP Key. 

Copy the key from the new box and decrypt it using your own PGP tool.

Delete contents from the box and place the decrypted message. 

Once completing the next Captcha, the PGP system should be complete. You will be re-directed back to the setting page and your PGP key is now set.

Adding to your Archetyp Wallet

A Guide to Archetyp Darknet Market

Archetyp allows 8 cryptocurrencies for deposit to the site. These include BTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE, ETH, LTC, ZEC, and XMR. As soon as any of the currencies are added, it is always converted to XMR.  This is an added security method for both the site creators and yourself. 

Note: Because all cryptocurrencies are changed to XMR using a mixing service, there are fees allocated. (XMR has no charges)

In order to access the waller select the £ Sign at the top of the site. From here you can view your balance and top up your site’s wallet. When depositing any cryptocurrency unsure you copy a full address to deposit into and always deposit the correct coin. If you are not careful with this it may result in a loss of coins. 

The site also offers a QR code that can be used when depositing, though with OpSec you should always be wary of using such options. 

The site has a regular delay of about 30 minutes for credits to reflect on your account. 

Browsing Archetyp

A Guide to Archetyp Darknet Market

Archetyp only has one section when viewing. Drugs. This is beneficial for people only looking for drugs as there is no clutter of other services and items that are on other marketplaces. 

The UI is simple and has a simple design for anybody and is unique. The site has a filter for Vendors, Categories, Locations, Units, Price Range, Ratings, Popularity, Quantity, etc. As well as a direct search option if you know exactly what you are looking for. 

The filter helps you sive through the 1300 listings. You can also mark certain vendors as favorites. 

Drug Catagories are

  • Cannabis (The largest)
  • Stimulants
  • Ecstasy
  • Opiates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Psychedelics
  • Prescription drugs
  • Steroids
  • Dissociatives

Though because the site is small some of the categories are empty or sparse, and other categories are saturated with listings. Hash nearly has 150 listings and buds and flowers have over 200 listings. 

When you find a product you are interested in, select the product and a screen will pop up with all the information on it. 

On the listing, you will see the customer’s ratings, their sales, the price per item, their location, and where they ship to.  If you scroll down you will see more information such as Product details, t&c’s, and Vender information.

Always read through this information as the vendor may have details you may need to understand, you can also gather a good understanding of the vendor’s rating and their average delivery times. 

The page will also display disputes made and customer reviews of both the vendor and their products.

Placing Orders on Archetyp

Placing orders works in a similar way to other marketplaces and is fairly simple.  All orders can be finalized in Escrow, Finalize Early, or through the auto-finalize options. The Auto-Finalize option is available for 5-99 days. 

Once finding that product that sparks your interest, you can click the “Buy Product” button. The finish your order page will open and you can follow through on the screens options. The screen may change slightly per vendor due to the options provided. 

Your order details, product price, etc should appear on this page. Please note that you need to ensure the correct amount is displayed in your accounts balance when using the FE or Auto FE systems. Here you can change the product quantity and select necessary options for shipping. 

Once you reach the bottom of the page you need to display shipping details, this is PGP encrypted information. Archetyp ensures this information is secured though you could always ship to “false addresses” for better OpSec. 

You will click on the vendor’s PGP link and import it to your PGP tool. Encrypt your Shipping information using their PGP tool and paste the encrypted message in the text box. We recommend always self-encrypting shipping info. It is easy to do so and there’s no reason not to do it.

Once completed the order page you need to complete the captcha. Your payment is deducted and the order is submitted to the vendor. The vendor will receive all the necessary information and process the order accordingly. 

You can always revert to see the details of the order and see the current status that is changed by the vendor.

Vendors are encouraged to complete orders within 7 days, though there are naturally delays. If your order experiences any delays you should always keep in contact with the vendor and ensure the payment of your order is not processed until you have received the order. 

The site has a decent dispute system and the service is usually swift. Because Archetyp is still fairly small, the customer service is really good and speedy. The site’s staff want the site to grow for their own benefit and their service proves to be effective. 

Vendors on the darknet also understand that any negative reputation will destroy their business. Most vendors will communicate first and do their best to keep a positive experience. Be patient while dealing with vendors as this is a partnership and there is usually a mutual understanding. Working on the darknet is dangerous and necessary precautions from both parties are essential. 


A Guide to Archetyp Darknet Market

Archetype is a Europe-specific darknet marketplace that focuses on drugs specifically.

The site offers an easy-to-use and pleasing user interface. 

Archetyp places a lot of value on privacy and security, which is why they only accept payments through Monero. Their system requires the basic PGP tools and 2FA. Their dispute system is quick to respond and as helpful as can be. 

Archetyp is a market that focuses on allowing freedom to purchase narcotics and other illegal drugs.

Their rules prove to be against any other products or markets that could harm others such as fraud and scams.

Archetyp is not the biggest marketplace on the darknet, but it’s gaining in size rapidly, its system works and many vendors are moving towards them for good reason. 

There are many marketplaces to choose from on the darknet and choosing where to shop can be difficult. We have a list of multiple darknet marketplaces.

Don’t like Archetyp? See our picks for some other marketplaces to use in 2022.

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