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Top 7 Best Annonymous Bitcoin Wallets – Complete Guide

Top 7 Best Annonymous Bitcoin Wallets – Complete Guide

When it comes to paying your electric bills, purchasing something from a retail store, or buying something on a conventional marketplace, you reveal your real identity all the time. You are using your real name, real phone number, real address, and everything to fulfill the orders.

Conventional payment methods like credit cards and bank transfers reveal your personal information. These financial institutions have the right to access the information about you. Not only this basic information, but these parties also know where to send the money, how much money you have, as well as how much you are sending or receiving. Although it is what we have done for decades in the conventional society, still it is not convenient for those who want to protect their privacy for good. Here is where the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin different.

Bitcoin is the solid application of the decentralization principle where there is no third party involved in the transaction. Instead of using your real identity, you will use your anonymous account to conceal your privacy. When transacting, it is conducted on a P2P basis, without third-party intervention. And because there is no intermediary involved in such a transaction, you can rest assured that the private information will be stored safely, without the risks of getting leaked to the public domain. The Bitcoin Address that you have does not have any personal details that you must worry about being revealed.

Bitcoin Wallet
Bitcoin Wallet

Since the sole purpose is to transact anonymously, it can be the best alternative method of payment that you can use to purchase some stuff online safely.

But because of the anonymity, many parties are using Bitcoin for ill purposes. On some occasions, Bitcoin can protect the identity of scammers, fraudsters, and other bad parties.

Getting Bitcoin into your own is simple and easy. However, using it without traces is a different thing. If you want to use Bitcoin anonymously to avoid footprints or traces, you will want to use Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets.

Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets are wallets that are purposely designed to make cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin transactions hidden and private. It is important to differentiate the traditional Bitcoin wallets from the Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets. The Bitcoin Wallets are designed to hide from the ledger and network. These wallets can automatically change your Bitcoin address every time you send or receive the Bitcoins through your real address. This wallet can ensure that all of your activities are untraceable. Combining this kind of service with the VPN service will fortify your privacy and security. Therefore, your online transaction won’t get compromised.

There are many bitcoin anonymous wallets offered for you. But not all of them are created equal. Save your time to research by yourself and take a look at our list instead.

Ledger Nano Series

Top 7 Best Annonymous Bitcoin Wallets – Complete Guide
Ledger Nano Series

Ledger Nano Series is one of the most renowned anonymous bitcoin wallets. Its lineup of hardware wallets has solved the problems for those who want to store their bitcoin in the safest place without any interruption from the other party.

The users of the device only need to set up everything once. And then, the solution will come up with a 12-word seed phrase and the selection of the PIN to secure the wallet. Obviously, the users will need to keep the PIN for themselves.

The Ledger Nano Series’ most popular models are Nano X and Nano S. Both models are for desktop devices. But for the mobile person, I suggest taking the Nano X since it comes with Bluetooth connectivity which makes it compatible with mobile devices.

The ledger’s hardware wallets are not free but definitely worth your money.

Ledger Nano X is the most recommended model from the branded series. We have checked the reviews and reputation of this particular model in the marketplace. It turned out that it is the most positively reviewed amongst the Ledger Nano series.

It has a compact and sleek design, concealing the true purpose of the device. Not only well-designed, but it is also equipped with good apps to help you manage your cryptocurrency investment portfolio.

It also comes with decentralized finance functionality.

Nano X does not connect to the internet. Rather, it stores the private keys offline inside the device. Therefore, you won’t conceal your digital assets to anyone out there.

The security of the device has been verified by ANSSI, the renowned cybersecurity agency from France.

Besides Bitcoin itself, it also offers a wider range of asset storage that you can rely on. Therefore, you can manage your overall digital portfolio by linking the particular device to the smartphone app through the BlueTooth connection.

The device comes with a 100mAh battery. It is pretty large to sustain the power for a longer time. If you are traveling a lot, you can choose this model to accompany you all the time.

Ledger Nano X is straightforward and simple. There are only two buttons available. And it will only take seconds to master all of the functions of the device. So, it is not a problem when it is the first time for you using this particular solution.

Ledger Nano Official Website

Samourai Wallet

Samourai Wallet
Samourai Wallet

Samourai Wallet comes with tons of positive reviews from its users. Keep in mind that this anonymous bitcoin wallet is only available with Android. So, if you are using an Android device, you can rest assured to use this device to store your Bitcoin safely, and use it anonymously.

Samourai Wallet is purposely designed to create such a private and anonymous bitcoin wallet wherein the users’ privacy is kept and protected.

This anonymous wallet also offers a distinct sophisticated security feature which includes no address reuse, Tor, as well as VPN support.

This Android-only anonymous bitcoin wallet has “no address reuse”, which is a distinctive feature that we rarely see in the commoners. In this case, the users of the wallet do not reuse the same address more than once. And you will get notified when you are about to send the transaction to the previous address. The good thing about this is that there is no way to link the outputs of the previous transactions, preventing the leaking of information about your wallet. Combining this fantastic wallet with the Tor browser and VPN service, all of the transactions are routed to anonymous IP addresses, leaving no traces for your transactions.

Therefore, you can rest assured since the privacies will be kept well by the wallets.

Samourai Wallet is only viable for Bitcoin – BTC. It currently does not accept other coins. It is a good reason to choose this over the other anonymous wallets. The creators of the wallets dedicate their time and efforts to create such excellent solutions for the Bitcoin users who are looking for the best security and privacy. The wallet is full of innovative features which will not make you down.

The alternating addresses provided by Samourai Wallet will ensure security and anonymity to the levels that can’t be beaten by hackers or other irresponsible parties.

Getting started with Samourai Wallet is simple and easy. You will need to download the app from the official site. Make sure you only download the app from a trustworthy source. Don’t attempt to get it from other sites since there are a lot of fake apps revolving around on the net. Visit the official site to find out further information about their wallet.

Samourai Wallet Official Website

Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi Wallet
Wasabi Wallet

Back then, we knew it as Hidden Wallet. But the creators thought that changing the name to Wasabi Wallet could be more impactful in a positive way. And their decision is right. Nowadays, Wasabi Wallet is one of the most prominent anonymous bitcoin wallets which provide a secure and reliable solution for true Bitcoin users across the globe.

If privacy is your primary concern, you cannot go wrong by looking at Wasabi Wallet. It is a desktop-centric solution made for Mac OS, Windows, as well as Linux users. Keep in mind that this solution is only viable for desktop devices. So, if you are expecting to use the app on a mobile device, you could look for other alternatives.

The most selling point of this wallet is Chaumian CoinJoin. It is a feature that comes with the coin shuffling method.

To make it more difficult to track, the feature is fortified with ZeroLink Framework which works to mix the coins during the transactions. Therefore, it will be difficult to track. If you are transacting with your cryptocurrencies often and you want to be safe from hacking or scamming attempts, you could use this method to fortify anonymity on your part.

There will be some hoops that you need to conduct to keep your transactions hidden and concealed from the other parties. The rotating addresses will be very confusing for the outsiders so that they won’t bother to tamper with the metadata in your transactions. It might be complex for true beginners. But believe me that it does not take a long time to learn everything from scratch.

This wallet is also working for Bitcoin only. As primarily focused on the particular coin, you won’t expect to add another coin to this wallet.

CoinJoin works by mixing multiple coins from multiple addresses into a single transaction.

Wasabi builds its own Tor connections and will automatically generate new addresses for every new transaction. As you start to use Wasabi for the first time, you won’t need to worry since the app will show you the wizard that you just need to follow to create a new wallet. Setting it up, you just need to create your username and password for the wallet. The process will end with recovery words that you need to store safely to recover your account later.

Wasabi Wallet Official Website

Rahakott Wallet

Rahakott Wallet
Rahakott Wallet

Rahakott Wallet is a web-based anonymous bitcoin wallet. For those who do not want to download any app or software to their device, this can be a great option. It does not require you to download any app or whatsoever, keeping your device safe from malware or spyware.

Although the web-based solution is still too rare on the net, it strives as one of the most renowned solutions in their class. This wallet has received thousands of positive reviews from Bitcoin users across the globe.

First things first, we’d like to give it two thumbs up since this service does not require any personal information like a phone number or email when you set up the wallet.

It only takes around 15 seconds to set up a new wallet for you. And then, you will be ready to proceed with the online transaction.

This anonymous bitcoin wallet also comes with a built-in mixer and Tor Support.

The provider does not only provide the wallet for Bitcoin, it also supports alternative coins like Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, as well as Ethereum.

The multi-currency wallet with special security features like this is pretty rare in the markets.

As claimed by the insiders of Rahakott, there have been more than 20 million dollars transacted in Bitcoins using their wallet services. And all of them are successful with the help of their unique mixing service to make the transaction seamless and non-traceable.

Its core anonymity feature is the Algoristic Wallet. It might sound strange for most crypto enthusiasts. But it is easy to comprehend. Put simply, Algoristic Wallet is a system that generates a new address in every new transaction. Therefore, with such changes, the service can ensure the anonymity of every transaction made by its users.

With this wallet, you don’t need to share your personal identity to get started. It works differently with the crypto exchanges and other wallet providers. To start it, you don’t need to share your emails, phone numbers, or even your user’s names.

Instead, the wallet will give you the mnemonic phrase which consists of 24 words to give you access to your wallet. You will need to store this information in the safest place you can find since it is the only way you can access the service.

Rahakott Wallet Official Website

Electrum Wallet

Electrum Wallet
Electrum Wallet

Electrum Wallet has been around for a while on the net. You can see that it is one of the oldest wallet providers in the Bitcoin community. But what makes it different is that it offers the guaranteed anonymity in every transaction you will make with your bitcoin.

As expected from the matured anonymous wallet service, it will automatically generate a new address for every transaction. However, the automatic process will only last for 20 new addresses. After it hits the limit, the users will need to generate the new address manually., which is not a huge deal since it is an easy and simple thing to do.

Electrum Wallet itself has already been reliable and secure for you to use. But the provider suggests you use Tails OS to fortify the privacy quality. It will automatically route all the traffic through the Tor browser.

Electrum wallet service is also open to the plugins. You can connect it with the hardware wallets. You can use this both on your desktop device and mobile device. So, you can rest assured that you can always access your funds whether you are staying at home or traveling out there.

It is available for the most renowned desktop OS including Windows, macOS, as well as Linus. You can also download the Electrum app through the Play Store to install the app on your Android device. But the app is not available on iOS devices. You can only use the service on your macOS device instead.

On its official site, the creators proclaimed that the service is for experienced users only. So from the moment of the wallet creation, Electrum assumes that the users already know what they are doing. I just assume that you’ve already covered your basics about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, blockchain, as well as Defi. If you’ve covered all of them, then it will be convenient to set up Electrum from the beginning.

Electrum Wallet Official Website



BitLox is one of the best anonymous Bitcoin hardware wallets whose sole focus is to fortify the privacy and anonymity of its users. This wallet provider has marvelous privacy and security features that you won’t find in the commoners. All of the features it offers are purposely designed to provide excellent anonymity in the bitcoin wallet of the users.

It comes with BitLox military-grade USB vault. The ultimate hardware bitcoin wallet is impenetrable and secured from any other interruptions from the third party.

In BitLox products, the creators have also installed Tails OS to mask your IP address, making it undetectable when you are doing the transactions using your Bitcoin.

It also comes with the concealed wallets with the NIST certified number generator to secure every transaction with the unique signatures to proceed. And all of these actions are conducted automatically within the device.

Let’s get back to the military-grade USB vault. It is made of titanium and aerospace alloys. Through BitLox, you can create as many as 100 wallets. 50 of those wallets can be marked as hidden wallets. You can only access them using the wallet number of a specific PIN to unlock it.

Keep in mind that it is a Hardware wallet. That means you store your Bitcoin private keys in the offline environment. The outsiders won’t be able to find out this kind of information. You will also have peace of mind knowing that the private keys are stored in safe storage.

Bitlox is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, as well as Android. You can also use your browser and download Bitlox Chrome extension to use the service through your favorite browser.

It also supports 10 different languages. You can check on the Bitlox official site to find out if your mother language is included or not.

Bitlox has such an ample security system. It complies with BIP32 and BIP39 protocols. But then, its mnemonic code is the whole key to its security. It contains 24 words that you must store safely for your account access.

It does not seem enough for BitLox to provide the security service for its users. To unlock the device, you need to enter the PIN first. Then the second PIN is needed to unlock each individual wallet. So, if you have a dozen wallets, there are also dozens of second PINs to be remembered to unlock each of them. It does not stop there!

Moreover, you can set the PIN to each transaction as well. How marvelous is that?

Obviously, BitLox will give you layers of security when transacting online.

BitLox has three levels of security that are already included in the service package: Standard, Advanced, and Expert.

These features can be a bit complex for new users. If you are a beginner, it might be time to get used to the complexity. But I recommend you to start with the Standard security until you are used to the overall system. Then you could upgrade the security to an Advanced, and Expert level.

You can also reach BitLox support by phone or email if you need their help with your questions and inquiries.

BitLox Official Website

Edge Wallet

Edge Wallet
Edge Wallet

For the iOS users, you could use Edge Wallet as the main option of the anonymous Bitcoin Wallet. It comes with the client-side encryption which will ensure that none of your private information can be leaked online.

Through the Edge Wallet, you can easily reserve your wallets by using the official credentials that you’ve set up. Therefore, you can access your wallets anywhere, anytime you like through a wide array of devices. And you can easily recover your wallets in case you lose it in the future.

Edge Wallet Official Website