Cannazon Market Closes Voluntarily

Cannazon Market Closes Voluntarily

The darkwebs biggest cannabis marketplace recently announced the closure of their website. The site announced their retirement soon after the website ran into some troubles with heavy denial of service attacks made.

“No exit scam, all orders finallized,” the Cannazon team assured everybody. Explaining this was a simple retirement of the site.

What was Cannazon?

Cannazon Market Closes Voluntarily

Cannazon was a darknet marketplace primarily for cannabis and marijuana related products. The site provided a trusted place for cannabis vendors to sell their products and for customers to purchase items safely using the site.

Cannazon gained it’s popularity by using an escrow system. This meant the customer would purchase the product using Bitcoin or Monero and pay to a Cannazon wallet. Once the vendor has processed and delivered the product, the seller needs to confirm that they’ve received the products.

Once the process is complete, Cannazon would release the payments to the vendors own wallet. Through using a trusted and community backed “middle-man” the site was easy to use. The website would make a small commission off of each purchase.

Outside of the owners of the site being hacked, the only risk in using this site was the possibility of an exit scam. A common tactic used on the dark web, where an escrow based website closes without paying the vendors out.

Cannazon made it clear in their letter that this was not an exit scam, explaining that the site was down due to some DDoS attacks. They kept the sites access low to ensure no vendors devised their own exit scams, and to ensure all orders were finalised.

The goodbye letter

The Cannazon team wrote a letter to their community informing them of the retirement with a signed letter.

Dear community,

TL;DR: We are retiring. No exit scam. All orders finalized. All vendors got their money.

Everyone knew that this day would come. No market will be here forever. We are officially retiring.

Most important things first:Since our first days it was pretty clear for us that we will never do an exit scam like some other markets. We prepared a strategy to minimize the risk of vendors exit scamming and buyers loosing money.The massive DDOS attack was a very good chance to lower the number of orders and we decided to keep the market partially offline afterwards. This is the reason why the market was not reachable and not fully functional in the last days. By this, we could ensure that the number of orders was minimized and all paid orders were shipped.

We are very sorry that we had to keep you in the dark for the last days. In our opinion this was the best way to prevent some vendors from trying to exit scam, harming you and the community.

All open orders have been finalized now, disputes have been settled and refunded eventually. All vendors are able to withdraw their money. If your most recent order is delayed, you can still contact your vendor on the market regarding this. Important: If some vendor did not manage to get all his signed Bitcoin multisig transactions, he can get them from an encrypted message which will be published on Dread later this week. The market will be accessible at least until November 28th.

– From the first day we tried to offer our buyers and vendors a better experience than other markets. According to the feedback we have received over time, we did quite a good job.

However, the best job did someone else: You, our community, all the vendors and buyers.

You support us since the beginning and put your trust in our platform.

We would like to thank you for that. We hope that everyone of you finds some good alternative for buying or selling cannabis products. Moreover, we hope that other markets will follow this path and consider retiring gracefully.

Please stay safe and thanks again for everything.

Your Cannazon Team

The site’s closure follows closely to the retirement of the White House Market, another well-known marketplace from the darknet. It is to be expected that a new marketplace will grow and replace it.

The site is still online but will close down completely within a few days.

No new orders are available to customers, but disputes are still in play, and vendors are expected to withdraw all their cryptocurrencies.

Cannazon Alternatives


Cannazon Market Closes Voluntarily

CannaHome is a community-backed and trusted marketplace where users can safely sell and purchase products, the site’s main focuses are cannabis and shroom products.

CannaHome provides a secure, discrete, and anonymous darknet marketplace. The site allows members from all over the globe, unlike Cannazon who did not allow members from the US.

The site works in an escrow fashion through Direct Pay and Multisig. Many of the established vendors from Cannazon made their way to CannaHome. All users need to sign in to purchase or sell products, and disputes are handled by the CannaHome team. 

The site works really well, but as always you should make secure purchases. See our guide to using CannaHome

Darkfox Market

Cannazon Market Closes Voluntarily

The Darkfox Market works as a simple user-friendly darknet marketplace. Unlike Cannazon, the marketplace does not directly focus on the sale of cannabis products or drugs alone. The marketplace works like many others on the darknet. 

The site offers a large range of vendors for the product you need. The site uses the multisig payment method. As with most darknet sites, ensuring you make safe purchases without being scammed could be difficult, See our How To Use Dark Fox Market Guide.

We have a large list of many other Darknet Markets, as well as guides to using these sites. Take time in researching your next marketplace, and make your purchases safely. 

It is sad to say goodbye to such an easy-to-use, community-backed, and honest website such as Cannazon, all good things come to an end though. So it is time to say, Goodbye Cannazon.

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