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Link: http://cannazon4gbjluus.onion

Cannazon Market is one of the most renowned cannabis-only markets on the deep web. It has been operating since 2018 and gained an enormous member base internationally.

Since it only focuses on the cannabis market, you will see that what they provide can be the most straightforward one. You can easily pick your desired cannabis products right from the trustworthy vendors who are ready to ship the items to your address.

The only issue that I’d like to highlight from this platform is the rule that it does not sell or purchase from the USA. So, if you are interested in the Cannabis US market, you could take the alternative instead: CannaHome.

In Cannazon, you can use your Bitcoin – BTC or Monero – XMR to purchase and sell the items in the marketplace.

cannazon homepage
cannazon homepage

Cannazon Overview

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The good thing about this marketplace is that there are no new kids on the block that you need to worry about. And it is less prone to scams or other fraudulent actions because it provides great security measures to protect all of its users.

Cannazon is also called the CannaZon market. Founded in 2018, it has attained over 2k products the moment we wrote this guide. There is a total of 240 vendors who are offering cannabis-related products.

As a start, the site comes with the 2FA – Two Factor Authentication. So, after using your credentials, there is another challenge that you need to overcome in order to log in. Only the real owner of the user can answer this challenge. There is no way hackers can penetrate their details.

I know that I mentioned that this site only hosts 240 active vendors. It seems to be a small number compared to other conventional marketplaces. But don’t get it wrong. Only trustworthy and reputable vendors are allowed to be active there.

Not to mention that the site enforces the Vendor Bond that costs $1,000. You see, this number is pretty big for scammers. It is also one of the best strategies to reduce the risks of exit scams that are often done by devil vendors.

It also comes with Direct Payment where you don’t need to deposit the funds into your accounts. So, you will have peace of mind when using the market since there is nothing to lose for you.

The MultiSig escrow system is available to secure all of the transactions. Whether you are beginners or experts in the darknet marketplace, you will easily see that this feature is really needed to protect you from top to bottom until you receive the items you ordered online.

canazone welcome page
canazone welcome page

Before Using the Cannazon

Before accessing any darknet marketplace, including Cannazon, you will need to prepare some stuff first before proceeding.

You won’t normally access the dark sites through your conventional browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or else. It is because those darknet sites are not visible in the conventional network. You will need to access them through the Tor Network, which you can get from Tor Browser.

Therefore, download and install the Tor browser first. To anonymize your online activities, I’d suggest you use a VPN service to hide your IP. The reason is simple. In many countries, cannabis-related products are still banned. Therefore, local authorities often work with the Internet Service Provider to monitor the users’ activity. Many users are oblivious about the preying ISP. You won’t want to share your agenda with your Internet service provider. From there, you can conceal your actual IP with the VPN service you choose. You will only need to connect to a specific server to mask your current IP. As a result, your ISP and other third parties won’t know what you do online.

weed on cannazon
weed on cannazon

Using Cannazon

As you visit Cannazon, you will notice the straightforward points on the main page. From there, you can navigate the site through many links.

You could browse around through the categories section, looking for the item through search, and so on.

One of the best ways to locate the product you want to purchase is to choose a product category. The product category always previews the variant of the products. You could navigate through the category to know what kind of items offered by the vendors.

The other method that we mentioned before is using the Search filters provided by Cannazon website. Through the search box, you just need to type the right keyword to start searching the items. You can use the search filters to narrow down the lists.

Cannazon Market

As you click the product, you will be redirected to the product page where you can find the description, variations, payment method, shipment, and other relevant information.

It is highly recommended to take a look at the vendor where you want to purchase your item. Hover your mouse to the vendor name and click it. You will then look at the vendor profile in Cannazon.

Through its profile, you will be able to read the description, rating, reviews, and other helpful information. Take your time to learn more about your vendors.

Always ask them questions if you don’t find what you are looking for from their vendor’s page. Before making your purchase, you will want to confirm everything by reaching out to your vendor through a private message.

If you’ve landed on the right product, you could proceed by adding the product to your cart. Click on “Add to cart”.

Continue to check out by hitting the button “Proceed to Checkout”.

Read the rules and information about the shipment. If you’re cool with that, place your order.

cannazon purchase
cannazon purchase

Then the page will lead you to the payment information. Transfer your Bitcoin or Monero to the described addresses. After making the payment, you just need to wait until the vendor confirms it. The system will notify you of every update from your vendor, including when they are shipping the order.

In Cannazon, you need to finalize the payment within 30 minutes. After 30 minutes are up, you need to make a new order again. Always pay the exact amount as required in the transaction to avoid any error.

Don’t forget to mark the order as finished if you have received your items at your door.