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Since the shutdown of the Alphabay marketplace, it can be challenging for most fans of darknet to reserve the alternative markets in order to find their stuff online like Cartel market.

If this describes you much, you will agree to find the censorship-free markets within the concealed network. One of the best alternatives that you can check is Cartel Market.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Cartel-marketplace-login-page.png Cartel Market login page
Cartel Market login page


Cartel Market is a darknet marketplace which comes up with some controversial categories to soffer to the buyers. Operating since 2020, this market offers you a wide array of products from different types of dark categories along with many extras.

Every single category has almost endless sub-categories which can help the users to navigate about what they’re really looking for in the dark network. It has such rich features and capabilities so that each user can utilize it maximally without any hassle or fuss. The market offers bizzare items and services that you can’t easily find in the clear networks.

Cartel Market design and interface

The market’s layout is very unique so that one will quickly notice that they have come to the right place. Perhaps the creators of the website really live up to their word cartel. The appearance site it surely look like Cartel Market. It is not exaggerating to say that appearance of the site is a bit outdated. Then you will notice that the scale of the site is not resizable. When you access the site through your mobile phone, it won’t show up responsively. The reason why the creators leave the site that way is still not clear. But one thing for sure, it is indeed not recommended to use your smartphone or tablet to access the site. Instead, focus on using your laptop or PC to access the site directly with your TOR browser.

Although the design is weird and not-appetizing for some people, we can vouch for its fantastic interface. The site is so-so organized. Although its structures are not the best compared to other marketplaces, it is easy to navigate and browse around the shopping site.

At the top bar, you will notice the account options where you can set your account up. Below the account setting, you will find the search box with the filters.

Through the search box, you can type the particular keywords and hit search to find out your products. If you think that the results page shows too long a list, you can narrow down the list by using the filters in the search query. As you might have expected, there is a category section located to the left part of the website. From there, you will be able to view all of the categories existing in the marketplace.

Cartel Market Functions and features

Despite the “so-so” design of the site, Cartel Market indeed comes with top notch functions and features. The features and user interface are straightforward. There is no complexion that you need to deal with. All of the functions are direct and you can use them the moment you join the site.

The Cartel Market also comes with a built-in wallet and accepts multi currencies including Bitcoin – BTC and Monero – can also deposit the coins directly when you make your purchase. So, there is no need to deposit any money to start browsing. You can send your money once you make a purchase.

If using BTC does not seem to be convenient for you, you could take an alternative to use the Monero or XMR instead. It is often chosen by the dark net enthusiasts because this coin offers more anonymity and privacy. Only the owners of the coins can view the blockchains.

For the exit scam prevention, the site also comes with the multisig transaction and the traditional escrow. You can use either of them if you are not really sure to deal with the new vendors or new people in the market.

The PGP keys are also used in the Cartel market to encrypt and decrypt the messages transfers within the system.

For the users who want to protect their accounts all the time, you won’t need to worry since you can activate your 2FA and PGP keys to provide multi-layers of security and protection for your Cartel Market account.

What You Can Find on Cartel Market?

On Cartel Market, you can find pretty much everything that you can’t find on the clean network. Cartel Market is popular due to its huge numbers of drug listings. Besides the latter, it also hosts some popular categories like carding, counterfeit items, cracks, electronics, and even hosting. You can browse around the categories in the left section of the main page. You will find a lot of recommendations there.

Signing Up Cartel Market

The registration process is very easy. Just like other popular dark net markets, all you need to do is to provide your username and password, as well as PIN. After that, you will receive the 15-word mnemonic phrase for your account recovery.

Make sure to save your credentials including username, passwords, PIN, and 15-word of mnemonic phrases. Save these details in the safest place that you can find and don’t lose it. Esp[ecially for the mnemonic, you don’t want to lose it since it is the only way to recover your accounts.  

Cartel market register page
Cartel market register page

Shopping Around

After registering an account on the site, you can access the full market from top to bottom. You will find a wide array of categories on the left side of the site. Consider using the search box with its filters to speed up the process of your searching. Besides the common categories, Cartel Site also offers rare items like firearms. You can find these buddies at the Self-Defense section.

Cartel market homepage
Cartel market homepage

In each product page, you will see the details of the product along with the pricing information. Consider seeing the information first before proceeding. The site supports monero. So, I suggest you to use XMR as the payment to guarantee your activities anonymity.