Daeva Market

Accessing the dark web market has been a fantastic hobby for many internet users. If you have been around for a while, you’d agree that it is a matter of discovery. We use the darknet to find something that we cannot see in the clear sites. Whether it is for education, experimentation, out of curiosity, making new friends, purchasing some stuff and counterfeit items, and so on. Some folks like Me are using the darknet market to get some supplies”. How about you then? Are you using the darknet marketplace as well?

Chances are many things cannot be found in the conventional marketplaces because of laws and regulations. Some conservative markets even banned some items simply because those are not for the particular demographic.

I have experienced it myself back then. I am a huge fan of a J-Rock band named L’Arc-en-Ciel. Back in 2011, I was waiting for their newest single. It turned out that the publisher in my country didn’t release the single. I asked the publisher about the reason. They said that they didn’t reserve the right to distribute the single in my country because of a silly reason: “not enough demand”. I was one of millions of fans who were pretty disappointed with such a decision.

And then I told this story to a friend of mine who had used the darknet marketplace called Silk Road (rest in peace). Silk Road was one of the pioneers of the darknet marketplace back then. He suggested that I purchase L’Arc-en-Ciel’s new single through this market. Well, there it was! The seller knew the product really well and sent me the single. I was so thankful to this dark site. Contrary to popular belief, dark webs are not as dark as we thought. You can even find normal items which are not distributed in some locations because of some reason.

With the downtime of the Silk Road and other prominent darknet markets, many users have been trying to look for the best replacement.

Daeva Market Overview

Daeva is relatively newer darknet marketplace. It is nearly a year that the site has been around in the darknet environment. There has been a significant increase in the number of members of the site. The site comes with abundant features that can be used by both vendors and buyers for good.

Amongst the options, Daeva Market comes up as one of the best alternatives. If you have ever used Hydra Market, you will see the similarity with this marketplace. According to the creators, this dark web market is actually themed after the popular Hydra Market.

Although the theme is similar to Hydra Market, Daeva Market is in English language.

Not only great for the buyer, it is also a site which is favorable for the vendor. Whether you want to be a buyer or vendor, joining the site won’t make you regret the decision.

Being a vendor

The market has pretty good deals for the vendors. Daeva Market platform will charge 0 to 3% commision per sale depending on the type of the vendor subscription.

The vendors need to understand the rental fee which costs on a monthly basis. The vendor will need to pay $300 per month. The fees are calculated based on the previous sales volume in the last month. The monthly fee will be much cheaper than item based commission. But this will also depend on the margins of each item that the vendor sells.

Everyone can register as a vendor. But each vendor needs to spend $250 for the vendor fee.

Daeva Market site interface and navigability

The design is not the most marvelous on the darknet, but it is an appealing site to look at. At least that was my first impression. Compared to the other darknet markets, it is indeed not the most beautiful one. But we all need more than appearance right.

Personally, I like this site layout better than other sites which come with too many ornaments. The modern and simple look of the site is not cluttered, making it easier to see and absorb the particular information shared in every page of the site.

All of the components are well placed and structured. The proportions between sections and menu are balanced, not exaggerating. It is not bland. Although it is not a hype, it is calm. Therefore, it makes me want to stay for a much longer time when visiting the site. Then, if we have plenty of time, we would probably like to explore more of the sites to find out the best features, offers, and perks.

The interface is also great. The darknet market interface should be like this. It is easy and simple to use, and helps the users to find what they seek in a faster manner.

When I hover my mouse to the top bar, it is easy to see the options and menu. The navigation is clearly placed so that you won’t need to look somewhere else.

I love the search bar which is located in the bar along with the drop-down category menu.

Here is where the things start getting interesting. In the drop-down category menu, you can browse around the listings based on the category which supervises them. Each category can be expanded to the sub-category.

When you take a look at the listing part, the category bar will then be switched to the vendor’s information.

From these sections, you can read the details of the vendors including their rating, level, as well as disputes.

How secure is the Daeva Market?

Daeva Market is jam-packed with the necessary features which won’t let you down. Rather than flocking the sites with abundant features that most users won’t use, the developers of the site only focus on the most important features and components that can improve the user’s experience. It does not come with exchange or lottery, or some other tersier features.

There is a wallet in Daeva Market where the users can deposit their cryptocurrencies before using for purchases and others.

The platform accepts both Monero and Bitcoin. When you want to purchase something on this site, you could use the wallet.

Bitcoin is both private and public. You may have your own concern since the third party could trace your activities when you use the Bitcoin. But you don’t need to worry. You can outsmart this matter by using the mixer service everytime you want to purchase on the site.

If you are not using Bitcoin, you could use Monero for better privacy.

The withdrawal is also easy. Everytime the users withdraw, they will need to insert the pin. The PIN itself can be reset by using the mnemonic.

Mnemonic is something that you get when you register to the site. You will need to store the mnemonic in the safest place where no one can access it. It is the only way to recover your account when it has a problem in the future.

Since it is not a walletless market, it offers the escrow to transact. But there are two methods that you can use when purchasing some stuff from the site.

The first one is a traditional escrow. You just need to make a deposit. The fund will be released to the seller once the buyer finalizes the order.

Then there is a multisig payment where the fund will be released if there are two out of three parties who agree to release the fund. Multisig can be a great option for folks who have just started using the site.

If you are not convinced yet with the marketplace, you could use the multisig. This type of payment can protect you from scammers. If you are dealing with new vendors, or vendors that you don’t trust 100%, you could use multisig instead of traditional escrow. Vendors with good reviews and high levels might be a much better option. Therefore, you could use the traditional escrow instead.

The PGP support is also available on the market. You can use the encryption feature for the 2FA login, as well as for the messages transferred in the platform. You can use the PGP key to communicate with the vendors or other users. In the checkout, you can also use it to encrypt your personal information to protect your identity.

Security tips

The OPSEC practices principle is paramount for all buyers and users. Whether it is your first time to access the darknet site like Daeva Market and others, or it is your next time, there’s a chance that you omit some important steps for your security sake.

First things first, you will want to prepare your specific device for the darknet activities only. Do not attempt to mix the darknet activities with the regular browsing since it will risk leaking your personal information to the third party. Consider to appoint a specific device for this own purpose. Let’s call your device a “darknet device” to ease the guideline.

The normal browsers won’t work for the onion links. So, you could ditch your Chrome, edge, and other common browsers. Use the Tor browser instead. It is the only browser that you need to open the onion links including Daeva Market. You don’t need any other browser to do the same purpose. Tor works wonderfully by bouncing the connection from one device to another. So, your activities won’t be traceable. The only downside here is that your ISP is still reading that you are using Tor Browser.

The Internet service provider usually works with local authority or government under the umbrella of the regulations. In some countries, accessing darknet sites can be a huge problem. Although your ISP won’t be able to see your activities, they can still see that you are using the TOR browser. And if you do it regularly, they will ask you sorts of questions. That would be the last thing you want when accessing the darknet sites.

To tackle this problem, consider installing VPN software on your darknet device.

Download and install the VPN software in your darknet device. Then connect to a particular server through your VPN app before you open the Tor browser. Don’t forget to deactivate the JavaScript as well.

After turning on your VPN, you can then use your TOR browser to access Daeva Market.

VPN service is also useful to protect you when you are on the go. When you connect your device to the public wifi for instance, the VPN can give an extra layer of security besides your antivirus and Tor browser.

If you use a dedicated device, it is also a great idea to use a dedicated OS for this darknet activity. Consider installing Tails OS on your device. It is a free OS which is designed to anonymise the users when browsing and other activities. The bundle also comes with supportive tools that can improve your anonymity and privacy.


All in all, it is worth your time and money to check on Daeva Market. It has such great features that you can use to improve your shopping experience. It has secure options for all users. The 2FA and PGP key have been more than enough to assure the safety and security when using the site. I might notice some rooms of improvements like slow chat responses from the support, slow loading at the busy hours, and glitches in product pages. But it does not count as disappointing. I can still tolerate those minor problems. I believe the staff behind the site are working around the clock to provide the best services for the members.

It currently has over 800 listings. The numbers will keep going as more and more trustworthy vendors come to join the site. The improvement of the designs can be seen from the later year. It is a site full of potential. Let’s hope that it will be high all the time.