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DarkMarket Market Seizied by the FBI, for active markets read The Best Darknet Markets that You Want to Check in 2021

DarkMarket review was one of the most discussed topics in some top forums on the darknet. DarkMarket was reigning amongst its competitors to offer the items which they couldn’t find in the conventional marketplaces.

One of the reasons why it had such a great user-base was because it was run by all women staff. It could be just a gimmick to attract the new users to join the community. But most of us would agree that this site is one of the best out there.

And if it was true that it was operated and built by all women, I’d say that they had nailed it to make such a secure and successful darknet market which attained tons of users across the globe.

DarkMarket is the name of the dark net market. It stood as one of the best destinations for cannabis lovers and darknet items. If this market sounds new for you, you are not alone. Let’s see the review to get more familiar with the platform.

darkmarket busted
darkmarket busted


The DarkMarket name is pretty straightforward. As the name suggests, it offered all of the items that you would expect to be listed on the dark net marketplace.

At the moment the site was active, it hosted total products of over 14k listings. It had over 17k active users and 646 confirmed vendors.

The DarkMarket was one of the most successful dark net markets when we were looking at the numbers of the users alone.

This market came with two Factors authentication to protect all of their users accounts. The PGP feature was also available to make sure every message and interactions within the platform were encrypted so that there is no way that the third parties can intervene in their overall market activities.

If you are asking if the site offered Stealth Orders, the answer is No. The DarkMarket site requires everyone to register an account in order to make the purchases. The platform accepted Bitcoin – BTC and Monero – XMR to sell and buy.

Before conducting anything in DarkMarket, it required you to register an account. Therefore, you will login using your credentials and proceed to browse the site around.

The listings in DarkMarket

So, what can you purchase from this market? It is imperative to know that its principle is similar to other dark net markets. Most of the users were looking for drugs.

But this site came up with a wide array of categories including Digital Goods, Drugs, Services, Security & Hosting, Miscellaneous, Fraud, Counterfeit, Software and Malware, as well as Carded Items.

Drugs, as you might have guessed, holds the categories revolving drugs products. From this category, you can easily find cannabis products and other relevant items. You can even find shrooms from some popular vendors.

The Digital Goods category hosted the digital products like serial keys, cracked software, pdf, tutorials, and many more. Services contain some bizzare services like social engineering, carding, private investigating, and so on.

Each main category has a subcategory which you can break down to get you closer to the more accurate result. Jewellery category is also available there. Although this niche is not too common in the dark net sites, it is one of the most crowded categories with numerous successful sales. You would probably want to check that category too if you want to purchase something special for your loved ones.

Browsing through these categories, you will find almost endless options to pick from.

Dark Market
DarkMarket Listings

For those who want to be a vendor on DarkMarket

If you wonder if you can sell your items there, the answer is YES and NO. YES, if you have already known what you are doing. That means you have also weighed the risks, knowledge, and so on. NO, if you are not ready to take such huge responsibility.

But if you’ve decided to sell on DarkMarket, you will need to register as a Vendor.

In the Profile page, you would just need to click “Become a Vendor” to trigger the application page.

Then the users will be redirected to the next page when the applicant needs to deposit the money for the vendor bond.

Back then, the price of the vendor bond was $99. Well, it was not as expensive as the other marketplaces vendor bonds. For the vendors who have experiences in other dark net markets, with the minimum of 6 months experience on the markets, the bond can be waived.

That means the experienced vendors won’t need to pay a single dime to become a vendor in the DarkMarket.

Becoming a vendor in DarkMarket should be aligned with the rules compliance. The site is not allowing the vendors to post the banned listings such as Child Porn, Weapons, Killing, Human Trafficking, Animal Trafficking, and bomb-making. Each vendor should already own a PGP key in order to transact within the platform.

In the dark net market, you will hear vending more often than selling. Well, don’t worry since both are the same thing.

DarkMarket allows anyone to join as a vendor to sell any products in the marketplace.

The applicant of the vendor must pay $100 for the vendor bond payment. So, when registering a vendor account, you will be redirected to the bond-payment page.

But vendors with a minimum 6 month of experience can waive the terms.

It is important to know that the FE feature is not activated by default. It is only activated for the trustworthy vendors. Therefore, there are two main criteria to activate the FE feature. The first one is the minimum of six month of experience in the market. The next one is the minimum of 1000+ reviews on other marketplaces. As long as they can fulfill the requirements, they can activate the FE feature.

DarkMarket Users Funds

In other marketplaces, you might notice that the users needed to deposit their funds prior to making a purchase. In some orders, YES, you will need to deposit the funds. But not all orders require the deposits.

Being the users in the marketplace, it is relaxing to know that there is no minimum amount of deposits that you must obey. For those who are not ordering anything, there is no need to deposit anything as well.

The deposits will be required the moment the users make the order.

And you can pay on the checkout page.

When it comes to sending the money, every order comes up with a new deposit address. So, the address will change from time to time, making sure to leave no traces of your purchasings. This method is also called a wallet-less method. So, rather than depositing in the internal marketplace wallet, you only need to deposit to the temporary address. It is pretty much similar to direct payment. Only that each order will have a unique address. Note that this address won’t be viable anymore when the order status is finalized.

Choosing the vendors on DarkMarket

Choosing the vendor will be the starting line of your darknet purchases experience. If you landed on the wrong vendors, your experiences might not be great. Or at the worst case, you probably would never receive your items at all.

It is great to know that DarkMarket comes up with such great transparency about their vendors.

When you click the vendor’s profile, you will be redirected to the page which explains the details of the vendor. In this section, you could evaluate your vendor’s quality by looking at their number of reviews (positive and negative), joining date, number of disputes (winning vs losing), number of completed orders.

Then you could click See All Feedback to view the reviews from the confirmed past orders. The reviews will help you to understand how the vendors deliver the services and how the buyers reacted to the vendors’ activities.

The users will quickly find out the different stats from one vendor to another. Here is where everything starts to get really interesting. You will be able to compare numerous vendors based on their statistics. From these numbers, it can tell you a lot about their qualities. As a rule of thumb, it is much better to focus on the vendors which have great statistics rather than the poor ones.

It is what we meant by the great transparency quality offered by DarkMarket to their users. By looking at the vendors statistics, you will be able to verify whether you are dealing with the right providers or not.

Darkmarket Order Policy

The order policies and requirements are stated clearly in the official page of the market.

The Normal Escrow funds will have up to 14 days holding period. After that, the funds will be released. Meanwhile the default is set to 10 days. That means the buyers will have a 14 day period to check the items and finalize the order. If the buyers do not finalize the orders after 14 days, the funds will automatically be released to the vendors. It is favorable for the buyers since they have more time to review the products they receive. It might be a huge deal for the vendors who want to cash in quicker than 14 days. But they can always have the right to push the buyers to finalize the orders, or instruct the buyers to use Finalize Early.

DarkMarket Cart Page
DarkMarket Cart Page

FE or Finalize Early is available for trustworthy vendors. In this case, this feature is only viable for the rated vendors. New vendors won’t likely attain the benefits from this feature.

Finalize Early will automatically send the funds to the Vendors once the order is accepted. That means the vendors won’t need to wait for 14 days until their funds get released to their account. However, it should be picked for the trustworthy vendors. The buyers will have the right to tick this option if they trust the vendors already. Otherwise, they could just stick to the Normal Escrow funds method.

In all orders, the buyers must pay within 48 hours in order to process the order before it expires.  Ones can open a dispute feature from the Purchases section that you can find in your profiel.

The Cryptocurrencies

The officials confirmed that the accepted cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin – BTC and Monero – XMR. With the fact of these multi-cryptocurrencies, all the users can rest assured when using the site since you can either choose Bitcoin or Monero. If you are not sure about bitcoin privacy, you could switch to monero. The officials also proclaimed that they kept updating the cryptocurrencies. Hopefully, there will be more altcoins supported on this platform in the future.

darkmarket accepting monero and bitcoin
darkmarket accepting monero and bitcoin

BitMessage integrations

For many crypto lovers, BitMessage is the top-notch means of communication to keep every interaction with their fellow peers safe and sound. If you are using BitMessage, there is good news for you and your peers.

Therefore, after setting this feature up, you will be able to communicate with your peers using the great encryptions that will protect your privacy and personal information.

Bitmessage Integrations indeed give multi-layers of security that will eventually increase your darknet experiences.

To set it up in the DarkMarket, it is pretty easy and straightforward.

First things first, login to your account. Then hover to Profile – Bitmessage.

Add the Bitmessage addresses. Once the address is confirmed, then it is good to go. You will receive all of the notifications from the DarkMarket marketplace to your Bitmessage inbox. It can streamline the communications so that you don’t have to login to DarkMarket all the time to find out the latest status of your orders, or to retrieve other important information.

The safety of DarkMarket account

One of the first things you will want to check when using the darknet websites  is whether your account is already safe or not. It is because the account holds pretty much everything for the activities you’ll do in the market.

When it comes to the safety of your account, you can rest assured since there are a lot of things that can fortify the quality of the secure account.

First things first, you don’t need to deposit any funds prior to the purchases. Unlike the other marketplaces, there is no need to deposit your BTC or XMR into the internal wallet of the site. In other words, there is a “zilch” fund to steal. This can be a great opener to give you peace of mind whenever you use this site.  

The second thing to highlight is the addition of two factor authentication or 2-FA authentication features. With this authentication feature, there is no way that the other parties can have access to your account. Only the sole owner of the account can proceed with the 2 FA authentication challenges.

Although it didn’t come with the PIN feature, the 2-FA authentication itself has been enough to protect the users and their accounts from any mischieving behaviors.

Besides the multiple security factors above, there are also Escrow and vendor-transparency which can be utilized by the buyers to make sure that their activities are protected well from the scamming or fraudulent attempts.

It is important to underline that the 2-FA activation requires the PGP key from the users. It is a secure protocol which encourages you to decrypt the encrypted message in order to login to your account. Besides for signing in, the PGP is also viable for encrypting the usual communications inside the platform.

For instance, when you are reaching out to your vendor, you will want to encrypt the message using the PGP so that there is no third party who can see the message. The same thing can also work for your counterpart. They can also send encrypted messages to you in which you can decrypt to translate the real message. You can enable your 2-FA by using your PGP.

Although it is an optional choice for the buyers, we’d totally recommend it if you plan to use the DarkMarket for a long time in the future.

It is also a must-have measurement for the Vendors. The Vendors who activate the PGP can ensure privacy and anonymity at all parties. There will be no leaking information as the result.

Last but not least in the security topic, we’d also like to highlight the existence of the Wallet-less deposit feature. It might sound simple for some people, but it is the huge difference between getting their order successful or failure.

The wallet-less principle means that there is no central-wallet on the dark market marketplace. The users are not forced to deposit any funds before making the purchase. Instead, the buyers will fulfill the order in the checkout page.

Obviously, this method will benefit both sellers, buyers, as well as the marketplace. It can minimize the attempts of scams and fraudulent activities. Not to mention that they only accept the most secure cryptocurrencies on earth namely Bitcoin and Monero. These two cryptocurrencies are secure, anonymous, and safe to use.

The layout and user-interface

When asking about the navigability, the users must not worry with their first trials.Just like other fellow users, you will be impressed with the way DarkMarket presents the menu and other components in the main page.

The black and pink colors really dominate the theme of the website. It is so warm and welcoming that every first timer will feel at home when they first visit this site.

All of the components are nicely placed so that it won’t take much time for the first timers to get familiar with the platform.

You can view at the top bar that there are some shortcut buttons to the Profile, cart, as well as search box.

And when you look at the left side, you will be presented by the product categories that you can window shop to see what the vendors offer to you. Meanwhile, there are notifications and news which will pop up eventually in the middle of the screen.

The center part is kept clean from the listings to get rid of distractions when you want to use particular features.

The product page does come with simple information. For some people, it might seem less. If you need more information, you could ask the vendor after all.

The product page shows you the exact price of the item and the available stocks in the warehouse. However, we cannot find out about the accepted cryptocurrencies. So, we assume that the vendors can accept both Monero and Bitcoin.

But you can also access the order page individually to see the exact accepted cryptocurrency. While it might be bothersome for other users, we won’t mind spending extra seconds to check such information. We just hope that this room for improvement can be weighed by the developers for the later updates.

Overally, the user-interface and features are easy to understand and learn. It won’t take a long time until you get familiar with the platform and start shopping and make your first purchase.

Who is DarkMarket for?

The answer would be relative. But if you are an avid dark net user, then the answer is for everyone. DarkMarket, as proclaimed by the officials, is actually a global marketplace. But when you browse around, you will soon realize that the demographics of the vendors really dictate the availability of the services and products shipments.

While the DarkMarket does not care about where you are, the service is not available for UAE and Russia users. Both buyers and vendors from those countries won’t be accepted by the site.

We are not sure why but that’s the rule.

In the official forum that we followed, some users from UAE and Russia managed to create an account and transacted with some vendors. We attempted to reach them out and got such satisfying answers.

They said that the site offered the solution for them when they reached the customer support manually. But there were several questions asked by the officials and we couldn’t disclose the information for the sake of the users. If you were curious, you could reach out to the customer support by yourself and find the answers.