DarkFox Market Goes Offline After Dread Admin Warns About The Site

DarkFox Market Goes Offline After Dread Admin Warns About The Site

DarkFox Market goes offline days after its subdread gets a warning. Another Darknet Marketplace performs an exit scam. Darkfox issues.

DarkFox Market Makes Its Exit Scam

A few short days after both the Monopoly market and Cartel market make an escape, it seems DarkFox Market is following the pursuit. While there is no official explanation, that’s three exit scams made in one week.

DarkFox Market Goes Offline After Dread Admin Warns About The Site

As the new year began a popular darknet market that had started back in February 2020, seems to have made its escape. DarkFox’s servers went down and there was no update on dread like the usual expectation from these markets. However, some may have seen this downfall coming. 

DarkFox Market a Quick Review

DarkFox Market was a darknet marketplace that capitalized well during the pandemic within its 2-year presence the site had over 10 000 products and nearly 1000 vendors and only used Bitcoin. Its popularity took off after DarkMarket’s seizure by German police.

The site had a large variety of products to choose from Drugs, Guides & Tutorials, Fraud, Digital Products, Software & Malware, Counterfeit Items, Erotica, Services, Hosting & Security, Miscellaneous. This is what made the site so popular, its variety as well as its user-friendly interface.

However, although the site itself ran fine after some time users started to complain on dread about various issues. 

Dread Admin takes action against DarkFox

While the site worked for the most part when there was an issue it seemed to be a big issue. Over the last few months, many of its users began to complain about the site on dread and it opened a can of worms. 

After many users opened up their concerns of DarkFox Market and their staff members on dread. One vendor wrote “I am a vendor on the market since day one as you can verify – I know they have issues etc but always I could withdraw my coins – for example, yesterday I managed to withdraw without any issue. But yes the support is answering after 1 month, disputes are not solved – I have disputed for almost 1 year” 

The official admin of dread named u/Paris made his move. The site’s subdread now held a warning banner. 

Paris posted his findings of the issues of the site, he stated that “I do not know if it is incompetence, laziness, compromise, or if the incentives to let scammers run rampant is in the admin’s favor but it’s enough for a limitation. Darkfox Market is now limited. This means the subdread is under dread staff moderation (posts are manually approved) until such a time where faith in the admin’s competence restores itself”

Paris then went into his findings of the site and outlined his reasons for limiting the subdread.

Some key issues Paris pointed out were:

  • The sites head admin u/DarkFoxMarket’s activity has died on the dread platform
  • Many reports of scammer vendors
  • Daily reports against the site sent to the dread staff. Many of which had proof of their scams)
  • Many reported that disputes were not answered
  • A fake profile of a reputable Vendor added to the site with full FE privileges
  • The overall site had become rundown with inactive vendors, and general clean-up of a darknet marketplace was ignored

Paris explained his disappointment and warned the Darknet admin on this issue. The admin was quick to make an excuse and promised to fix it. 

In a reply to Paris, u/DarkFoxMarket explained that “the market was getting targeted by a group of scammers and that is why all these things are happening. That there is automated spam creating waves of tickets and messages on the site. That there was automated vendor purchasing and listing creating happening with thousands of listings at first, but then they transitioned to lower listing counts.”

Although this was frustrating Paris gave the Admin some time to “pull his shit together” but his hopes of the market building up again were short-lived. 2 weeks passed by and there had been little to no change on the market. Paris pulled the plug and marked the website with a warning banner. 

DarkFox Market Takes This As A Sign to Leave

DarkFox Market Goes Offline After Dread Admin Warns About The Site

Having a warning on a darknet market subdread is a real issue and it’s effects will last. The move that u/Paris would have caused severe damage to the darknet marketplaces website. Making a comeback from something as such would be extremely difficult. 

This is perhaps was the last straw for the DarkFox admin and less than a day later all of the site’s onion links went offline. The site staff has not come forward with any words as to what was happening. While there is a chance the site could return, it seems unlikely. 

This was DarkFox Markets Exit Scam. 

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Did you experience any issues with DarkFox Marketplace? Let us know in the comments. 

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