Dream Market

Dream Market is no longer active, for active markets read The Best Darknet Markets that You Want to Check in 2021

Dream Market had been one of the most prevalent options for the huge fans of cannabis and other darknet items. Back then, many of the enthusiasts came to visit the site in order to anonymize their pdark products transactions and shipment.

Dream Market was popular because it offered a wide array of listings while protecting its users’ privacy. Thousands of sales were successfully conducted with successful anonymity, keeping the users activities private. It had been a haven for dark net enthusiasts. However, it was declared shut down in April 2019.

If you have been around the dark web for a while, there’s a chance that you’ve heard about Dream market. It was one of the most renowned marketplaces for the cannabis lovers and the dark net fans. Its operation was prominent back then after replacing the existence of Alphabay, the huge dark market which was stopped by authority.

Since then, there was no official announcement yet to indicate that the website would come back to the surface again or not. However, this dark web marketplace deserves the introduction for the enthusiasts.whether you are looking for the dark net market knowledge, or cover the basics of using deep websites, or any other, you will see the perks of reading this Dream Market review.

Dream market homepage
Dream market homepage

Dream Market Overview

Dream Market was not the new kid on the block when the deep web popularity was rising. It was established in 2013. With years of experience, one could see the most developments and evolvement of the market.

Like other dark net markets, Dream Market came with the appropriate categories which provide the dark net enthusiasts with the products and services which might not exist in the conventional marketplace in your country, state, or city.

As of 2018, the total listings of Dream Market is 146,987. Most of these listings are within the categories of drugs. It has an active Subreddit which consists of the enthusiastic fans of dark net sites and the Dream Market users, as well as the moderators of the site.

Just like expected from the dark market, it came with the layers of security such as 2FA and PGP. It attracted a lot of crypto users across the globe because of its multi-currencies acceptance. The platform supported Bitcoin – BTC, Bitcoin Cash – BCH, as well as Monero – XMR. For those who want to have safer practice when withdrawing the fund, it is also providing Bitcoin mixing support.

Design and interface of Dream market

Dream Market has such a welcoming theme. It didn’t emphasize the huge factors of graphics. There were no pop-up windows which annoyed you all the time. The functions and features are pretty much straightforward. the neat and clean characteristic of the website really present to you what it’s called as modern deep website.;

It was more like a basic platform which came with the de-cluttered components for the sake of the navigability. For the first timers, it could be easy to navigate the site.

The intuitive design and structure of the site was probably the strongest reason why many weed enthusiasts turned their eyes to this platform.

At the top bar, there were 3 crucial components: Account, Messages, and Shop.

From the main page, you’ll be able to browse around the market by using the advanced search bar at the center of the page. All you need to do is to type the right keywords and the results will show up in seconds.

Even though it was the first time for you, it would be easy to navigate the site and make your first purchase in the market.

Dream market search in listings screen

Dream market listings and search option

Dream Market offered a wide array of products which topped over 121k listings. Most of these items are something that you won’t be able to find in the conventional marketplace. As you are not finding any of the particular items in your local stores, the Dream Market can be the best alternative to visit for you.

The main categories of the listings revolve around Drugs, Digital Goods, Drugs Paraphernalia, Services, and Others. As mentioned, the Drugs category had the most numerous listings. It is something that we would expect from a darknet market like Dream Market. The Drugs category itself consists of sub-categories including RCs, Prescriptions, Stimulants, Benzos, and so on.

In the digital goods category, you could attain a wide array of services including Pornhub subscriptions, Netflix subscriptions, online bank account details, and so on.

The services could revolve around “greyish” stuff such as fake driving licenses, fake passports, credit cards, and so on.

In the Others category, it basically described the listings which were not up to the latter categories mentioned above. If you were looking for counterfeit items from the market, you would likely find them in the Others category.

Dream Market was used to be the main competitor of Alphabay and Hansa Market. It sold the bizarre items and services which you wouldn’t find in the normal marketplace. But it did mind about the morale compass since it banned certain categories like Child Pornography, Weapons, and bio weapons.

Dream market Security

Dream Market had been operating for six years before shutting down. The years of experience was the solid proof that the developers really paid attention to the security of their site.

The most important keywords for them to protect their clients are privacy and anonymity. All of these principles are always injected into every activity conducted in the particular platform. Therefore, one wouldn’t need to worry when conducting transactions since they can anonymize their online activities with the help of the site.

Here are what we can learn from the security system of the Dream Marketplace:

Dream market Two Factor Authentication

Two Factors Authentication or 2-FA can be activated by the users by using the PGP. The 2 FA added extra layers of security protocols which didn’t come with the OTP. Gone are the days when the OTP was the main security protocol of the dark net market. Rather than using the OTP code, the site displayed the PGP encrypted text.

In this case, the users who attempted to login using their credentials would need to use their PGP keys to decrypt the text. When the decryption was successful, they would be able to access their accounts.

With such a layer of security, there is no way that other people could have access to the Dream Market users. PGP keys were too strong to penetrate. While some folks could manipulate the OTP codes, it is not really the case for the 2 FA security protocols.

Dream Market Escrow service

With such escrow service in the Dream Market platform, the transactions between the vendor and seller will take place without any hassle or fuss. Escrow can be beneficial for the both parties since there is the intermediary which holds the money. So, the funds won’t get transferred immediately to the sellers for the sake of the buyers’ safety. Until the order is confirmed, the funds will stay there. If there is any problem, the buyers can get their money back.

Dream Market Finalize Early

In the dark net market community, you will hear FE a lot. FE is the abbreviation of Finalize Early. It is an advanced transaction method which allows the vendors to receive the funds earlier. So, the sellers can earn money without having to wait for the buyers. It will also prevent the cocky buyers who do not want to pay for the items.

FE is designated to favor the trusted sellers. In Dream Market, only trusted sellers can activate the Finalize Early feature. If you are a buyer, you might not want to use this transaction type if you are not sure about the vendor. Instead, you could use the escrow service.

Withdrawal PIN

The withdrawal PIN is required when the user attempts to Withdraw the funds. Funds cannot be withdrawn without the insertion of the particular PIN. It is a great thing for the darknet users since it gives an extra layer of security for their account. In case someone manages to gain access  to your account, they won’t be able to snatch your money because they don’t know your withdrawal PIN.

PGP Encryption

The PGP Encryption would make it impossible for the third parties to tamper the users messages and interactions. It is what makes the Dream market different from the conventional marketplaces. Government or other third party entities can easily intercept your messages in the common marketplace platforms. But not on darknet sites like Dream Market. All of the messages will be encrypted by the PGP Encryption system.

As proclaimed by the officials of the Dream Market, the PGP Encryption is activated in the platform.

When you are transacting online in the dark net market, the last thing you want is that the local authority or your family knows that you are purchasing supplies for your stash at home. In a conventional marketplace, your sensitive information can be easily shared and leaked. But not in the Dream Market. Thanks to the PGP encryption services, all of the sensitive information (addresses, phone number, locations, your name, etc) will be concealed with the strong encryption.

When communicating with the vendors or fellow users of the site, you will have an option to use the PGP key when stating some sensitive information. And only the owner of the PGP key will be able to decrypt and translate the message. All in all, your real messages won’t be visible unless for your recipient of the message. The same thing also works when you receive sensitive messages from your vendors or other fellow Dream Market users.

Vendor Bond

For those who are willing to earn money online through darknet sites, becoming a vendor in Dream marketplace is not free. There is a bond which costs $375. It was the commitment that every vendor must do. The Dream Market officials came up with the specific bond price to minimize the risks of exit scams from the vendors.

Vendor Trust Level on Dream Market

Dream market vendor rating system
Dream market vendor rating system

The buyers will have peace of mind when they are transacting with the Vendors who have a high level of “Trust”. When it comes to the dark net market experience, your chance will be much better if you rely on trustworthy vendors.

How to know if you have landed on the right vendor? Easy. There is “Trusted vendor” seal for the vendors who have great reputation in the market. If you want to purchase the items safely, it is a great idea to focus only on the Vendors who have the particular seal.

Search feature of the site

The search tab is not anything like other search features in other marketplaces. The advanced search panel came with numerous helpful filters which you could use to narrow down the lists to get to the right product that you want to purchase.

You could use the search panel filters to attain the most accurate result of the listings.

The users could choose from where the order is shipped, where it is shipped to, the payment method of escrow, category, favorite vendors, and so on.

Just like when you shop around in other markets, it is sensible to use the search function in order to find the product you want to purchase quicker.

The supports of the currencies

Obviously, the currencies acceptances can be the most determining factor when it comes to the dark net marketplace. Dream Market allowed multiple currencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, as well as Monero. It was the great reason why many people stuck to the site.

It goes without saying that those coins have been the most reliable methods for the deep web market enthusiasts. The site also changes the addresses in each transaction. One single address is only valid for one single transaction. It will change every time you make a new purchase. That way, no one would be able to trace back to you when you shop around the darknet market.