Hansa Market

Hansa Market Seizied by the FBI, for active markets read The Best Darknet Markets that You Want to Check in 2021

Hansa Market is one of the most reputable darknet marketplaces in the deep web. If you are amongst the dark net fans who are looking for the best darknet markets with empowered security and privacy.

There have been multiple problems when it comes to these markets including the exit scams, cyber attacks, preying from third parties, and so on. Therefore, it scorns the importance of the anonymity and privacy of the darknet marketplaces to ensure their safety when transacting online with the vendors in the market.

Regarding those matters, Hansa officials had taken the huge measures to protect their users by adding the multi-sig wallet and no-deposit features to do a lot of favor for the buyers. The security features are the solid reason why Hansa became the greatest options for the cannabis lovers and other dark net enthusiasts.

Hansa Market Overview

Hansa Market was shut down a couple years ago. The current “Hansa ” market that we are about to review might have no single thing to do with the original Hansa market which was shut down back then. The name is the same as the former Hansa Market. But you’re the one to judge whether it is a worthy platform for you or not. Our job here is to share the unbiased review with you so that you can make an informative decision later to help you out in using the darknet websites.

As in 2017, Hansa’s total listings was 41k listings. That was a huge number since the categories that were held by the website were also plenty. Hansa Market also had the official Reddit subreddit which the fans can access to get updated with the latest news, updates, and promotions.

Both the vendors and buyers have given such positive feedback to the market about their overall experiences. Most of the feedback and reviews were overwhelmingly positive. That was solid proof that the developers of the site really took care of their users. Although it was not a community-driven platform, the developers of the site seemed to be open-minded. They were totally open to new ideas and suggestions. One of the reasons why Hansa was fast growing was because the developers really took their users’ opinions and suggestions into serious considerations.

Hansa Market

Site design and navigability

I would give this aspect two thumbs up because this market has such a welcoming appearance. It was not intimidating for all new users. Even though you are new to the dark net world, you could easily access the site through its navigable menu and components.

From the main page, you can see that the interface is neatly designed to give easy access for all the users. Using and navigating the site is straightforward and easy.

The first timers won’t have any problem visiting the site and making their first purchase. Meanwhile, for the veterans of the dark net, they will feel familiar since the nice design is almost the same as the other renowned markets. If you had done the dark transactions many times before, it wouldn’t be confusing to access the site.

At the top bar, you would find some main menu and links including the account, forum, news, and so on.

As you would have probably expected, the left sidebar showcases the listings to get the direct access to the listings offered by the top vendors in the marketplace.

The users can also reach out to the best vendors by using the vendor’s features namely “Top Vendors” and “Rising Vendors”. If you are interested in focusing on reputable and renowned vendors, you could focus your search on “Top Vendors”. Meanwhile, the “Rising Vendors” will likely showcase the newer vendors in the results page.

It doesn’t hurt for the newcomers to focus on Top Vendors since you would deal with the vendors who have extensive experience and numerous finished orders. It would improve your chance to get satisfactory results in transactions.

Hansa Market

Hansa Market Listings

Hansa offered a wide array of services and goods from marvelous categories. When we compared it to the competitive market like AlphaBay, it might not have more listings as it. But it does offer most of the popular listings in the world of the dark net.

It did come with everything that the darknet enthusiasts would need. Looking at the total listings, there were 40k products offered by the trustworthy vendors across the globe. As expected from a reliable darknet site, it offered mostly Drugs items from Drugs categories.

As proclaimed by the insiders a couple years ago, there were up to 50% of the products which came from Drugs Categories. The other main categories to check are Digital Goods, Guides and Tutorials, Fraud related products, as well Erotica. The Digital Goods category was the second most popular category ever rated based on the numbers of the listings. There are also other categories with lesser listings to number such as security, hosting jewellery, services, and many more.

The users were able to navigate the site through the particular categories from top to bottom or use the search filters instead.There are sub-categories for the Drugs as well. The creators of the website divide Drugs main category into 15 different sub-categories. In its sub-categories, Cannabis came out as the no.1 with over 6k listings in total.

The Digital Goods was the second most popular category since it had over 12k of listings in total. The digital goods revolve around VPN accounts, online accounts, and many others.

Any darknet items which are delivered online can be found in the particular category.

The Fraud related listings consist of several grey-areas such as dumps, documents, credit cards, and many more.

There are tons of services and products that you can find. If browsing the categories requires much time and effort for you, you could consider using the search box located at the main page of the site. Type in the particular keyword and you will see the results in seconds.

Security and Privacy

No matter how great the collections of the site or nice the design is, you won’t want to compromise the security aspect of accessing the market.

Security is obviously the prominent aspect to weigh before purchasing anything from the specific market. Some people couldn’t avoid the pitfalls simply because they kept shopping without conducting OPSEC practices.

Checking the security quality of a darknet market has been one of the integral parts of the OPSEC principles. You will want to focus on this principle to make sure that your privacy is protected when using the market like Hansa market and other dark web markets.

Therefore, it is imperative to make sure all of the activities and information are protected. It includes checking the safety and security of the marketplace like Hansa. Obviously, the developers of Hansa market had carefully thought about the particular aspects. There are the security features that are worth mentioned in this post:


PGP encryption is one of the common things to fortify the security of any dark net markets you can find. If one has added PGP encryption in the platform, then it is a good sign that you’ve landed on the right provider.

This encryption facility will encrypt all the messages that you send or receive. As the messages are encrypted with the PGP facility, only the owner of the PGP key can access and decrypt the particular message. You can use the encryption keys to translate the coded message. Therefore, not a single third party can intervene in your communications. You can use the site safely all the time.

Anti-Exit Scam

Hansa developers and staff proclaimed that their marketplace was never intended to end up as an exit scam.

Well, even if the moderators or staff were pretty determined to steal your funds, they just couldn’t do it. The reason was simple. They were never able to access the funds. Hansa staff and moderators wouldn’t have the access or control over your funds.

That was one of the signs that the site was not going to come as an exit-scam. And the market officials lived up to their words until the authority shut down their market for good.

As we knew, Hansa market didn’t go off because of an exit-scam.

No Deposits feature

It was another prominent factor to make the Hansa market crowned as one of the safest darknet markets in the world. In fact, it wasn’t even something that the users could easily find in top notch sites like Alphabay, Darkmarket, or Dream Market.

The users wouldn’t need to send anything to their accounts. There was no need to deposit or keep the funds inside the Hansa platform.

Therefore, the direct payment was viable back then. Everytime the users conducted the transactions, they will directly send their crypto coins from their personal wallet, or temporary Hansa market wallet. Or,  the users could also use anonymous cryptocurrencies wallets for a safer approach. From either wallet, the funds will be locked in the MultiSig phase. Then the next movement will be determined depending on the status of the order. When the order is cancelled, the funds will be sent back to the senders. Meanwhile, the finalized orders will release the funds to the vendors.

Hansa Market Multi-Sig Feature

As mentioned, Hansa claimed that it came with the anti- exit scam principle. To live up to their words, they only hosted a Multisig system.  There wouldn’t be an escrow. The only transaction option that all the users could take was Multi-sig. That means the moderators or Hansa officials wouldn’t have any control over the funds of the users.

Since it was administered by the Multi-sig, some parties need to sign.

There are two types of Multi-sig provided by the market: 2 of 2 multi-sig, and 2 of 3 multisig.

In 2 of 2 multi sig options, the signs are needed from Hansa Key and Vendor key. Meanwhile, the 2 of 3 multi sig option requires 3 parties to sign. These parties are Hansa Key, Vendor Key, and Your Key.

To conclude, no one has 100% control of the funds since minimum 2 parties signs are needed. This measurement can fortify the security of the market transaction. It will reduce the risks of scamming and fraudulent activities.

Personal Phrase

Personal Phrase refers to the security phrase that you can set in order to confirm the legitimacy of the site. After setting the phrase set, then it will show at the login page every time you are about to access the site.

As you have seen the familiar phrase at your part, you can be sure that it is a legit Hansa market that you have visited. If the phrase is false, or there is no phrase to prove the site’s legitimacy, then you can be sure that the site you are visiting is fake.

Two Factors Authentication

Two factors authentication has been one of the common security features that every marketplace should have. The 2 factor authentication makes the stolen credentials seem useless because they won’t be able to access your account using your PGP key. Unless they can get access to your PGP key, the third parties won’t be able to login with your credentials.

Two factors authentication has been one of the common security features that every marketplace should have. The 2 factor authentication makes the stolen credentials seem useless because they won’t be able to access your account using your PGP key. Unless they can get access to your PGP key, the third parties won’t be able to login with your credentials.

After setting up your PGP key, you will need to decrypt a message every time you login. After decrypting the message, you will paste the answer to the required box so that you can proceed accessing your account.

Hansa No Finalize-Early Feature

In the other dark net markets, we often faced problems when the vendors were required to use the FE payment. For those who haven’t known, FE means Finalize Early. That means the funds will be released to the vendors as soon after the vendors ship the products. Although the clients have yet to receive the goods, the orders will be marked as finalized and the vendors will earn the money from a particular transaction.

In many cases, it is a huge loss for the clients because they are not sure if they will receive their package or not. It is also an easy way to exit as a scam. No Finalize-Early feature will prevent something like this from happening. Once you received your items, you could mark it as finished. And then, the funds will be delivered to the vendors. It is a win-win solution for both customers and vendors.

Verifying vendor trust

Choosing the right vendor is an important part of dark net website experiences. But not all vendors are offering the equal qualities of products and services. In such a conventional method, it would take more time and effort to conduct extensive research by yourself. Hansa market knew this matter really well. Therefore, as a part of their commitment to provide the best secure and anonymous platform, they added “trusted vendor” seals to any vendor who had been successful and had great records in transacting with the past clients. The market retrieved such information from the other leading marketplaces where the specific vendors had been operating. There were also total numbers of reviews which come along with the information of the vendors.

The vendor quality in this marketplace was based on the number of successful transactions and reviews from the past customers. Therefore, it is easy to spot the potential Vendors to reach out through the seals “trusted vendor”. If you want to minimize the risks of pitfall and maximize the results in your searching, you could use this so-called feature to help you find your best vendors.

The Searching ability

The key to pick the right product is to narrow down the wider selections. The narrower the results, the better chances you will pick the right product at your part.

The search feature is straightforward and simple. It seems like the developers really gave a serious thought on creating the solution that would be viable for their users.

The search panel can ease you in searching the product with the exact criterion that you need to focus to land on the right product.

The advanced search feature came up with the appropriate filters including the Shipping Locations, Vendor reviews, vendor level, the number of vendor feedback, minimum price, and maximum price.

It is always a great idea to use all of the filters to help you narrow down the lists more effectively. Most of the time, the result can be more accurate when you use all of these filters. Just don’t forget to combine these criteria with the most appropriate keywords. For instance, if you are looking for cannabis oil, you would want to type the words and use all of the filters to pinpoint the right vendor and the right product.

Hansa Market
Hansa market listings

What crpyto currencies can you use on Hansa market?

Obviously, you will want to consider these aspects since it is the way you pay for the goods you are purchasing online. Hansa Market accepted Bitcoin – BTC for the transaction. By the way we wrote this post, the officials have only provided the BTC as the acceptable cryptocurrencies. It can be a great solution for the BTC lovers. But for those who are using altcoins, they will need to go to the exchanges first to get the Bitcoin. Consider using a mixer service or anonymous Bitcoin wallet to ensure safety when transacting.

Hansa Market
Hansa Market accepted Bitcoin

Although it might be a problem for some people, it can be the best solution for others. Only accepting one single currency in the site means that the process will be more seamless and faster. There is no need to wait for a long time to finalize the transactions. The buyers would also be able to pick the Multi-Sig option to protect their funds from getting snatched. It was indeed a win-win solution for both purchasers, vendors, and the market.

Using Hansa Market Safely

We’ve already mentioned the various security features which were added by Hansa Market. Those will ensure privacy and anonymity when you use the market.

While the market has fortified the site’s security, it also does not require you to make the deposits or whatsoever. It is indeed a great sign that Hansa Market could be a great choice for the darknet enthusiasts who don’t want to end up getting stolen.

It is also a great gesture to attract the serious cannabis buyers to become the recurring customers of the top rated vendors. With the seals which rated the vendors, it would also give the confidence to the users to proceed transacting with these parties.

The interface is advanced yet easy to learn and use. It didn’t matter whether it was your first time visiting the site, it wouldn’t take much time to get familiar with the features and use the functions as needed.

Accessing the dark net markets including Hansa market can be easier than you think.

It was a pretty safe place compared to the other unpopular choices. Accessing the content is relatively safe when you use the Tor browser. Tor is a top notch option since it provides online privacy and anonymity.

So, you could download and install Tor. When registering, do not use your primary emails.

Hide your identity by using other emails and other names.

As you use Tor browser, your ISP is still able to read your activities. Therefore, consider downloading and installing VPN service on your PC and connecting to a specific server to prevent your information from being leaked by a third party. You can also use Tails OS to get rid of all traces after accessing the Hansa market. It is optional though.