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All You Need to Know About Hidden Wiki

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The Dark web is where all of the controversial stuff is conducted. But more often than not, you will mostly find more “greyish” areas in many darknet sites. For instance, weeds have been legal in some states and countries. Many people start purchasing them for medical and recreational purposes. But still, in some countries or locations, these are considered as illegal. In order to get to this websites one of the sources is Hidden Wiki website.

As you are living in the parts where these kinds of stuff are still illegal, getting deeper into the dark net markets can be your sensible strategy to get your next stash.

There’s a chance that you’ve come across the phrase “Hidden Wikipedia” or “Hidden Wiki”. It might seem strange since you already know the conventional wiki pages that you usually access to find out about some basic information. But Hidden Wiki is with the dark web domain.

Hidden wiki homepage screenshot
Hidden wiki homepage screenshot

What is Hidden Wiki exactly?

Since we are talking about the dark web, it is important to comprehend that it is not anything like the normal wikipedia that you usually access through your favorite Chrome browser. You can only access the links shared in the hidden wiki by using TOR browser (The Onion Router Browser).

The Hidden Wiki is a name used by the dark net enthusiasts to work as Tor hidden services which anyone can edit the page anonymously. The main objective of Hidden Wiki is to serve as a directory which hosts the links to particular .onion sites. Obviously, it is the Wiki which is needed by the Tor browser users who want to access the dark net sites, or any other .onion sites anonymously.

To access Hidden Wiki,  you are going to need to use the TOR browser. It won’t work in other common browsers.

There has been speculation about how and when the Hidden Wiki was launched. But its first post  was dated back in 2007. Only a few exclusive people could get access to the Hidden Wiki back then. But four years later, the more mature version of the website showed up with a wider array of links that all users could find in the deep web.

Back in 2013, it was hosted on Freedom Hosting. But in March 2014, the site domain moved to Doxbin.

Hidden Wiki is run at .onion domains which can only be accessed through Tor Browser or Tor gateway. It basically hosts links to all hidden websites such as darknet marketplace, porn sites, illegal sites, and so on. Most of these sites are not found in your usual favorite search engine. Using your usual browser to access the site won’t also be possible.

While some folks are accessing the Hidden Wiki for their specific purposes, it is safe to assume that everyone could do it for educational purposes.

How it works in a nutshell

It is not necessarily illegal to access the Hidden Wiki in some countries. But it will become illegal if doing illegal work in the Hidden Wiki.

Hidden Wiki works just like other conventional wiki sites. Once the users register an account, they can edit the wiki page. Therefore, here is where people keep adding more links to the Hidden Wiki Services.

In a nutshell, it is just like a Wikipedia page for anything and everything that you won’t be able to find on the normal internet. You need to go to the deep web to find the sites.

The users must use TOR Browser since it is only available in the onion network. There are many reasons why the creators added the Hidden Wiki in the onion networks. The reasons could revolve around the authority pressure, DDoS attacks, privacy issues, and so on.

Before Accessing Hidden Wiki – Take these steps

Hidden Wiki is like the main gate to enter the deep web. It does not hurt to visit this site in order to find the useful links you can access on the dark web. Whether you want to purchase counterfeit items, hire a private investigator to find out your cheating wife, look for weeds, or else, this site can be a great start to find what you need.

Many darknet enthusiasts have been recommending Hidden Wiki since this page comes up with the complete links which are updated on a daily basis. If we are talking about the .onion sites, they often change their links so that the third parties won’t be able to detect their activities. That’s why you will need to stay updated with the changes. While there are many sites out there which provide the links to particular dark net websites, it is imperative to understand that not all of them are giving you the real links. Some of them are even phishing sites.

It is important to keep the security priority when accessing darknet links from the Hidden Wiki.

So we assume that you’ve already known about the Tor Browser. That’s a good step. But the problem is that your internet service provider will still be able to see if you’re using the Tor browser. To get rid of this trace, you are going to need to layer your activities with the VPN service. Subscribe to the best VPN service you can find and install the software in your device.

Then you will need to disable all programs on your system to prevent the traces back to you. If you haven’t known about the OPSEC practices yet, consider covering all of the bases first before proceeding.

Make sure that the link you are clicking is authentic. There are many scams out there. Be sure to use the Hidden Wiki services with your own discretion.

The Hidden Wiki you visit can suggest a wide array of links from gambling, darknet marketplaces, to anything else. You can find the greyish area to the darkest content.

The pages on Hidden Wiki can be edited by anyone anonymously after creating an account to the site. All users can also contribute to moderate the pages.

There are numerous matters that one needs to take into consideration. It can be tricky to trust any URl that comes up on the net and claim to be a Hidden Wiki page. As I mentioned before, someone managed to snatch the private key of the Hidden Wiki. That could be a problem for many users since one won’t know for sure if the links they are accessing are true or not. Therefore, you will want to stick to the OPSEC practices.

To give you a short overview, one of the most important OPSEC practices is not to give your real information for any reason. It includes your real name, home address, phone number, workplace, and so on. That’s why you will notice that in most darknet markets, users tend to use a mixing service when paying with their Bitcoin. It is done in order to mask their real identity and get rid of the traces that can go back to them.

The total number of links that are shared in the Hidden Wiki is unconfirmed since there are many changes that take place on a daily basis. That’s why it is important to take the appropriate measurements to prevent any pitfalls.

You need to understand about the onion sites.

The thing with Onion sites is that you can’t access them via your usual browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and others. The reason is sensible. They are not that secure. They are  not anonymizing the users.

With the Tor Network, you can anonymize all of your activities online so that you don’t need to worry if your activities are seen by the third party or not.

When you are looking for something on the deep web, do not use Google or other common search engines. The problem with these engines are they make money by collecting your private information. Of course, it already violates the principle of anonymity.

Instead you could use DuckDuckGo to find something you need on the net. DuckDuckGo does respect the power of anonymity and privacy. It won’t collect any personal information.

You can also find your Hidden Wiki links through DuckDuckGo.

It is legal to visit the Hidden Wiki for educational purposes. That way you will be able to retrieve the darknet links that you want to visit without any hassle.

But you also need to use your strong discretion. There are a lot of scam links although they are hosted in the safest Hidden Wiki page. The anonymity of the moderation can also mean that even the hackers can also moderate the site. Not all Hidden Wiki sites can guarantee to provide you the safe links. To mitigate the risks, it does not hurt to access it from your barebone device. Also,you could use the private network connections to prevent any data leak.

Design and User Interface of Hidden wiki

All You Need to Know About Hidden Wiki
Design and User Interface of Hidden wiki

The Hidden Wiki sites are plain and simple. It does not come with too many gimmicks and stunning graphics. Rather, it focuses on the textual content. So, it is not exaggerating to say that it looks like a normal Wiki page.

At the top bar position, there are four main links which revolve around Main Page, Discussion, View Source, and History. In the left sidebar, you will notice some parts like search, tools, and navigation.

The site is pretty straightforward. The moment you visit Hidden Wiki, you will notice the Main Page in the center of the web where it hosts the collection of links to many different kinds of darknet websites.

In the right sidebar, you will see Contents. Through this section you can access all of the Hidden Wiki content.

Clicking the content links will redirect you to the specific page which represents the section that you want to check. For instance, you just need to click darknet market links to see the section which hosts the link of dark marketplaces.

When you click Drugs, you will be redirected to the Drug marketplaces and forums. It will work the same when you are clicking the other cateogry.it will lead you to the particular section wherein you can find the clickable links.

Although the site is not necessarily a graphical one, it is pretty much straightforward and simple.Hidden Wiki has a new link which started to get back to the deep web from 2019. you will want to focus on the official onion links.

Besides the Main Page, there are also Discussions. But Discussions here is not a forum or thread, it is a page where the Admins can leave the messages for the users.

Then there is View Source which you can use to check out the source code of the particular page. It is only available for the Trustusers or autoconfirmed.

The History will let you see the Revisions history of the Hidden Wiki. For some people, this feature is important since they want to know the details that they can get.

The Hidden Wiki Search Box

There are thousands of links which you can explore in the Hidden Wiki. But browsing them manually will be a waste of time. Instead, you could use the Search Bar function that allows you to seek the links using the right keywords. All you need to do is to type a specific keyword in the search box and hit the search button. The results will show up and you can directly check the link for good. The search box is located at the right sidebar. However, it does not come with the advanced filters. I didn’t find any significant problem with this fact alone. After all, I only needed to type the right keywords to find what I needed.

Hidden Wiki Indeed has a good amount of links. But some of the links are already dead. you don’t have to take it as the main sources of the dark net links if you want.