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Honeypots on Darkweb and How to Avoid them Ultimate Short Guide

Honeypots on Darkweb

This is a guide for security enthusiasts as well as buyers and vendors that explains what are honeypots and more important how to avoid them. Must read for any darknet markets user out there.

What are Honeypots?

Honeypots are clearnet websites and hidden onion services on the darknet that are run by law enforcement to fingerprint and identify users. Honeypots are used in sting operations and when law enforcement want to scrape a large amount of users’ personal data from a website. They are typically designed to grab as much information about their users as possible. They can be a darknet marketplace or ant other website we saw this cases on a paedophile websites and some say that even dream market where an honypot.

Identifying Honeypots

  • If a website Asks you to lower your safety setting on Tor (shield in the top right corner), this is a red flag. A site on Tor should work with the safest setting enabled. If a site asks you to purposefully change your security setting to a lower setting or enable javascript, leave the site immediately. Many marketplaces require you to have javascript disabled just to access the site. Javascript is exploited by law enforcement as well as used to fingerprint users. Some common javascript vulnerabilities include source code vulnerabilities, stealing session data, unintended script execution and cross-site scripting (XSS).
  • Has too many unnecessary services running, or one too many ports are open, it would be contrary to reality where normal Internet-facing devices are usually stripped of non-relevant services and only have the required ports open.
  • The configurations of the running software solutions are still in their default settings, which almost never occurs in a live network.
  • Has little to no traffic passing through the network indicating that there is nothing of interest on it.
  • If the servers connected to the network appear to be empty or there is a lot of free disk space it would show that they are of no value.
  • Runs on a VM instead of a machine, this is sure sign that the website is a honeypot, since a VM is much easier and less expensive to run a hidden service than an actual machine.
  • Is running heavy amounts of javascript.
  • Wants you to download additional software.
  • Optional: If a darknet market or any commercial website only accepts bitcoin (not XMR) you might want to avoid it.


There have multiple instances in the past where javascript was exploited/used by law enforcement to gather user data. Always copy link addresses before clicking on them, have your Tor security settings set to the highest safety, and ALWAYS make sure javascript is disabled.

Stay safe DarknetMagazine.com team.

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