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How to Buy Drugs From Dark Web Markets Securely in 2022

how to buy drugs from darkweb 2022

If you’re curious to know how to buy drugs from the dark web securely in 2022, this guide is your go-to guide for this kind of education. 

Before we start telling you how it happens in the real world, you should know that whatever we’re telling is for education purposes. We’re motivating you to buy illicit items from the dark web, especially drugs. 

Buying drugs from the dark web is a conventional and a convenient method to get your hands on the most illicit substances known to man. However, it is not always easy to find your way around the dark web, more likely when you’re a beginner. 

There are plenty of traps that you can accidentally set off during your search for the perfect high. For this very purpose, we have laid down everything in steps. 

Instead of jumping from several market-specific tutorials, we recommend you put your trust in this one-size-fits-all guide to help you navigate your way through the tough streets of the dark neighborhood. 

So without any further ado, let’s get started. 

3 Tips to Secure Your PC Before Accessing the Dark Web

Before you jump into the dark web, we recommend you protect your privacy as best as you can. There are generally three ways to protect your sensitive information when trying to find drugs on the dark web. 

  1. Use A Good VPN Service 

It’s vital that you take care of your privacy before you jump into the dark web to find drugs to buy. Using a virtual private network software is generally the first step to make sure no one sees what you are doing online.

A VPN, or a virtual private network, is a software that encrypts your incoming and outgoing internet traffic. Encryption of your internet traffic means that your online activities are essentially hidden and no one can tell what you’re doing. These softwares spoof your location so that it becomes impossible for regulatory bodies to find your location.

VPNs also work by providing your internet activity a shared IP address. This IP address is fake and is generally shared by thousands of users. The advantage here is that with so many users, it becomes impossible to tell which person is doing what.

When you use a VPN for Tor (more on that below), the regulatory bodies don’t know that you are trying to get on the dark web. Instead, your traffic looks like any normal weekday internet traffic – sort of like how it would be if you were simply working from home. 

Using a VPN to browse on TOR is crucial because your location might get compromised in case a breach in TOR relay occurs. Setting up a VPN is extremely easy and you can do it in just 2 or 3 steps.

  1. Leverage Tor Browser

If you’ve been researching the dark web, you must already be familiar with the fact that you can’t get to the darkest corners of the internet using regular browsers like Chrome or Firefox. 

The way to access the dark web is by using a special browser called The Onion Router, or TOR for short. 

TOR is a special software that reroutes you to the deepest, darkest corners of the internet without any hassle. The connection is secure because it is routed through several specialized TOR servers.

The reason why you can’t use other browsers to get on the dark web is because top level domains on the darknet don’t use regular extensions like.com or .org. Instead, these domains use the .onion extension which can only be accessed while using Tor.

When you use Tor to get on the internet, your internet service provider can’t see your exact internet activity. However, they can still see that you are using the Tor browser.

How to Buy Drugs From Dark Web Markets Securely in 2022
  1. Disable Javascripts Before Signing Up on Any Dark Marketplace

Once you have downloaded and initiated the Tor browser, the first thing you need to do is to disable the Javascripts. 

Here’s a step-by-step process to disable javascripts:

  1. Click the blue “S” icon in the top left corner of the window. 
  2. Click the “Forbes Scripts Globally (advised)”
How to Buy Drugs From Dark Web Markets Securely in 2022

The importance of disabling javascripts when using this browser to get on the dark web can’t be understated. If you don’t carry out this essential step, your chances of getting traced by the regulatory authorities rise by many folds.

In the past, several hosting servers have been hacked by the regulatory authorities like the FBI using javascripts. One example is when the FBI hacked Freedom Hosting back in 2013 using malicious javascript code.

The FBI took advantage of a weak point in the FireFox browser (Tor is based on FireFox). 

Every user who traversed the dark web with their javascripts on had their real IP addresses exposed to the FBI.

Registering On A Dark Market

Once you have successfully enabled your Tor setup, the next step is to find the right markets to buy the drugs you need. And after that, you need to register with them to get your desired products. 

You can choose whichever relevant market you find on your search result. However, keep in mind that not all markets may be open to register at any given moment.

While making accounts on these sites, make sure you don’t use your real name as your username. Also don’t use the same password to register on multiple dark web markets because that is a sure way to compromise your security. 

Most darknet marketplaces require a security pin for their sign-in process. Keep the security pin safe with you at all times because you can’t retrieve it back in case you lose it. More importantly, don’t store the security pin on your computer because your computer’s security can be compromised with little to no effort.

Here is an example of a dark web marketplace registration process.

How to Buy Drugs From Dark Web Markets Securely in 2022

Products: It is generally much safer to buy domestic products than buying international products from the dark web. This is because products that are imported from another country run an added risk of getting discovered at customs.

Finalize Early: Pay for the product before you receive it. Generally, it’s acceptable to not finalize early when buying products from the darknet because paying even before the product has been shipped runs the risk of the vendor disappearing. 

How to Find the Right Vendor?

It’s crucial to research vendors before you buy stuff on the darknet. You may find several vendors selling the same product but not all of them will provide an adequate service. 

Therefore, proper research is an important prerequisite to buying drugs from the dark web in 2022.

Dark web vendors generally have a feedback score. This feedback score is the amalgamation of several scores given by recent buyers. You can assess this score to see if the given vendor provides an adequate service.

You can also read buyer reviews which will point you in the right direction most of the time. 

But yes, it’s recommended that you read a lot of reviews because there is a high probability that you will come across various “paid-for” reviews as well.

Here’s a short process for you to work out whether a certain vendor is right for you or not:

  • Search the vendor’s name on Google
  • Search for specific review sites for that specific vendor
  • Find reviews on the vendor’s site and forums like Reddit
  • Leverage infodesk to search for more information
  • Also make a decision on whether or not you want to choose the “finalize early” option
  • Take special caution when ordering something internationally (see if there’s any failed shipment to consignee in the past) 

Once you have finalized a vendor, mobilize your funds into your market wallet. This step is essential because most vendors on the dark web require payment in Bitcoin (BTC).

We have described below the process to put your funds into your bitcoin wallet.

Registering On LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins.com allows you to create a local wallet that you can use to buy products from the dark web.

How to Buy Drugs From Dark Web Markets Securely in 2022

Registering on localbitcoins is super easy. The steps to register on this website are very similar to any other registration process. 

Just put your fake first name, last name, address, phone number, and you’re done. 

Furthermore, don’t forget to use Tor to register on localbitcoins.com. Although it is not necessary, and many people register on this website through their regular browsers, using Tor gives you an extra security layer when carrying out this process. 

Now that you have a local wallet, you need to buy some Bitcoin on this platform to make it work. 

Pick a seller on localbitcocins.com and contact them to request a purchase. Once the process is completed, the said amount of Bitcoins will sit in escrow waiting to be released. 

This is the step where you send the money to the seller through PayPal or any other way of transfering money, such as bank transfer. 

Once your seller gets a proof of confirmation, they will then release the Bitcoin into your local wallet. 

Now, you can use these Bitcoins to make a purchase.

Here is a simple blueprint of the entire process to get bitcoins into your local wallet:

  • Choose a seller from localbitcoins.com
  • Send the seller a purchase request stating just how many bitcoins you want
  • The seller will provide you with an invoice that has a specific reference code
  • Now make the payment to the seller through bank transfer or any other means
  • Mark your payment as completed on the purchase page of the website
  • Ensure that the seller has received the funds and collect your bitcoin into your local wallet

Moving Bitcoins from Local to Dark Web

Now that you have received Bitcoin into your localbitcoins.com wallet, simply make the transfer to your market wallet on the marketplace to complete your transaction for drugs on the dark web.

Know About Tumbling

When you transfer your Bitcoins from your local wallet to the marketplace wallet, the seller who sold you Bitcoins would be able to see this transaction on the public blockchain record. 

Even though they don’t know where exactly your Bitcoins are traveling, you might still want to secure your transactions enough so that no one, including the seller, would be able to see your transactional activity.

The best way to hide your transactional activity from everyone is to use a Bitcoin tumbling service.

What Is Tumbling?

Tumbling comes into play when you want to sever your link to a Bitcoin transaction. 

Bitcoin tumbling is a service that allows you to launder Bitcoins so that the transactions you make can’t be traced back to you in one piece. 

The way it works is that you transfer your Bitcoin from your wallet to the tumbling service website’s wallet. The website in turn transfers the money back to another wallet in smaller chunks divided into multiple transactions made at different times. The total amount adds up to be the same initial amount in the end.

Why Leverage It?

Tumbling services are best used when you don’t want someone to trace back your transactions to you. 

Tumbling: Grams Helix

Grams Helix is one of the tumbling services that you can use to launder your Bitcoins. However, you have to be very cautious because keeping your Bitcoins in a tumbling service’s wallet may lead to a hacking attempt and ultimately theft.

Commission Taken by Tumbling

Usually, both the marketplace and the tumbling service will charge you for extra commissions attached to your transactions. These commissions are also good news because Bitcoin transactions go quicker when they have a certain fee attached to them. Therefore, you need to transfer more money than you want converted.

How much more money should you be sending? Here’s how to figure it out:

  • Check out the exact price of the product you want and convert it to Bitcoin
  • Transfer 5 to 15% more than the expected amount to account for commissions

Tumbling: LocalBitcoins to BitBlender

  • Go to BitBlender and register for an account
  • Select the option that says “Deposit”
  • Here you will see a deposit address
  • Go back to your wallet at localbitcoins
  • Paste the BitBlender deposit address in to the receiving field
  • Enter the amount you wish to send and voila 

Tumbling: BitBlender to the Market

Once your BitBlender wallet has received your Bitcoins, it is time to transfer these Bitcoins into your marketplace wallet. Here is how:

  • Click on withdraw in BitBlender wallet
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer
  • Add your marketplace wallet address in the receiving list
  • Submit and wait for the transaction to complete

Public Key Encryption on Dark Web

Public key encryption is probably the most difficult step of the whole process but it is an extremely crucial step to cover so that you remain protected when buying drugs from the dark web.

Once you place an order in a marketplace, your information is stored in their database. This information can be accessed by regulatory authorities like the FBI and other government agencies. If you don’t want to be caught in the crossfire, encryption is a necessary process for you.

Most vendors make use of the Pretty Good Privacy service to encrypt their user’s database.

The way it works is that your vendor will provide you with a public encryption key. This key is useful to encrypt your data. However once encrypted, your data cannot be decrypted using the same public key. For that, the vendor has a private key which is secret because you don’t want everyone to decrypt your data.

Once you have the public and the private key, store them on an encrypted USB or other storage devices. After that, put your public encryption key on your profile so that vendors can contact you. 

Buying Drugs

Once you have the encryption keys as well as funds in your market wallet, you are ready to buy drugs from the dark web. Just make sure all the information is correct before you proceed with the purchase as discrepancies may lead to trouble later on.

Encrypting Your Name & Address Before Buying

When you set out to encrypt your name and address with the vendor’s public key, you will need to follow a set format. Usually, there is a general format that all vendors follow. 

However, double check your details before you encrypt them.

Ensure the Buying Process is Correct

SImply go to the buyer’s page and click on “buy it now” on the particular product that you want to purchase (example below). 

How to Buy Drugs From Dark Web Markets Securely in 2022

When a product is added to cart, you are then taken to the shipping page.Here you will need to add your encrypted name, address, and then finally submit the order. 

How to Buy Drugs From Dark Web Markets Securely in 2022

Once your order is submitted, it might go through different stages like “processing” or “shipping”. 

It might even be canceled in case your details are wrong and you would then have to check and correct any mistakes.

Ensure the Receiving Process is Correct

If you have received your product in good health, and it is exactly what you ordered, congratulations on your big purchase from the dark web.

You should leave good reviews and positive feedback on the seller’s website so that other buyers can also learn from your experience,

If your order has any problems, such as arriving late or not exactly what you ordered, then you can open a dispute from the vendor’s website. Most disputes are handled with swift action and the vendor usually sends the products again or refunds you the amount. 

Not only this, you can also leave a bad review if you’re not satisfied. 

Are You All Set to Buy Drugs Online?

Here are some important details that you should always remember to stay safe while buying drugs from the dark web:

  • Only obtain market links from secure and reputable websites
  • If a website asks for your pin, it’s a phishing site and you should steer clear of it
  • Remember to always use PGP
  • Use Multisig wherever you can

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