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How To Clean Bitcoin With Monero Exchange

monero - clean bitcoin with monero

Keeping your Bitcoin clean is important: Minero is the only option for pure anonymity. Learn how to clean Bitcoin through Monero.

Cleaning Bitcoin with Monero: What You Need To Know

In recent years, the original idea of cryptocurrencies has fallen away. Every second person simply sees this as an opportunity to invest and make themselves rich and often fails to do so. With millions of people investing in cryptocurrencies, decentralized coins are losing their privacy. 

The flaws are more evident than ever. There needs to be a solution to finding a proper way to remain anonymous online. This is where Monero comes in. A coin that has become the darknet’s new best friend. A solid solution to private currency exchanging.

Hey, you might feel comfortable only using bitcoin though, but you need to keep yourself untraceable. The IRS proved that Bitcoin can be traced and $3.5 Billion in cryptocurrencies was seized by the IRS in 2020 alone. This is why you need to clean your bitcoin using Monero. 

Monero: A solution to privacy

monero exchange explained

How Monero Works Source: bitrates.com

The creation of Monero was made with one thing in mind. A secure, untraceable, private, and decentralized coin. Unlike almost every other coin there is, Monero is not a fork of Bitcoin. The creators coded their own way of mining and using this cryptocurrency.

This is how Monero irradicated some security flaws in the Bitcoin blockchain. Monero is a community-driven project with its own design. Nothing takes preference in the currency more than privacy. 

The coin is not perfect, it has had some flaws in the past which were a real problem. The core team was quick to fix these problems and have done all they could to rebuild and find better solutions for the issues. 

The word “Monero” means money, as in the physical kind. This is because using cash is possibly the only form of remaining untraceable. The Monero system works in keeping all the mined coins fungible. Each coin is identical and there is no way of knowing tracing any specific coin, similarly to 1 dollar bill, each one is identical. 

When each coin is moved from person to person, there is nothing that is burned into the coin to say where it was previously. 

This is one of the main issues of Bitcoin. Bitcoin does not have pure anonymity. Bitcoin is more Psuedonomynous, Through using the Blockchain it is possible to find out what wallet a coin has come from, where the coin has been, how much money is in the wallet. Essentially, it can be traced through the open-ledger. 

Although there are tumbling services within Bitcoin, and similar cryptocurrencies, the coin is not purely anonymous by default and needs processing to ensure it can not be traced. 

Monero is anonymous by default. The cryptocurrency uses features to keep it anonymous always. These features are Ring Signatures, Ring Confidential Transactions, and Stealth Addresses. This is essentially tumbling every aspect of the cryptocurrency automatically. The coin does not allow an exchange with less than 6 tumbles.

With Monero, Privacy is critical. 

Kurt from Crypto Traders does a really good explanation of Monero and the importance of the coin. https://youtu.be/VYdfYUIQ_9c

Clean Bitcoin With An Exchange

How To Clean Bitcoin With Monero Exchange

Bitcoin has always been the people’s choice, the biggest cryptocurrency, and the number one payment method for cryptocurrencies. Although Monero may be taking its place as the payment method on the darknet, you may be in the possession of a good portion of Bitcoin.  

The public open ledger allows for tracing and you may want to refresh your coins, making sure they can’t be traced back to whatever it was that you received the coins from. This is when you will “Clean Bitcoin with a Monero Exchange”. Implementing Monero’s anonymity in your bitcoin through a simple exchange service. 

There are multiple exchange services around and finding the best one to suit you is a matter of preference. However, we suggest https://xchange.me

(or via Tor: http://xchangen24yn24b6.onion). Though there are many great options. 

What is an exchange?

An exchange is a service where you swap your cryptocurrency from one to the other cryptocurrency. In this case, we are using Bitcoin to MXR and then back to Bitcoin.

Using a cryptocurrency exchange is not illegal or even frowned upon, as all you are doing is changing your currency. 

How does the exchange work?

How To Clean Bitcoin With Monero Exchange

“Xchange.me offers a modern cryptocurrency exchange service that allows you to exchange cryptocurrency through a fast, secure, and cheap process. By using this service, you will be free to exchange Bitcoin, Monero, and other coins without having to register first. We promise you one of the best cryptocurrency exchange rates!”

The process is simple. 

  1. Select the currency you have and the currency you want to change to. 
  2. Confirm. Check the exchange transaction details and confirm the deal. Transfer crypto coins and provide the wallet address.How To Clean Bitcoin With Monero Exchange
  3. After you proceed with your transaction, confirm your destination address, as this is where the coins are sent. Enter the refund address as well in case the funds back need to be returned for any reason. It is fully optional to provide it.
  4. Payment. An address to send the Bitcoin is provided, ensure you send the exact amount. Once payment is made click “I have sent the Funds”
  5. Exchange. Wait out while exchange wakes place, Xchange.me is known for its speedy process.

Once you have completed these steps sending the Bitcoin into a Monero wallet, do the same but from Monero to Bitcoin. Once completed, you have “washed” your Bitcoin!

We recommend using a VPN and using the .onion link instead of the usual browsers link. This is to ensure your OPSEC is up to standard through the process. By using the VPN your IP address is masked, by using the Tor browser its made even harder to track. 

Stay Private

Privacy is a human-right and what you do is your own business. It is no one elses responsibility to monitor your transactions, you are an adult! 

We live in a society where every step we take, every website we click on, any data possible is collected and it feels impossible to escape. This is why a large community is creating every attempt to ensure that privacy and security is possible. They don’t care what you do with your funds. 

Using a solid decentralized currency is important, we are all in this together and learning where to improve step by step. Escape society’s reign on your life. 

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