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How to Use Cannahome Market – Complete Guide

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Do you want to buy some fresh cannabis online? In that case, you should stick to the sites that specialize in selling them.  For now, Cannahome market has paved its way to become one of the greatest cannabis marketplaces across the globe. 

To find out how, let’s get started. 

Cannahome Overview

Cannahome is a place where you will not see anything else except cannabis and shrooms. After the closure of the CGMMC market in 2018, Cannahome was created to take its place. In fact as far as code and design are concerned, both are identical.

How to Use Cannahome Market – Complete Guide

The global market significantly favors marijuana aficionados. After all, people choose to consume cannabis for medicinal or recreational reasons.

Either way, Cannahome supports adult’s rights to make such choices for themselves.

The site is available to all darknet dealers with excellent ratings. Vendors must have over 500 sales on other darknet marketplaces and a rating of 4.95 or better.

This goes to show that when working with Cannahome, you are doing business with the best.

To join Cannahome, sellers must have less than 1% negative feedback. Vendors must also have a solid reputation for good communication skills and honesty.

How to Use Cannahome Market – Complete Guide

It may be too much for sellers who wish to establish their own internet company. Because currently, CannaHome is only accepting sellers from the United States.

And guess what? Buyers from all over the world are welcome to purchase products from Cannahome.

If we talk about the success of Cannahome, trust factor plays an important role here. Most buyers of the Cannabis on Cannahome have an understanding that the marketplace gets its products from reliable sources. 

On the other hand, this platform offers multi-sig escrow to avoid unnecessary feud among buyers and sellers. 

Cannahome has no FE or direct pay. This is a customer-focused cannabis listing portal.

The site’s creators also take security measures with seriousness. The service includes two-factor authentication for further protection.

This website allows buyers to identify merchants with simplicity. It also allows buyers to find merchants who are ready to ship their products on an international level.

The merchants are not allowed to sell any other drugs other than weed and shrooms. If you’ve ever used Cannabis Growers and Merchants Cooperative’s website, you’ll recognize Cannahome’s design is also made the same way.

Things to Take Care of Before Accessing Cannahome

As usual, accessing the darknet marketplace requires the Tor browser. This is mainly because Cannahome is inside Tor.

If you’re new to this, it is advisable to learn how to visit Tor or Onion sites first. That way you will have an easier time understanding the process.

Cannahome has v2 onion links and v3 onion connections. It demonstrates the creators’ concern for the community’s safety and privacy.

You will also need to understand how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin function. Many exchanges need personal information.

Therefore, you must avoid them while buying Bitcoin. Instead of this, use an anonymous Bitcoin wallet service called Electrum. 

It includes a mixing service to assist you eliminate traces while using Bitcoin.

Prepare your PGP key for encryption and decryption. It is also beneficial to employ 2FA or multisig in transactions.

Multisig ensures top-notch security while making bitcoin transactions. With multisig, transactions can’t be made unless multiple parties provide their signatures.

This means that funds are not released from the wallet when someone is trying to spend them unilaterally. 

Escrow only releases funds when the buyer is ready to finalize the purchase. 

At the moment, Cannahome accepts payments in the form of Litecoin and Bitcoin. However, Monero could be an acceptable option in the future.

Even if you use Tor Browser, your ISP may still monitor your online behavior. If you want to visit darknet websites in the future, you should install a VPN software on your device.

Along with a VPN, you might also want to include secure systems like Whonix or even Tails. Always enforce this especially when using unknown internet sources like WIFI hotspots.

This way, even when your access point is compromised, your traffic will always be encrypted.

Join another server to hide your IP. So, your ISP will be unaware of your internet activity.

You should always treat your dedicated privacy system like you do your work system. First, install and access only those software that you really need to. 

Anything concerning leisure is highly discouraged. Always resist the urge to browse on social media using this dedicated network.

What Does Cannahome’s Forum Look Like? 

Whenever you want to visit the Cannahome’s forum, smash that green button on the homepage. 

How to Use Cannahome Market – Complete Guide

Join the forum and take advantage of it. The Forum may be a useful tool for anybody who needs support from other users.

Many people take part in the Forum and share their experiences with their peers. After all, it’s also an excellent place to learn about the market and how a darknet site like this works.

The discussion we see on this forum is lively. Buyers add reviews, comments, and tales about the sellers they’ve had an experience with. 

You don’t have to question their credibility for these reviews. Because there’s a yellow box that reads “Verified Review”. 

That means the reviews they submit are based on their actual Cannahome transaction. 

On this forum, buyers can also get a chance to look into particular vendor offers, promotions, and discounts. Other than this, you may also check what’s new on the marketplace. 

The category of the postings are by topics. This feature is to help you navigate the forum depending on your interests.

How is the Cannahome Support System? 

Cannahome has the most efficient and friendly customer support. There are two methods to contact customer service.

There is a question mark button on the website’s right sidebar where a box will appear for your queries. 

Click on it to get the ticket. Upon submitting the ticket, the support will request for your order ID. 

You can also contact support by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. Both buttons link you to accessible assistance to receive help.

Check the FAQ, Wiki, and Forum Stickies first to see if your questions are already addressed. If not, submit a ticket with your questions or wishes.

Cannahome’s – All That You Should Not Miss About it 

Cannahome’s design conveys the site’s primary goal. Newcomers may notice that this site is about cannabis and related shroom goods.

The dashboard offerings are simple. This market has edibles, concentrates, buds, and so forth.

The consumers may quickly explore the categories to find the things they want to buy. Active Vendors additionally allows you to explore offerings.

It will immediately link you to responsive merchants. As a result, your waiting time will be reduced and you can prepare your things for shipping.

You have to be cautious while choosing your preferred vendor. This is because not all sellers are ready to ship internationally.

Start with Registering An Account on Cannahome

Creating an account at Cannahome market is easy. Consider using our page’s URLs to avoid any errors.

How to Use Cannahome Market – Complete Guide

Even though you can get URLs from other sites as well, not all sites will give you the right ones. Some of them end up phishing. So, concentrate on the true URLs to avoid them.

From there, you’ll be routed to the verification page. And from there, you can go to the sign-up page.

You will need to come up with a creative username and password. If you don’t have an invite code, leave it blank.

Then finish the CAPTCHA task. To log in after completing registration, use the previously established credentials.

Please note that every time you log in, you’ll need to complete CAPTCHA.

The Site’s Features and Interface

The Cannahome interface is simple. First, logging in using your own credentials is a crucial part.

Thereafter, you can explore the site using the links available on the site. For instance on the homepage top part, there are several links leading to Messages, My Account, FAQ, etc. 

Underneath the major links, you’ll find a list of categories. It is also possible to browse through the “active merchants” area.

The active merchants area shows the contacts of suppliers that are currently available.

How Many Categories of the Products Are on Cannahome? 

As you have already understood, this site is all about cannabis. So, there are not many advanced categories to browse. 

How to Use Cannahome Market – Complete Guide

Alternative products categories include Flowers like Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and Pre-Rolls. They also involve concentrates like Shatter, Wax, CRC, etc. 

The quantity of listings in each category has increased at a significant rate due to the popularity of the site. 

The numbers don’t lie. And in this case, the numbers means that more legitimate retailers are joining the site to sell cannabis.

Browse these categories to locate your items. The market has few categories, so it is simple to find the things you wish to buy.

How is the Searchability Function of Cannahome? 

The search functions on cannonhome are the easiest to use and are really basic. 

You may locate the items by using the search bar on the main page. But don’t worry, this search bar will always show on any page in the market.

Because it offers fewer categories and listings, you don’t need to complete a sophisticated search. You may search for goods by typing keywords into the search field.

For example, enter “cannabis oil” and the results will appear in seconds. After that, you may pick the listing and buy it.

The search also allows you to pick the vendor nearest to your location. Additionally, there are certain features that assist in deciding whether the vendor is the best fit for you or not.

Upon searching the product of your choice, the vendors are arranged in the order of their ratings. They can be arranged according to the newest, best rated, and most popular. 

The shipping location search filter is also available. Although you can’t sort the ads by price, you may sort them by seller.

You may sort their items by Rating, Newest, Popular, and Price. 

Choosing the Right Vendor on Cannahome

Choosing the best cannabis provider has never been simpler. If this is not your first time, you may utilize prior experience for assistance. 

If you’ve used CGMC before, you’ll know the suppliers you’ve trusted. You may get the same provider in Cannahome to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

How to Use Cannahome Market – Complete Guide

If it’s your first visit, you should check out the vendor’s ratings. See how many consumers have purchased from them.

Don’t forget to check the reviews and comments from previous customers. In most cases, you will find that the customers have narrated about their experiences.

Only look for sellers with great feedback. Dealing with newbies puts your money and expectations at danger.

Join renowned forums like The Hub or Dread. On these forums, find out the latest information about the greatest sellers in the market.

Many discussions on this topic offer experiences in certain marketplaces, including Cannahome. 

Don’t make a purchase on Cannahome before reading through the threads. This will also show you which merchants are active. You may also engage with customers of these merchants.

Being fellow cannabis enthusiasts, they will happily offer their knowledge. 

Send a message to the merchant before buying. If you don’t like the way they communicate, try another merchant. 

Making a Purchase on Cannahome Marketplace

Buying things in Cannahome doesn’t need any special abilities. You may do it like any other darknet market.

You may explore the categories, vendors, and listings, or use the search box with criteria. In any case, you will find the products you wish to buy online, add them to your shopping basket, pay, and that’s it.

How to Use Cannahome Market – Complete Guide

The purple button “View all Seller’s Listings” may help you discover the correct vendor. 

To buy an item, click on the order product cart button. Once you do, the website will take you to another page.

On this website, you must input the amount of the item, delivery details, and payment choices. You can also see the vendor’s PGP key.

Using the PGP key, you can communicate with them while making a transaction and choosing a delivery method. 

On the following page, you may adjust the order. Or you may input a coupon code from the merchant or market. Before continuing, please review the return and escrow policies.

If you don’t like the policy, you may choose whether or not to proceed.

On the following screen, you must pick the transaction type. You may pick between MultiSig Escrow and Direct Pay.

Now it’s time to distinguish between MultiSig Escrow and Direct Pay. With Multisig escrow, the seller can’t take payments until you get the things and declare them as finished.

Sign it using your PGP key. Without a doubt, Multisig escrow is the best alternative when you don’t trust the merchant. 

For the sake of peace, it is advisable to use Multisig Escrow for your first purchase.

In other darknet markets, Direct Pay is called FE or Finalize Early. That implies the seller’s payment will come in sooner or when they dispatch your things.

So you don’t have to wait to pay till you have your stuff. Of course, it benefits the seller.

Direct pay only works if you trust your merchant and the Cannahome market.

Cannahome has no internal wallets. So, you’ll send the money using your own bitcoin wallet.

Otherwise, you may employ blending services to remove your internet activity. To be on the safe side, I advocate using Bitcoin anonymous wallet services.

Using Bitcoin is an option that helps you to protect your privacy and security.

After placing your purchase, the site will ask you to provide feedback to your merchant. You may choose not to do so, but it will benefit the Cannahome market big time.

If you like the vendor, you might provide favorable feedback. This may be a wonderful suggestion for other users.

If the outcomes were not upto your liking, you may provide them negative feedback. It will also help other buyers neglect the same experience. 

Is Cannahome A Good Place to Buy Cannabis? 

Cannahome’s key security feature is 2FA logins. This alone will offer you peace of mind every time you log in.

There is no need to fear if a third party wants to steal your money. Everything will be alright if you follow OPSEC procedures.

Focus on the finest providers to reduce risks and optimize outcomes.

Remember to use the safe URLs listed on this page. Don’t click on other links because they may turn out as phishing sites.

One of the insiders once revealed that Cannahome has been getting hacking attempts since 2020. And that’s because maintaining such a webpage isn’t simple at all. 

All in all, this marketplace is safe to some extent for buyers as well as sellers. Otherwise, it’s a dark web and anything might happen at any time. 

So, be careful while using Tor to visit Cannahome. It is rewarding to try out the site if you are up to the task.