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How To Use Cannazon Market a Complete Guide

how to use cannazon market

If you have been looking for the best cannabis oil or other relevant products, you might not find satisfying results in the common darknet market. Your chance will be much better if you are focusing your search on a darknet site that focuses only on cannabis. And when it comes to this, Cannazon Market can make a great option to pick.

Cannazon was launched in 2018. Since then, true cannabis fans have been visiting this site to get their favorite cannabis products through their trustworthy sellers. It is a cannabis-only market where you can only find cannabis products. This site does not allow other products to be listed there. So, you won’t need to worry if you find the OOT listings there. Besides the oil, you can also find seeds and other edible products in the market.

The only downside that we’d like to highlight right now is that Cannazon bans users from the USA. Therefore, you cannot sell or purchase anything from the USA. Cannazon is for users outside the US. If you want to transact in the US, you might want to check the alternative site like Cannahome instead. But here we are only talking about Cannazon. So, let’s proceed.

Link: http://cannazon4gbjluus.onion

Cannazon Overview

Cannazon Market or Canna Zon is a cannabis-centric darknet market that you will want to visit to find cannabis products outside the US. It is popular because of its transparency and security which ensure all of the users proceed with ample privacy. If you want to keep your information private when transacting cannabis online, it is a great idea to do it all on the Cannazon website.

When you visit the home page of Cannazon, you will see the strict 2FA to log in or register. It is solid proof that the creators of the website do pay attention to the security and privacy of their users.

By the moment we wrote this guide, it had a total Vendor of 240 and total products of 1968. It might not seem to be plenty compared to other darknet markets that we’ve ever shared with you on this site. But don’t overlook the fact that this site only allows cannabis products to be listed. Since it is only focusing on one category, it is not surprising how limited the number of listings that you can explore there.

For those who want to be a Vendor on this site, make sure to prepare $1,000 from your pocket as the Vendor Bond.

cannazon homepage
cannazon homepage

The buyers can use the Direct payment methods per order. The site accepts Bitcoin – BTC, and Monero – XMR. For full anonymity, you could consider using Monero – XMR altcoins. The Multisig is also available for the users who want to be safe when conducting the transaction. If you are new to the site and not familiar with the vendors or market, you could use the Multisig method to ensure that the items are shipped to your location.

Cannazon comes with perfect navigability and user interface. You don’t need to be technically savvy to access the website and explore the market. Everything is available there. The intuitive interface can streamline all of the purchasing processes from start to end. Using the Cannazon is as easy as using the other renowned darknet sites. The secure escrow multisig system will ensure an excellent users experience when using the site.

We’ve also tested its support response times. It won’t take days or weeks for us to get a response from their customer support when we ask them a couple of questions. That could be one of the reasons why Cannazon is still up and running today.

Just like when accessing darknet websites, you will need to get the right browser to access. Then you can use the link provided by the official partner. Then enter the main page, start registering, and proceed to navigate the site.

Choosing the product on this site is also easy since you could choose the product by their category, or use the search filters that can help you to narrow down the selections of the listings. Let’s go straight to the guide of using Cannazon Market so that you will come out ready to find the cannabis products you want to buy.

What you need to prepare before using the site

It is imperative to comprehend that using a darknet website like Cannazon Market is not anything like using the common online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or else. In conventional marketplaces, you can simply use your favorite browser and access them as usual. But it won’t work the same when you access the deep website.

The preparation will be as early as using the specific browser to the OPSEC practices. But first things first, let’s cover what you need to install to your device.

Tor Browser is the only browser that you need to explore the deep web, including to access the Cannazon Market and other darknet markets like Cannahome. So, before clicking any link in this page and visiting the site, make sure to download and install the Tor Browser first. That’s a good start to prepare for anonymous and secure activities.

weed on cannazon
weed on cannazon

Tor Browser basically masks your current IP and conceals your connections so that irresponsible third parties won’t tamper with your device and internet connection. Although the outsiders cannot read your activities, your internet service provider still can. While it is not a problem in some countries, you might have different rules and laws in your country. The last thing you want is to get caught by the local authorities when you purchase cannabis to treat someone you love. So, you must attain true anonymity to provide you with layers of security to keep your privacy safe.

Besides using Tor to mask your current IP, you can add VPN service into the equation. The VPN – Virtual Private Network service allows you to connect to any country server of your choice to hide your real IP. Once you’ve connected to another server by using your particular VPN service, you will be able to get rid of the connection between your real IP and Tor. As a result, your internet service provider won’t be able to read your overall activities.

But sometimes, it is still not enough to give you extra privacy and anonymity quality. If you need more absolute anonymity, you could install Tails OS on your device. This will enforce all of the connectivities to get through the TOR browser. you can install this software on a USB drive so that you don’t have to have it sit on your desktop.

After finishing using the Tor browser, the Tails OS will automatically erase all of the traces and crumbs from the history. Although you can actually access Cannazon using Tor Browse only, adding Tails OS will upgrade the quality of your experience. For avid cannabis lovers, they must have this. Consider completing your preparation so that you will have peace of mind every time you are transacting online.

Learn cryptocurrencies, Defi, and the relevant topics

In the Dark Net markets, you will find a lot of decentralized principles rather than centralized ones. Therefore, using the Fiat currencies in the darknet market like Cannazone won’t be viable.

Cannazone also accepts cryptocurrencies. That’s enough reason for you to cover all of the relevant topics first before proceeding. Consider taking time to learn how each cryptocurrency work, especially Bitcoin and Monero.

Do not cut corners by learning the more advanced topics. Rather, you need to cover the grounds first. It is also a great idea to learn about the blockchain too.

Bitcoin is not a new thing in the crypto world. But more often people forget to cover the basics so that they experience the pitfalls when using the darknet website.

So, it is very important to cover everything from choosing the best anonymous wallets, input addresses, assign transaction fees, and many other topics. Many markets change the bitcoin addresses in every new transaction. You must also be aware of how the darknet market works in relation to cryptocurrencies. Since the transactions in cryptocurrencies are irreversible, you will want to give it a serious thought before proceeding.

Check the official URLs

Many websites claim to have the official URLs of the Cannazon. But not all of them recommend the true links. Some of them even lead you to phishing sites where they want to snatch your real Cannazon credentials. They will use them to extort the money out of your account or do other bad stuff with your account.

Avoid this pitfall by using the official URLs that we provide on this page. Many darknet markets are subject to phishing attempts. They copy the site. Avoid them at all costs and only use our URLs instead.

The best way to avoid phishing websites is to copy and paste the links that we’ve shared on this page. And if you want to save the links, you could save them offline to prevent editing. This website only hosts the official links. So, you don’t need to worry to click Cannazon link from this page.

Link: http://cannazon4gbjluus.onion

Register an Account at Cannazon Market

After clicking the official link that we shared on this site, you will be redirected to the landing page of the Cannazon Market. You could also copy the link and paste it onto your Tor Browser URL bar.

You will need to solve the particular CAPTCHA to proceed with the registration. You could hit “Enter” to continue. After fulfilling the CAPTCHA challenge, you will get redirected to the real Cannazon Market home page.

From this page, you could find the Register option and click the word to proceed to the registration screen.

Then you will need to fill in your username, password, and Password Reset code to recover your password if you forget it later.

Consider creating a username that won’t lead back to your real identity. Use the random combination of lower and upper case letters, symbols, as well as numbers in your passwords so that they will be strong against hacking attempts. Do not ever put your personal information to your password, even though it is only a fraction of it. Store your passwords, username, as well as Password reset code in the safe place where you are the only one who knows its location.

How To Use Cannazon Market a Complete Guide

Proceed with hitting the Register button. Then you will get back to the Home page of the market. From there, you are still not ready to purchase anything from the market. There are few things you need to set first before starting shop[ping.

In the Account Settings tab, there will be a red stop sign and orange warning sign next to it. That is the sign that everything is yet to set. Click on that tab. Then the site will redirect you to the Account Settings page.

Through this page, you will need to enter the address of your crypto. Whether you are using Bitcoin or Monero, you will want to add it for refunds. Then you need to add your PGP public key in order to conduct safe communications later with your fellow users, vendor, and market.

Then you will attain the bitcoin master public key that you will need to use for the Multisig configuration. Click Generate without changing the settings. This will automatically generate the Bitcoin Address for you. Not to mention that there are public keys and private keys. The public key is an important tool to sign Multi-Signature transactions.

After entering the refund address, public key, and PGP Public Key, you can proceed by hitting the “Update Settings’ ‘ button. If there is no problem, the site will show you a message encrypted with the particular PGP public key. Therefore, you will need to decrypt the message and enter the decrypted message into the box.

Hit “Save PGP Key”. If your answer is correct, then you will be able to proceed. After finishing all of the processes above, the red stop sign will no longer be visible in the tab.

Then, you will probably still notice the orange caution sign remains to appear. It is the sign that you haven’t set the 2-FA or Two-factor authentication in your account. 2 FA is actually optional. But I’d like to recommend this for you to fortify your account. It will require you to decrypt a message using your PGP key every time you log in to the site. Logically speaking, only you will be able to access your own accounts, thanks to this 2FA feature.

Exploring the Cannazon Market

As we mentioned before, the Cannazon market comes with such a user-friendly interface and easy navigability.

To find your item, you could just browse with the product category, or use the advanced search filters to narrow down the selections.

On the main screen, there are featured items shown by the website. But then, the items will be replaced by the items related to your previous behavioral searches.

The search bar is easily found at the top of the page. You can just type any keyword into the search bar and hit the enter button to find your item. The result will come up in seconds and you can start clicking the listings on the search result page.

How To Use Cannazon Market a Complete Guide

The product category revolves around Weed, Hash, Concentrates, Edibles, Seeds, and Other. Each of these categories comes with sub-categories to classify the items to more appropriate classifications. You could break down the category into sub-categories to ease you in exploring the shop.

In the search term, you can use the filters such as Price, Price Per Unit, Vendor, Currency, and Shipping To/Shipping From.

Consider using each of them to narrow it down to the specific products that are appropriate for your needs and requirements. The product listings come with complete information including the description, vendor name, ratings, shipment, and so on.

Making your purchases

Placing your first order is easy and straightforward. If you have past experiences in using any e-commerce sites or online marketplaces before, then it shouldn’t be a huge problem for you to use Cannazon to purchase particular cannabis products.

In each listing, you will find the basic information and details of the product.

Before proceeding, make sure that you are purchasing from the right vendor. The way to do it is easy. You just need to click on the vendor name and see the details like the refund policy, user ratings, and so on.

The users can thumbs up or thumbs down after receiving the items from the particular vendors. So, you can see the total average of the ratings the specific vendor has attained from the past transactions. Besides, you can also see other variables like the creation date of the vendor account, number of finalized orders, last login time, ratings on other markets. But for ratings received on other markets, the numbers will only show up if the particular vendor has ever joined other marketplaces. If Cannazon is the first site they join, you will see it blank.

cannazon purchase
cannazon purchase

If you’re cool with the specific vendor, you could just proceed by the Add to Cart button. Then in the cart page, you can adjust the shipping method, quantity of the items, payment option, and the currencies of the payment.

For instance, you could choose Bitcoin as the currency and Escrow as the payment option. Check everything and see if there is an issue. If you are okay with the cart page, then you can hit the “Proceed to Checkout” word.

The next page you’ll visit is the Checkout screen.

Here is where your PGP key works significantly.

Enter the encrypted shipping details which consist of your name and address to the vendor.

Cannazon actually provides a PGP Auto Encrypt feature which can cut the time short. But the officials recommend you encrypt the details by yourself using your own PGP client. So, if you already subscribe to a particular PGP service, you could use it to encrypt the information by yourself.

You need to import your vendor’s PGP public key into your PGP client in order to make communications with them. Write your ship-to name and address in a text file, then use the PGP client to encrypt the contents of your clipboard using the PGP key of the vendor. Appoint your vendor’s PGP Key as the recipient.

And you just need to paste the encrypted message into the particular text field.

Next is to check the terms and conditions as well as rules then insert the character asked by the site. Click Place Your Order.

On the next page, you will view the Order Details where there is a Bitcoin address where you will send the payment to. The time window is short. It only gives you half an hour to finish the transaction. Once the payment is done, the order status will move to “paid”.

After being confirmed by the market, your vendor will process the order.

The status will eventually be updated until you receive your item at your address. After receiving the item, you need to Finalize the order so that the vendor will receive their funds. If you have any problem with the order, you could use the Dispute feature. The funds will be returned to you if the officials do the favor. If they favor the seller, the funds will be transferred to the vendor’s account instead.

Differences of Escrow and FE

The Escrow is the standard payment option in the Cannon Market. Each order with Escrow will come with a multisig address generated for the specific transaction.

The multi-sig address in the escrow system requires the 2 signatures of 3 parties involved in the transaction. The three parties are buyer, vendor, and market. That means the combination signs of the vendor and market can trigger the fund’s transfer to the vendor. If the market or exchange is offline, both buyer and vendor can agree to sign to proceed with the transaction.

FE is the abbreviation of Finalize Early. It is a method that favors the vendors. It is safer for buyers to pick FE if the vendor is trustworthy and reputable. If you are not sure about the particular vendor, you could use Escrow instead.