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Everything You Need to Know About Vice City Market

Vice City Market

Are you a fan of video games and darknet marketplaces? I have a perfect combination for you.

Your favorite Grand Theft Auto game (GTA) and Vice City Market come from the same code. Their UI is almost similar.

Vice City market’s user interface seems to be a little unique compared to other darknet marketplaces. If you have used both of them, you will notice the similarities.

Vice City marketplace developers named it after the famed GTA video game franchise. Vice City Market is right there to provide darknet item aficionados with great products.

If it describes you as a buyer, then vice city market darknet should be on your radar while looking for the next dark goods store.

Market Link: http://zzg634zozoo4uuwfyhgadmdxwcydgxdbbpoxvoullnhmnlfnegnq5cid.onion

Overview of Vice City Market

Vice city has been around since May 2020. It features a great UI that many people praise. 

Majority of the product listings are mostly related to pharmaceuticals and drugs. It has recorded over 8000 entries of products related to the medications and pharmaceuticals category. 

Everything You Need to Know About Vice City Market

Vice City allows for multisignature (multisig) which makes the transaction even more secure. 

This is fantastic since it implies that the market doesn’t insist on keeping all its consumers cash at all times.

It also has a solid consumer base, as seen by the many favorable evaluations found in the majority of its listings. 

The user rate keeps increasing on this market, especially in the first half of 2021.

The majority of the sellers are from the United States and the European Union. It’s wonderful to know that some of them are in your neighborhood.

However, if you are not in any of the nations, you may discover a specific merchant that can ship worldwide.

Vice City charges its vendors only a 4-6 percent fee and has a cheap vendor bond rate of $99. Despite these benefits, they have failed to attract a genuinely diverse range of merchants.

Research shows that most of the most prominent darknet vendor regulars have registered accounts on Vice City.

But the market’s general listings selection remains fairly restricted. For the time being, this is a bit uninspiring.

Apart from that, Vice City seems to be a solid organization in it for the long haul. We have no hesitation in recommending them to our readers.

Everything You Need to Know About Vice City Market

Before you try to use a darknet market like Vice City, you need to be conversant with a few ideas. To begin with, you must first download and install the Tor browser.

The Tor browser is what permits you to connect to darknet websites (like Vice City). It is true that the Tor browser masks your connection to websites by routing it via several IP addresses.

Even so, your internet service provider may still detect that you are using the Tor network. This implies that if anonymity is your primary concern, you should consider using a VPN.

Everything You Need to Know About Vice City Market

A VPN service helps you to disconnect your IP address from Tor. Obviously, you’ll also need some prior familiarity with Bitcoin transactions.

Additionally, you will need to set transaction fees and use a blockchain explorer. Sending Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to the wrong address may be an expensive mistake with no recourse.

This is why, before performing a significant transaction for the first time, it’s a good idea to thoroughly learn how to transfer it.

How to Do Payments on Vice City Market

For the time being, Vice City market solely takes BTC as a primary payment method. As we all know, Bitcoin is one of the most secure cryptocurrencies available.

Using bitcoin helps you maintain your anonymity. Even with that knowledge, there are some users who would rather not use a crypto currency recorded by blockchain.

You must exercise extreme caution while utilizing your BTC.

Everything You Need to Know About Vice City Market

Vice City assigns a BTC address to each account. However, they clearly warn its customers not to put funds into these wallets unless absolutely essential.

The reason for this is because each Escrow transaction has its own BTC address with a fixed value. This fixed value is financed by the buyer, kept in escrow by the market, and then released to the seller.

As a result, no deposit is required. BTC is simply transmitted directly from the buyer to the escrow address designated to that transaction.

We can see that the platform seems to be accessible to a variety of cryptocurrencies in the future. They will ultimately introduce other secure privacy currencies, such as Monero – XMR.

However, there is a silver lining that enables multisig escrow, which protects all parties involved.

Using the vice city darknet market url, is not the same as exploring regular online marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon. You must first download and install Tor Browser on your device.

You also need to disable Javascript. Javascript interferes with your device’s connections to the website.

The Tor browser is secure enough to safeguard your privacy. If you’ve prepared for the browser, you’ll want to make sure you can utilize your crypto as well.

It’s crucial to understand the fundamentals of using cryptocurrencies. In this circumstance, you should first arm yourself with BTC information.

Keep in mind that you must first study the fundamentals of darknet sites before proceeding with your trades.

Register Your Account Right

It is quite simple to register. The process is similar to all other darknet services out there.

The first step is to ensure that you are accessing an official link to Vice City. Because there are scammers who try to do phishing and take away your hard earned money. 

Everything You Need to Know About Vice City Market

As a result, it is now displaying connections to phishing sites. This is why you should always double-check that you are opening an account with a legitimate exchange.

There’s a good chance you’ll uncover hundreds of links from third-party websites that are referred to as “Vice City Market URLs.”  Avoid being swayed by such offers and instead concentrate on a reliable source.

Then you will need to fill up the form with your name, username, password, and so on. Believe it or not, Vice City is a regular target of DDOS assaults.

For this reason, logging in nearly always includes answering a unique-looking captcha. After completing the captcha, you will be sent to the main login screen.

While choosing a username, ensure that it is unrelated to your real life or previous online identities. Your password as well should be at least 8 random characters long.

Also, make a note to put this information someplace safe yet accessible to you. Never put this information online or on a cloud-based server.

After you’ve completed this, click “Register” to proceed. You will now be returned to the same webpage, this time with a green banner reading “Registration Successful.”

Enter your user name again, solve the captcha, and then click “Continue.” To ultimately login, you must re-enter your user name, this time combined with the password.

Immediately after logging in, ensure you set your PGP public key. Immediately after that, enable your 2FA security.

This is for your own security purposes, to ensure that no one is able to access your account. There are a few more parameters you may change from the Account Settings page.

They include the local currency you wish to see in listings and details for multisig transactions.

Setting up a multisig transaction is simple. You can change the transaction method directly from the Account Settings Tab.

The multisig buy option is for people who don’t want to leave all of their cash in the market.

The data includes multisig Bitcoin addresses. In the Vice City Market, the multisig buying option necessitates 2/3 combinations.

The option includes the buyer, vendor, and market. To release payments, the marketplace needs two out of three parties to agree.

When there is a disagreement in the transaction, multisig is generally preferred since it provides the greatest advantages for both buyers and sellers.

The benefit of arranging for payment to be handled in this way is that cash may be readily refunded. If the customer is not pleased with their transaction, it may not come. 

In such a case, the buyer may just sign a transaction with the market to send a refund to their refund address. They do not have to involve the vendor in this decision.

Similarly, if the buyer is being problematic or non-responsive, the market might sign off on a payment with the seller.

Finally, if the market drops during a transaction, the buyer and seller may be able to agree on a direction for the money to flow. This would of course require some pre-arrangement or coordinated effort to communicate.

If one of the parties fails to communicate, a third party may be required to intervene. The purpose for the third party will be to sign off the funds to either the buyer or seller.

Finally, multisig is a smart alternative if you don’t trust the market. It is the best option for beginners.

Using Escrow over multisig may save you some time though. Therefore, you should only opt for this option if only you are familiar with darknet market processes.

Depositing Funds in Vice City Market

In Vice City, there are two methods to deposit: Multisig and Escrow. We’ve already discussed Multisig.

The second and the more conventional alternative is Escrow. It entails the exchange holding cash until the buyer completes the transaction.

Everything You Need to Know About Vice City Market

Escrow is hosted by the site. Before you can buy anything, you must first put money into these wallets.

Mastering the fundamentals of sending BTC from one address to another will help you here. You’ll also need to know how to recognize Bitcoin addresses.

The Escrow transaction is sent to the BTC address. As a result, your cash will not necessarily remain in your market account.

Escrow retains the funds for a period of time before releasing them to the seller. When you wish to buy anything, there is no need to make a deposit.

Shop Around

There are many more categories to browse on the Vice City Market page. The shopping website is cutting-edge and stunning.

You may want to spend a few hours shopping around there if you don’t mind being bored. The postings are divided into numerous categories.

Everything You Need to Know About Vice City Market

These categories are much similar to those seen on other darknet websites. They include: Benzos, Cannabis, Dissociatives, Other Drugs, and Digital Products.

Majority of these categories include drug listings. But there are others that may also be subdivided into sub-categories, such as cannabis, ecstasy, and opioids.

If browsing categories is a waste of time for you, you may use the internal search tool. Here, you will find specific goods by putting the appropriate phrases into the search box.

The findings will be available in no time, and you can then continue. The information on the Listing page is sufficient to make an informed selection.

There are further tabs labeled “Feedback” and “Discussion.”

The feedback, as the name implies, displays feedback from previous customers. They demonstrate how outstanding the service of the specific suppliers is.

Along with this, there is a discussion area where people can discuss sellers and their activities. 

Is Vice City Market Safe?

Vice City market is a perfectly safe market for all users. It includes 2FA, which protects your privacy and account.

The Multisig expertise guarantees that all of the parties requirements are satisfied. When using the service, don’t forget to strengthen your device.

Overall, it seems to be a worthwhile business in terms of DarkNet marketplaces. There aren’t any noticeable serious flaws with this market.

Their listing selection is a touch lacking. But, this will most certainly increase with time, since the market is only less than a year old.

Through frequent captcha checks, Vice City effectively combats DDOS attempts.

Along with the 10-minute idle timeouts, these may be inconvenient to deal with. However, the market remains mostly accessible, up and running. After all, it’s the dark web and we at least have to struggle for it. 

With the way things are going with Vice city, we believe its popularity would skyrocket in future. But only as long as it avoids the regular DarkNet market dangers.

We hope they will think about adding XMR support in the future.