Monopoly And Cartel Go Offline: Possible Exit Scam

Monopoly And Cartel Go Offline Darknet Markets go Offline

Monopoly Market and Cartel Markets have gone offline since December 29, 2021, Is it just a DDoS, or is this their Exit Scam?

2 marketplaces that were on the rise went offline on December 29th, 2021. With both markets “crashing” along with some other smaller markets, it first seemed like this was from a DDoS attack. 

However, other markets have swiftly dealt with the issue and returned back up and online. Monopoly Market and Cartel Market, have remained silent. 

Some known staff members of both markets have explained they do not even know what is happening, there has been no word from the market admin, and the market has remained completely offline. 

Just A DDoS?

Last Friday night many markets experienced DDoS attacks, likely from one of the major competitors. Although it mainly affected the smaller rising markets a few went down and fought back. 

Almost all but two have returned back online and have updated their users on what was happening. Monopoly Market and Cartel Market have gone completely silent. 

Monopoly Market is unlikely an exit scam

The possibility of the monopoly market going offline as an exit scam is unlikely. 

Monopoly And Cartel Go Offline: Possible Exit Scam

Monopoly Markets system was built in a way to prevent the worry of an exit scam. They use a unique “Userless feature”. The site doesn’t have a site wallet and does not require users to log into an account when making an order. Their only payment method is Direct XMR Payment to the trusted Vendors. 

This means that the amount the funds that are available to the admin is very small. Their only source of income of funds is from Vendor Bonds and commission on sales.

This is why many users on dread speculate that the site is not performing an exit scam and there may be other reasons. 

Recently the head Admin for Monopoly has been acting in some unusual ways over dread after some complaints were made on the forum. 

After some people both trolling in the forum and users making complaints about the site u/MonopolyOfficial posted “I am deleting all of these bullshit posts so we can keep the discussion in 1 thread, I am making a note of the links so everybody can see them and I will be going through them when I have looked into the market as that is a priority.”

He then removed all posts on the subDread  d/Monopoly making complaints. A Few hours later the site went offline and there has been no word since.  

Some users claim it’s likely a market seizure, others claim that something may have happened to the admin. 

One Dread user wrote “I’m going to be honest, I am not 100% sure this was a planned exit scam. I mean, we all know the dude was… partial, to say the least, to hard stimulants, and I don’t mean caffeine. Take a look at his most recent comments and tell me it doesn’t strike you as a guy, either stimmed out of his mind or going through the worst case of meth psychosis known to man, who’s accidentally either fucked something important right up and doesn’t want to admit it, or got fucked by someone else.

In my opinion, it probably wasn’t an exit at the beginning… but of course, he could still make it one.”

There is no information regarding the actual outcome of this marketplace just yet, but if it does return, there is a good chance many users won’t return with it.

Cartel Market is not looking so good. 

Monopoly And Cartel Go Offline: Possible Exit Scam

When Cartel Market first went down, a staff member by the name u/Ryuu informed users via dread that Cartel was suffering from a DDoS attack. 

“So I can’t give too many details about this, but yes there is a huge DDoS attack, you can expect the market to come back on Monday. It’s not our fault. Host are fucking slow on setuping new servers because of the holidays.”

Cartels marketplace carried over 9000 listings and was open to most categories, It’s much larger than the Monopoly marketplace. The possibility of an exit scam here is much more likely. 

The website uses Multisig, a site wallet and FE. This means that the amount of funds available for the admin to scam is much higher. 

The marketplace gained popularity since its opening in July 2020 and its admin has been extremely hands-on and active around the marketplace and its dread forum. However, since the DDoS attack, the admin has gone silent.

2 days later the same user explained that the issue is persistent and they would compensate for the downtime. However, shortly after this, staff members found themselves lost as they too lost contact with the site admin. 

u/Ryuu returned a third time on Jan 1st ” So everyone knows that we got hit by DDOS on past Friday, /u/6ix (The site head Admin)  said that only on Monday things will probably be back to normal, and that was the last time we spoke. 

He is offline for 6 days now. I don’t have access to the backend and I don’t know if something happened with him. But I really believe that some serious shit is going on with him.

I hope it’s not the case. I’ve talked with dread staff and we are going to wait a couple more days because of the holidays to see if something changes. “

Finally, on Jan 3rd a Dread staff member made the call to lock Cartels dread and put up a warning of Cartel. He has asked that the Cartel owner contact him for any issues, however, this may be the end of the Cartel Market. 

Only time will tell whether the markets have been seized or if they are down for good. 

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