Monopoly Market

Monopoly market homepage

If you are looking for the drugs-centric dark marketplaces, Monopoly Market can make a great choice for you. It is a wallet-less and user-less darknet market that focuses on the drug niche.

Link: http://monopolyberbucxu.onion


Monopoly market homepage
Monopolu market homepage

This drug market only accepts Monero – XMR, which can be its double-edged sword effects. It could be an issue for the Bitcoin lovers since they need to exchange their crypto assets first. But it is indeed a great solution for those who want to anonymize all of their online activities, including in the dark net websites.

As proclaimed by the creators of the site, the site focuses on providing extra anonymity and security in order to minimize the risks of exit scams.

Besides the acceptance of Monero, they also have strict filters for the vendors who want to join with the marketplace.

Only experienced and top rated vendors are allowed to offer the dark net items in their platform. Since it is walletless and userless, there is no need to make deposits to the market. You will send the funds directly to the vendors.

The moment we wrote this review, it hosted around 200 product listings. Yes, it is indeed one of the smallest dark net markets in the world. But it is a great place for those who are focusing on drug markets.

Monopoly market site design

The design of Monopoly Market is straightforward and simple. As you visit the site, it is easy to navigate to find the products you want to purchase with the perfect anonymity.

As mentioned, the Market is designed to support Monero – SMR only. As we know, Monero is the top privacy coin cryptocurrency which comes with such high-level anonymity. Monopoly has a wallet-less dashboard that requires you to prepare your Monero wallet first before finalizing the transactions online.

The Features of the site

It is not surprising that the Monopoly Market has tons of features that we can also find in the other marketplaces in the onion networks. You will find the PGP, 2FA, and so forth. But one of the distinct features that I’d like to highlight is the Segregated Design feature.

Monopoly market homepage
Monopoly market homepage

It is where the Vendor Dashboard and the Marketplace are separated.

So, what does it mean? It has things to do with mitigating the risks of exit scams and shutdown of the site. For instance, when the marketplace is struck by the DDOS attacke, the buyers and vendors are still able to proceed their transactions because the Vendor Dashboard is separated from the Marketplace. By then, the creators can back the Marketplace up without having to worry that their vendors and buyers are compromised with the DDOS attacks.

It is something that we rarely see in the dark net marketplace. With this practice, it will be hard for the hackers to try snatching the money from the marketplace users. Monopoly Admins also work around the clock to maintain the services and website up and running. There are also discussion places where the customers can send their aspirations. They work based on the customer’s feedback.

When it comes to the security for the users, it comes with 2FA logins and PGP communications. with the 2FA logins alone, you will make sure that no one but you can access your account. The PGP communications will encrypt every sent message so that the third parties won’t be able to view them for any reason. And only the recipients of the messages who are able to decrypt the messages from the senders.

Monopoly market pgp feature
Monopoly market pgp feature

Userless Feature on Monopoly market

Userless feature is designed by the site to mitigate the risks of exit scams and phishing attempts. According to the creators, they want to reduce the number of clicks required to purchase the items. Checking the status of the order does not require the login. Instead, the users will only need to enter the order code.that way, the users won’t need to take the risks of getting hacked when signing in their market account. And even if they lose your order code, you can reset it using the PGP key which the platform provides during the checkout of the order. You might want to learn more about the userless feature in the official site before proceeding.

Walletless system on Monopoly market

There is no need to deposit your funds to the marketplace. As we know, laying your crypto assets for a long time in an internal market wallet can be pretty risky. The last thing you want is that someone steals your Monero since they attain the access to your account. In the Monopoly market, it won’t tamper your digital assets.

They don’t generate wallets that you need to deposit, or onsite balance or funds holder. The site focuses on the direct deal system where the funds will be transferred directly to the vendors. As mentioned back then, the market only accepted the reputable vendors in other marketplaces. By this proposition, the users shouldn’t hesitate to make a purchase from the particular vendor.

Monopoly market payment page
Monopoly market payment page

Monopoly market XMR Exclusive

The Monero is the standard of the payment. It offers great privacy and anonymity. When using MOnero to purchase something from Monopoly market, you won’t need to worry if what you do leaves the tracks or not. No one can notice your online activities, even your internet service provider will be oblivious when you are using XMR to transact online.

Focuses on Monopoly market Drugs category

It is a great news for the drugs seekers in the darknet markets. This marketplace focuses on the physical drug sales. For those who are looking for the best vendors to supply their stash, don’t hesitate to take your journey to the Monopoly market.

Making your purchase on Monopoly market

Since it is a userless platform, there is no need to create an account to start shopping. Instead, you will just need to find the items that you are looking for in the market. And fill out the form. Check the order page and next. You will be informed with the order code, total price, as well as the Monero address where you need to send the funds to.

Monopoly market order page
Monopoly market order page

Once the transaction is done, you can communicate with the vendor to talk about the order. You can also track the order status using the order code that you get back then.