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PGP Windows Guide – How To Use PGP on Windows

pgp windows guide

If you’ve ever visited a darknet marketplace, you must be familiar with the term PGP. 

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), is a piece of software that encodes data sent between peers.

PGP was created in 1991. Since then, it has become the beast of encryption.

The PGP software provides users with a high level of privacy and anonymity. It also serves as authentication for specific communications.

It is usable for several purposes. Users can use PGP for signing up, encrypting and decrypting messages, user verification, etc. 

It’s not unusual to find PGP in darknet markets. This is because most of them require privacy and transparency from their participants.

The PGP key serves as an added layer of security for online conversations. For example, darknet markets frequently employ PGP.

To use PGP, you must visit the website. To decode the platform’s message, users must log in to the market.

Sites prone to cyber-attacks and other catastrophes use this in most cases to protect the user data. 

Not only this, PGB is also required to communicate on the darknet marketplaces effectively. 

Purpose of PGP in the Marketplace

  • Shipment tracking through code encryption
  • Messages encryption among users
  • Messages decryption among users
  • Used to encrypt sensitive and private information like your home address and mailing address

PGP can also be used to encrypt files that are stored in the cloud. Additionally, it is also usable for encrypting files that are saved in the device.

When employing PGP technology for files and drives rather than communications, we use Symantec products. 

Symantec products enable users to decrypt and re-encrypt data with a single sign on.

Your Private Messages Aren’t Always Private

A third party, such as hackers may read your private messages if you don’t use PGP to encrypt them. On certain websites, you may send a message with sensitive data alone safely.

PGP Windows Guide – How To Use PGP on Windows

But that doesn’t ensure that your message will be privately preserved.

Let us apply everything we’ve learned in the past. 

Many non-encrypted mails were released online after the Silk Road went down.

The FBI shared these statistics with law enforcement. This is because the majority of the buyers purchased  anything “forbidden” in their location.

For instance, marijuana may not be legal in your location. On the other hand, Hemp is also not allowed in every state. 

When you’re utilizing dark websites, it’s a little riskier to make your message public.

Because anonymity is vital on the darknet, we can’t ignore the relevance of the PGP keys settings.  It encrypts your data if you wish to continue making transactions and being active in these sites.

This is a standard feature in every trustworthy marketplace. So, there is no need for concerns about every purchase you make.

Types of Messages You Must Encrypt

Encryption is necessary if you want privacy and anonymity. Activists, journalists, and others who deal with sensitive material utilized PGP early on.

They used it to send sensitive information and messages among each other.

As a matter of fact, PGP’s original design came from Paul Zimmerman. He was a peace and political activist.

Messages containing sensitive information or private information need encryption. It might be information about addresses, phone numbers, and the packing information among others.

In most cases, it’s not necessary to encrypt all sorts of messages. It all comes down to personal choice.

Who Can Encrypt Messages? 

One of the best pros of using PGP encryption is that it’s unbreakable. The algorithm used by PGP is a tough nut to crack.

It uses an algorithm called RSA algorithm, which has proved to be sufficiently secure.

As a matter of fact, it’s often used in high-profile malware, such as CryptoLocker. The algorithm works best when used with threat detection as well as response solution.

You must have PGP installed on your computer before using it. You can’t use your public key for either encryption or decryption without it.

Assuming you’ve succeeded in encrypting the data you’re sending to your receiver, it will not be possible for you to be in a position to decrypt this particular type of communication.

Unless you additionally send the message to the recipient using your own public key. As a result, you’re essentially sending a message to yourself.

And in that case, you will then be able to decode your own mail.

How to Create Your PGP Key Pair

As an example, we’ll use DarknetMagazine’s PGP. Each PGP tool vendor may have different instructions for generating PGP key pairs.

But this review may help you set up your own PGP key pair. 

Just head over to the DarknetMagazine PGP tool. 

PGP Windows Guide – How To Use PGP on Windows

Fill in all the infoboxes on the main page. In this scenario, your actual name is not required.

You may use aliases and other email accounts. Make your PGP key with a different email.

Don’t forget, anonymity is key.

You might test the algorithm, key size, duration of expiry, and passphrase. 

Upon completing all the parts, click “Generate keys” and the program will generate your key.

It may take a few minutes, so relax and wait. As soon as the tool finishes creating keys, it displays both public and private keys. 

PGP Windows Guide – How To Use PGP on Windows

You are only allowed to share the public key on darknet markets or other websites. On the other hand, you must always keep the private key a secret and never share it without anyone. 

Encrypt Your Information Using PGP

The most typical encryption is to safeguard your vendor’s shipping address. Go to Encrypt in the PGP tool.

Your vendor/recipient public key goes in the Receiver’s Public Key. You might write your message in plain text.

PGP Windows Guide – How To Use PGP on Windows

Encrypt PGP communication. It is not long before an Encrypted message appears. Send it to your Vendor.

Your vendor will decode your communication using their PGP key.

Decrypt Your Information Using PGP

Decrypting communications using the PG Tool is easy and straightforward. Navigate to the tool’s Decrypt tab.

PGP Windows Guide – How To Use PGP on Windows

Paste your Private Key into the Receiver’s Private Key. After that, enter the message under the Encrypted PGP Message tab. 

When you click Decrypt Message, the message will be immediately decoded.


PGP’s popularity stems from two sources. The technology in its original form was gratis. This made it easy for it to spread among users seeking greater email security.

Second, the PGP software employs both symmetric and public-key encryption. This feature enables users to communicate encrypted communications without sharing private encryption keys.