SilkRoad Market

SilkRoad Market Seizied by the FBI, for active markets read The Best Darknet Markets that You Want to Check in 2021

Silk Road is one of the best darknet markets in the world. It was popular because of the drug’s availability on the platform which allows the users to purchase the drugs for medical or recreational purposes with true anonymity.  Silk Road was arguably the first darknet market ever launched in the world. It was launched back in 2011 and caught by the FBI in 2013. Ross William Ulbricht, the genius behind this darknet market now serves a life sentence in prison because of his deeds in Silk Road.

But that was the huge leap of the darknet markets to rise. Since then, there were tons of darknet markets that came up to the net to offer the same things as the Silk Road dark market offers to the world.

Silk Road Market Overview

Silk Road was an online black market where the users were able to transact unethical items anonymously. The illegal items that are revolving around the market include drugs, hacked passwords, cracked software, counterfeit items, and others.

Many people have been used to conduct online transactions with the common marketplaces online. Ones can pay using their Fiat currencies.

An increase in the use of cryptocurrency and darknet marketplaces has been the reason why the demands of data privacy are increasing in the world of the dark web. Many entities and large companies require such important data for their activities.

In some states and countries, the uses of weeds and cannabis products are still illegal. Ones can deal with the local authorities because they purchase cannabis products, no matter what their reasons. In some cases, cannabis products can be used for medical purposes. But these will only be done by the practitioners who already have the certifications or licenses to operate. All in all, regular people cannot do the same things.

However, it can’t stop weed enthusiasts from getting what they want. Here is where the Silk Road entered to help them. It provides a safe environment for cannabis lovers to purchase their weeds online without having to get traced by other parties.

Silk Road was the prominent site for cannabis fans to find their cannabis products online without having to reveal they’re true identity.

The site was accessible through the Tor browser only. It wouldn’t be possible to access the particular site in common browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and so on. Although you hit the right link, accessing the site through the common browsers won’t work. Therefore, Tor offers the top solution for all of the users.

Tor works wonderfully to hide the real IP addresses of the users so that they appear to hide the activities from the third parties who sneak into the network. For this reason, using Tor to open Silk Road is a sensible approach to get the items that the darknet fans want. Silk Road buyers and sellers can conduct the transactions safely without having to worry that the transactions are traced back to them. However, ISP still can view the online activities. Therefore, the addition of VPN service has been very important for all of the silk road users to conduct their activities without being traced by their ISP.

There are many positive feedbacks coming from the true buyers who have done the transactions with the particular vendors. The feedback received for the site had attracted a lot of cannabis fans to visit the site and shop around to find their cannabis and relevant products. This positive feedback made the new users confident to join with Silk Road to find the products they want to look for.  

All of the transactions in the particular marketplace are conducted by using the popular cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. The bitcoin transaction done in the market is recorded in the public record. The exchanges where the users usually purchase bitcoin encourage them to provide their real identity and name. That could be a problem for those who are using the market for purchasing weeds and other products. Therefore, it is recommended to use the mixing services to get rid of the traces when transacting in darknet sites including the Silk Road Market.

Silkroad market homepage
Silkroad 3.1 market homepage

The Lost Silk Road Market

The original Silk Road was gone in 2013 after the FBI who worked together with DEA, IRS, and Customs Agents found out the existence of the hidden marketplace. Although Tor and Bitcoin made the transactions more private, they were able to crack down on the case.

Original Silk Road Market
Original Silk Road Market

Following the closure of the Silk Road, there was Silk Road 2.0 which was opened by the administrators of the latter site. However, the 2.0 version only lasted for 12 months. The authorities arrested the operator back in 2014.

For the huge fans of the Silk Road, it might seem a dead-end them. But there has already been Silk Road 3. After the Silk Road, 2.0 was off for good, the huge fans of the marketplace have been looking for the best alternatives. And here is where the Silk Road 3.1 entered into the dark web community.

Silk Road 3.1 Review

Is it another scam? Or, is it an unofficial version of the original one? Is it safe for true cannabis fans who want to find the best cannabis products on the net? One will get all of the answers below.

Silkroad login page
Silkroad login page

Since the authentic Silk Road market was stopped from their operation, there are many alternatives that come up with similar names to piggyback the latter marketplace’s reputation. The creators would hope to attain the former members of the Silk Road market.

In this case, Silk Road 3.1 developers are not proclaiming that the site is run by the same parties who had past experiences with the Silk Road. The Silk Road has a good amount of listings, featuring cannabis and other bizarre products which you cannot find in the conventional marketplace. The Silk Road 3.1 might recall your memories with the original Silk Road market. However, it is safe to assume that the moderators and administrators of this site are not from the authentic Silk Road.

The Silk Road 3.1 covers all of my favorite darknet items that you can explore independently. It covers the basics of the darknet market while providing great support that you’d expect from a safe and private darknet market. It comes with considerable support including Multi-Sig, Finalize Early, 2 Factors Authentication, PGP, as well as PIN Code.

Those who are interested in joining as a vendor will need to prepare $200 to spend for the vendor bond. Meanwhile, the vendor who will sell Autoshop items only needs to pay $50 for the vendor’s bond.

The site accepts various currencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, as well as Ethereum. There are around 5000+ listings available the moment we wrote this review. But the most important thing that you can take the perk for the buyers is that the Stealth Orders are also available.

The User features and interface

When it comes to the user’s interface, it is not anything like the conventional online marketplaces. As you hover your mouse to the main page, you will notice that there is tons of information presented by the site with fewer graphic components. You can take a look at this information to browse around the products quickly.

Silk Road 3 is different from the first version of Silk Road. But it is definitely worth trying since the developers seem to be thinking about the market carefully. They always update the sections of the market including Home, Stealth Order, Mixer, login, and so on.

Then there are also informative notices like real-time prices where you can see the changes of the prices in real-time. The notifications tab is there to let you know about the most recent deals, promotions, discounts, and so on. Then there is also a slider that showcases the products to you. Keep in mind that only featured products will be shown there. There’s a chance that you cannot find items you’ve been looking for solely from this part.

The product categories are located at the left sidebar of the website that you can use to narrow down the products easily.

Or, you could simply use the available search box on the main page of the site.

Type the right keyword at the search box and let the search engine do the searching work for you. In no time, you will be able to see the results on the result page. From there, you just need to click the product you will want to pick and read the description before making any purchase.

In the products section, it showcases the information about the products including other relevant information such as pricing, accepted currencies, Escrow, Vendor ratings, shipping from, and many more. Reading this description will help the buyers to decide whether they need to purchase from a particular vendor or not.

It is easy and straightforward to use Silk Road 3.1  from your Tor browser.

Silk Road Registration

If you have used some darknet sites before, then registering an account at Silk Road is pretty much the same as you usually do back then. Just like other marketplaces, Silk Road requires the registration of the account before you can make a purchase from them. Well, it is not a huge deal since it will only take a minute or so to finish your account creations.

But here is where Silk Road 3.1 is different from other marketplaces. The site offers two options for the users: they can register as a member, or not register. So, even though the users are not Silk Road members, they can still make the purchase. Without the registration, the users will be able to place “Stealth Orders”.

SilkRoad Market

For account creation, one only needs to visit the site and click “Register” to start the registration process. There is no need to add your personal information when registering an account in the Silk Road market. What you need to provide is only the username, password, as well as PIN for the withdrawal and other actions. The account confirmation is also quick. Within a minute, the users will be ready to use the Silk Road Market.

The Listings of Silk Road Market

There are around two dozens of product categories that you can find on Silk Road 3.1 although we haven’t confirmed the number of the products yet. But from these two dozen categories, one is able to find a lot of stuff from the darknet marketplace.

There are over 5k products which are available in the drug-related categories such as Cannabis, Stimulants, Opioids, Benzos, Dissociative, Psychedelics, Prescriptions, and many more.

Each of the main categories mentioned above also has sub-categories. For instance, Cannabis has sub-categories like Weed, Hash, Seeds, Edibles, and many more. So, all you need to do is to break down the main category to find out more about its sub-categories. It has a range of Digital and Physical products as well. The most popular digital products can revolve around the CC, VCC, Dumps, Paypal, and many more.

It is not exaggerating to conclude that this market focuses on drugs-related products. Cannabis would love to check this site on the darknet. But it also includes other darknet products. Although the latter categories are not holding too many products, we can see that there are still many enthusiasts who want to get the particular items from the market.

Although it is categorized as the darknet markets, not all stuff is allowed to be listed there. That means you won’t see any listings related to Child P0rn, P0ison, R4pe, or else. Though it is a darknet market, it still has a moral compass in it.

Make a payment on Silk Road 3.1

Before choosing the payment method which you can use on a particular site, you will want to emphasize the importance of anonymity first.

Silkroad deposit page
Silkroad deposit page

It accepts multi cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum. Using Bitcoin seems to be a cool decision since it is one of the most common cryptos used across the globe. It is one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies in the world after all.

But Bitcoin often ends up with high transaction fees and long waiting times. Not to mention if you are attaining Bitcoin from the exchanges, it will be pretty risky for you to obtain the products from Silk Road. The thing is that these exchanges require your personal identity as part of their abiding by the law. Well, you could use mixing services instead. Or, you can also combine it with the anonymous bitcoin wallet.

For safer and more private currency, consider using Monero – XMR instead.

The currency will also depend on your Vendors. Not all vendors can accept all of the cryptocurrencies that are accepted by the market. If you haven’t found your specific currency in the vendor’s page, you could reach out to ask them if they can flex their rules in accepting other cryptocurrencies when transacting.

Privacy and security on Silk Road Market

The next thing that we’d like to highlight is the security quality of the marketplace. The Silk Road uses layers of security features to ensure the privacy and anonymity of its users. It does not require any real identity for the users to become members of the marketplace.

Besides, it fortifies the fort with two-factor authentication. Each account will need to use the PGP to encrypt and decrypt the message. As you set it up, you will need to decrypt an encoded message with your PGP key every time you log in to the site. That means the other people cannot access your account unless they have the access to your PGP key, which is unlikely unless they are your wife or a closer person.  

The site will also delete the private information on finalized orders after seven days. They will also delete the private information in other conditions like vendor’s inactivity, refund await in more than 30 days, and so on.

The Shipping information is auto encrypted by the internal engine of the website. The users will use the vendor’s PGP key as the recipient to make sure that only the vendor can read your message.

When it comes to accounting recovery, Silk Road makes it safer with its “recover key” feature. This information will be provided to you shortly after finishing the registration. Make sure to save this information somewhere safe. You will need it someday if your account needs to be recovered.

You can also set a PIN code that you will need to insert every time you execute some changes in the account settings. It acts like a layer of security. There is no way the hackers or other sneaky people can tamper with your account since the security is too strong to penetrate.

And for payment security, Silk Road 3.1 developers offer Escrow to protect both vendor and buyer from being scammed by each other.

Becoming a vendor on Silk Road Market

The registration is similar to the common users. Ones will only need to register a free account on the marketplace. Then you can upgrade the account to a Buyer Pro or Vendor account.

Just like the other darknet markets, there will be vendor bonds that you need to prepare to pay. For normal vendor accounts, the vendor bonds cost you $200. On the other side, you only need to pay a $50 vendor bond for the Autoshop-only vendor.

Auto-shop is actually the category that does not require the offline shipment to finalize the orders. It includes items like e-books, PayPal accounts, virtual credit cards, and so on. It will auto-send the products once the buyers make the payments. By becoming the Auto-shop vendor, the vendor won’t be able to sell the physical products in the market. So, you can consider the differences first before proceeding.

Stealth Orders Explained

As mentioned, we are going to discuss stealth orders and their definition. In a simple explanation, Stealth Orders are orders that are done without requiring registration of an account. The buyers will not need to register an account in the particular marketplace to start purchasing any item they want to pick.

The stealth orders can give you perks of privacy and anonymity. If you decide to keep it for yourself and emphasize the quality of anonymity, do not hesitate to use this feature to protect your identity and information when purchasing something in the Silk Road market.

This opportunity will give you extra anonymity. So, you don’t need to worry if the third parties snatch on your online activities since it won’t happen.

However, you cannot use Stealth Orders to purchase something from Autoshop. There will be no support tickets for the stealth orders as well. The Silk Road also has the policy to delete the order information 28 days after the placement of the order.

Conclusions about Silk Road Market 3.1

Finding your stuff online through Silk Road 3.1 is very easy and simple. You can easily find the search bar on the main page of the marketplace. Then, you just need to type the right keywords to proceed to seek the items. The accuracy of the results will also be amplified by the filters that you are using in the search feature. The filters to use are Keyword, Escrow, Ships from, and Order By.

You could use all of these filters to narrow down the lists and pinpoint the right products that you want to purchase.

The site still has room for improvement. I just wonder if there are more filters that developers will add in the future so that the searching process will be more meticulous and accurate. But other than that, it is a worth trying site for those who are looking for cannabis, drug-related products, counterfeit items, auto shop, and many more.