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Simple Whonix Installation Tutorial for Total Beginners

Simple Whonix Installation Tutorial

Whonix is an alternative operating system for dark web enthusiasts who engage in multiple dealings of all sorts over the darkest corners of the internet. 

One of the biggest concerns with traditional operating systems is a lack of concrete security. For obvious reasons, security and anonymity are two of the most important factors for dark web enthusiasts when considering an operating system. 

Traditional operating software like Microsoft Windows run the risk of revealing the user’s identity even when using a secure browser like Tor to surf the darknet. This concern is only amplified by the questionable user agreement that Microsoft employs and the fact that NSA basically has direct access to everything that Microsoft collects, stores, and analyzes. 

In fact, it is especially discouraged to use Tor with an operating system like Windows because of the potential leaks and a lack of consumer protection and security.

Whonix, the alternative operating system specially designed for dark web users, solves this problem by employing state-of-the-art security measures to protect user data. 

These security measures not only protect your identity when surfing on the dark web but also eliminate the threat of any sensitive information ever leaking out. Combine Whonix with a secure browser like Tor and you have yourself a perfect anonymity bubble to protect over the deepest, darkest corners of the internet.

Whonix provides this security by employing sophisticated security measures (described below) that prevent any DNS leaks. The security is air-tight to the point where even malicious software with root privileges won’t be able to determine a user’s real identity. 

Simple Whonix Installation Tutorial for Total Beginners

The diagram above depicts how Whonix actually works. For simple understanding, Whonix has two distinct parts: a Whonix-Gateway and a Whonix-Workstation. The Whonix-Gateway solely runs Tor and functions as, you guessed it, a gateway. The Whonix-Workstation aspect is the consumer side where a user actually interacts with this operating system.

The Whonix Workstation functions as a deserted island in the sense that it runs on an isolated connection where the only connections allowed, in or out, are through Tor. Both parts work through a virtual machine on any computer that you might own.

To set up your Whonix experience, you first need to download VirtualBox. It’s a software that allows you to set up virtual machines on your PC – a major prerequisite for running Whonix on your computer.

Once you are done with VirtualBox installation, the next step is to download Whonix Gateway and Whonix Workstation. You can choose from multiple download options and go with the choice that works best for you. 

It is also suggested that you verify the images using your Signing Key. If you don’t understand what that is, you may want to run a quick little Google search and look for a guide on PGP encryption.

Here is what you are supposed to do once you are done downloading VIrtualBox:

  1. Open up the program
  2. Go to File > Import Appliance
  3. Click on the “Choose” tab and select the downloaded Whonix-Gateway ova file
  4. Click next and choose “Import”
  5. Sip on your coffee while the progress bar makes a run for it
  6. Once done, repeat these steps for setting up the Whonix-Workstation ova file
  7. Now start both programs at the same time

It may take a while to start for the first time because it looks automatically for the latest updates. It is important to understand that the Whonix-Gateway requires it to be kept running for as long as you intend to use this program. All your activities, including surfing the dark web, are carried out in the other aspect of this software: the Whonix Workstation.

Hope you understood how to safely and effectively set up Whonix to implement a safer surfing experience for all the darknet enthusiasts in a quick, simple, and effective pattern.

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