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7 Best Darknet Markets Links You Must Know About in 2022 (updated)

The Best Darknet Markets that You Want to Check in 2021

Are you looking for a place to buy products that some countries don’t legalize? In that case, an illicit market like the dark web is just for you. 

In the Darknet, trading for contentious goods happens for cryptocurrency exchanges. In some conditions, fiat dollars are acceptable as well.

For security purposes, Dark marketplaces can only be accessed through the Tor browser and high profile VPN. Additionally, the transactions made in the darknet remain anonymous.

Due to the safety of both the merchants as well as the buyers, transactions have to occur by cryptocurrency. They use decentralized exchanges such as bitcoin or dark wallets.

For beginners, the darknet markets can be harsh. In that case, most darknet sites have come up with ways to reduce cases of scams.

Therefore, payments are withheld by the site operators in escrow, up until the completion of the transactions. Even so, users need to learn some OPSEC practices for their own safety.

In this article, we’ve included around 7 Darknet marketplaces that you might like:

1. World Market


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World Market is a global darknet marketplace. It has been around since November 2020, so it is still quite new.

7 Best Darknet Markets Links You Must Know About in 2022 (updated)
World Market Darknet Market

7 Best Darknet Markets Links You Must Know About in 2022 (updated)
World Market Mescaline

Since the opening, the market has immediately developed a large following. Thanks to its creator, the platform seems like an Empire Market and Alphabay

So when you visit this site, you can observe how well the market knows its competitors. The platform is a little contentious, since some people haven’t come to terms with the Empire Market hoax.

Anyway, the World Market Darknet is a unique platform. So far, all users are safe.

The website provides authentic wallets or Multisig for secure transactions. The site has roughly 600 suppliers, over 8000 products available and over 100K users.

Dark0de Reborn Market


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From weeds to drugs, the DarkC0de Reborn Market is a perfect blend that provides everything. 

They have additional categories that make the platform easy for users. These categories include: Exchange, Mixer, and Special Vendor Levels.

Dark0de Market Homepage
Dark0de Market Homepage
Dark0de Market Listings For Sale
Dark0de Market Listings For Sale

This site takes Bitcoin and Monero as payment. For more secure transactions, the platform enables multisig.

The services on the site also include 2FA. This feature prevents unscrupulous individuals from accessing your account.

The platform has over 9400 product listings,1500 merchants, and over 220K users.

DarkFox Market

Link: http://hbhb6n5h5d33rmfomgoi2kihzyxa2jpjmnwcxy75faccpnpt6czlnoad.onion

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DarkFox Market is one of the recommended dark net markets for beginners. While there are plenty of dark net markets available, the darkfox market website has a unique selling advantage.

7 Best Darknet Markets Links You Must Know About in 2022 (updated)

This market came into existence in February 2020. It’s also expected to become a global darknet market.

Many new consumers and providers have emerged in recent months. To become a vendor, you must provide a bond of $150 per vendor bond.

This market’s payment is in Bitcoin. Multisig is also offered to safeguard all parties (marketplace, sellers, and buyers). 

Darkfox Marketplace uses 2FA, as you’d expect from a darknet service that values user privacy.  It has over 65,000 products, 700 active merchants, and over 81,900 users.

ToRReZ Market

Link: http://tmfvrnhwcfrovkl33pe3hgj2ssnwdhzlkqpnzvpczmv6u4kgvrgxfvid.onion

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You can rely on the torrez market to still be there in case the other darknet websites are down. Since 2020, Torrez market connection has been around and thriving. 

ToRReZ Market Homepage
ToRReZ Market Homepage

You may discover many nice things here without worrying about local limits. The Torrez market also has great features for online purchasing.

It accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and ZCash in centralized wallets. After all, Multisig transactions simplify and speed up transactions.

It now has upto 382 merchants and over 21K users. Since its inception, over 5000 goods have been listed on the market.

Vice City Market

Link: http://zzg634zozoo4uuwfyhgadmdxwcydgxdbbpoxvoullnhmnlfnegnq5cid.onion

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You are accurate if you assume there is a relation between Vice City Market and your favorite GTA game. The site’s founders named it after the famous GTA video game franchise.

Vice City Market
Vice City Market

Vice City Market is a darknet that began in May 2020. It also has a great user interface. 

Most of its merchants are from the United States or the European Union. If you are not in either country, you may still locate a dealer that ships globally.

There are close to 8000 listings related to medications and pharmaceuticals. We noticed a lot of favorable ratings in most of their listings, therefore it has a decent consumer base.

The Versus Project Market

Link: http://solhi2dtgvuplclo6yrax6h5gyjbm67qggvxgzajtlxhdxznldtdbrad.onion

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In the versus dark market, the community is up to the Darknet marketplace standards. It is a communal endeavor rather than the typical online markets which are frequently frustrating for darknet users.

Versus market front page

This platform has been around since December 2019. Since then, they have acquired over 120K users, have over 13K products listings, and 1300 vendors.

To make payments on the versus darknet market, you will use 2/2 or 2/3 multisig. This ensures that the buyer’s payments are safe and secure.

While logging in, you will also need to get past the CAPTCHA. They implemented this feature to protect the site from cyber attacks.

The variety of products offered by the vendors in this community will astonish you. If you are a seller, you will see that you may be creative and offer goods that you are passionate about.

The Versus Project Review focuses on the vendor’s community-centric approach. This approach also involves buyers in market growth.