The DEA Arrested Cocaine Vendor “Insta” in Nevada


The DEA arrested the infamous cocaine distributor “Insta” in a single arrest following a lengthy investigation.

Each of the four individuals has been charged with coordinating the mailing of hundreds of kilogrammes of cocaine. The accused viewed Instagram as a “Insta” selling account.

The DEA began examining all four defendants in October 2020 as part of its investigation into their alleged involvement in a cocaine trafficking conspiracy. There were no dark web seller accounts available at the time. We have no idea why this test was initiated first. Engstrom was previously convicted of illicit drug selling in Nevada, according to the DEA. The FBI and Homeland Security referred to the DEA as Engstrom in connection with the “large cryptocurrency for cash transactions” in the case legislation.

The DEA researched and travelled to a Walmart and a post office for several weeks to observe the defendants’ behaviour. The DEA observed Krieger and Elliott in the parking lot transporting drugs from the Elliot truck to Krieger.


After the gifts were delivered, DEA agents escorted Krieger to the United States Postal Service to send off the other parcels. According to a DEA assessment, the primary sources of information were the USPIS and the North Las Vegas police department. The trained sniff canines were employed to determine why the items discovered in the dumpster were opened. Indeed, just four of fifteen possible dogs were earned. When the officials unloaded their cargo, they discovered a considerable amount of cocaine.

The DEA captured and photographed 242 UPS Priority Mail Envelopes to determine whether this group will use the USPS Priority Mail system. The DEA and USPIS searched 44 of the envelopes in accordance with a search warrant. Both field and laboratory examinations revealed that the powdered white substance discovered contained cocaine in each of the 44 envelopes. 39 grammes of cocaine were detected in 44 envelopes. Five of the 44 envelopes tested positive for cocaine, a distributable substance. Around 5 kilogrammes of cocaine have been seized as a result of this investigation.

USPS identified the packages labelled “Krieger.” According to the USPIS, there is a person in Las Vegas who distributes “Insta” cocaine via the dark web. The DEA got aware of Insta as a result of its inquiry.

The DEA Arrested Cocaine Vendor “Insta” in Nevada

The investigators determined that Engstrom spoke with Bit Liquid for two minutes between 2:06 p.m. and 2:21 p.m. that day. Additionally, the investigators were furnished with a cryptocurrency wallet based on Ethereum and powered by Bit Liquid technology. Engstrom was discovered to be a shareholder in BitLiquid at this point, and the researchers examined the company’s etherscan carryback (aka Etherscan). According to the research, 37,000 Paxos Standard were transferred from an unknown wallet on 28 January 2021 at 16:58 p.m. PST. It was valued at $37,000. This transaction. After several months of inquiry, the financial transaction was completed, and BitLiquid filed a Currency Transaction Report on 29 January 2021. (CTR). On 28 January 2021, BitLiquid paid Engstrom $36,900 in cash in return for Bitcoin.

The DEA discovered BitLiquid’s bitcoin wallet during their financial sample. EG3 discovered two Engstrom cryptocurrency wallets through research into BitLiquid’s wallet and currency transfers and custody transactions. The account with a balance of $1.8 million contained $1.8 million, while the account with a balance of $1.2 million contained $1.2 million.

He discovered him in March 2021 at the White House Market. The DEA acquired seven grammes of cocaine from Insta in March 2021 using an undercover identity and delivery address. The DEA-Intercept parcel was delivered to the undercover residence using the same address, packaging, and priority postage stamp as previous intercept shipments. Everyone was shipping from the defendants, but not a single victim.” The investigators obtained the second shipment by utilising the defendant’s available mail on a specific day. When one of the seized shipments was delivered to the undercover buyer’s address, we were able to successfully expose the entire scheme.

The DEA Arrested Cocaine Vendor “Insta” in Nevada

At the White House Market, Instagram had already been suspended.

The White House Market’s Instagram account has already been suspended.

The DEA seized approximately 300 grammes of cocaine in one shipment.

From 1 February 2020 to 23 May 2021, Instagram sold approximately 3,280 g of cocaine in the white-house market. I believe that “Insta” sold approximately 20 kilogrammes of cocaine for $1.9 million over the last four months, with 2,310 verified White House market buyers ratings (as of May 23, 2021). Date of expiration: (May 23, 2021).

In June 2021, federal officers executed search warrants at the defendant’s residences.

The DEA Arrested Cocaine Vendor “Insta” in Nevada

Elliot, Cuomo, and Engstrom were prepared to load cocaine for shipment when the officers arrived. Engstrom sought refuge in a back office and refused to leave. Curtis and Elliot fled the scene of the crime through the rear door, hiding in the garage behind parked cars. It appears to have been flushed down the toilet by an unknown white powdery substance. A metal plate and two spoons were stored in the cabinet on the floor adjacent to the toilet. There were two white powder-filled zipper bags in the TV tray, each containing several plastic bags. Along with two scales, a cup contained a white powdered substance. Four broken blocks of a white powdery material bearing the embossed BMW symbol were discovered in Engstrom’s workspace. Additionally, there were two large black filing firms stuffed with a variety of Priority Mail envelopes, all of which were associated with this US drug trafficking enterprise.

DEA chemically analysed four random seizures. Cocaine was detected in all four tests conducted on the sample. A DEA operation uncovered approximately 6,800 grammes of alleged white powdered crack cocaine.

The four were allegedly involved in a cocaine distribution network. Additionally, there are allegations of money laundering.