The Seller of Counterfeit Oxy Pills “Eastcoastcartelkings” Admitted the Charges

Arber Isaku

For distributing counterfeit oxycodone pills, a user named “Eastcoastcartelkings” had to deal with the authorities for what he did. The man who lived in Connecticut pleaded guilty to his actions in the distribution and manufacturing of fake oxycodone pills.

He conducted marketing and promotion on the dark web.

The real name behind this perpetrator is Arber Isaku, 31, a citizen of Connecticut.

He had admitted his involvement in the manufacturing of the counterfeit items, so-called oxycodone pills, which he distributed through the dark web marketplaces.

The distribution of counterfeit items has happened for years, so it could hurt many people who purchased the products through these darknet marketplaces.

According to our trustworthy sources, Isaku created the username “eastcoastcartelkings” to offer counterfeit pills in the large darknet markets such as Hansa and Dream Market. This information is by far the best we could get from the insiders. It was possible that the person also offered the counterfeit items in other popular darknet marketplaces as well.

Arber Isaku
Arber Isaku

According to the court documents, Isaku was not doing all of the relevant activities alone. Instead, he worked together with his accomplice, Vincent Decaro, who assisted him from Decaro’s own residence.

In this case, the oxycodone pills that are sold in particular markets are filled with alluring substances. Instead of the authentic ingredients, they decided to insert fentanyl analogs into the pills.

Then they marketed the pills through the underground world. Since the clear nets are too risky for the “greyish” activities, they did the distribution through the dark web environment instead. They distributed the pills across the US and other reachable territories.

Both Isaku and Decaro were working with a co-conspirator named David Reichard. Reichard was in charge of assisting with pill production and drug package shipment. Every person in the Isaku team had their own roles and responsibilities in the distribution of counterfeit oxycodone pills.

Vincent Decaro
Vincent Decaro

Both Isaku and Decaro were arrested back in June 2017.
However, in the first arrest, Isaku was caught in another case. At that time, he was caught in possession of 30-mg pills.

But then, authorities arrested Isaku for the second time on April 3, 2017.
It was when the drug package was delivered to his address. Inside the package was a 160-gram fentanyl package.

That was the beginning of the authorities’ actions. The arrest then continued to the search for Isaku’s residence. In a particular place, the authorities found about 200 30 milligram pills each. They also seized one laptop from Isaku’s residence.

The authorities team had found some PGP keys on Isaku’s laptop. Two of the key names were “ECCKings” and “ECCKhansa”.

The authorities team also pulled out the records from Coinbase, which was solid proof to show that Isaku managed an account on the particular exchange site.

After pulling the records from the Coinbase website, the authorities found multiple wallets under the “arbyscoins” name. They found out that one of these accounts had a direct connection with the user “eastcoastcarterlkings” Hansa account.

The Seller of Counterfeit Oxy Pills “Eastcoastcartelkings” Admitted the Charges

Then the transfer of Bitcoins in the wallet was used for the latter username to pay Hansa vendor Bond.

The international enforcement then seized the Hansa Market servers. Here was where the investigators developed the ways to trace back to Isaku’s doings.

On April 3, 2018, international investigators executed a search warrant at Decaro’s residence.

They found a large number of pills of fentanyl and acetyl fentanyl. Those were the unavoidance of the evidence. The authorities also seized pill presses, manuals for carfentanil production, Hazmat suits, gas masks, and numerous mail envelopes with US postal information. The information led to Reichard’s arrest. Meanwhile, Isaku and Decare were overseas, so the authorities couldn’t reach them.

But then, Albanian State Police arrested Isaku and Decaro in September 2018, when they attempted to cross the border from Albania to Kosovo.

Isaku and Decaro were charged with conspiracy and possession of the fentanyl analog. Isaku pleaded guilty on August 6, 2021. Meanwhile, Decaro and Reichard have already pleaded guilty and are in the queue for sentencing.