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The Versus Project Market – Here’s How You Can Get Started

Versus Market

Are you looking for a community-driven project? Look no further, Versus Market is a place where you can notice pretty much the same thing.

It’s more than a simple market but a platform that allows you to interact with a real community.

The Versus Market Project Review

The internet may at times be unreliable, especially when looking for a group for you to grow. 

This market ensures that your desire is fulfilled by offering you a chance to get in touch with a community.

I’m sure that we can all agree that the benefits from a group are way better as compared to a simple independent market.

If you like keeping up with the latest trends, then Versus Market is where you should be. It began in 2019 and has managed to pick up a large following even though it is relatively new.

It also has a wide variety of products for you to choose from. 

Features like the dedicated electrum wallet make your shopping easier. On the other hand, Multisig is also available to ensure you have the best experience when dealing with them.

If you were a great fan of Silkroad or Hamsa, then you will like Versus Market.

Just because Versus Market is found on the dark web, doesn’t mean it’s amoral. It prohibits the sale of pornography, dangerous weapons, Fentanyl, as well as doxxing.

If this doesn’t satisfy you, you’ll be glad to know they don’t allow trolling, humiliation, or insults within the community. Some of these aspects are what has led to it having a great following.

We can’t overlook its DDoS policy even as we appreciate all its prowess.

You’ll also notice that our website uses a centric approach in its operations. It helps to increase both corporate and customer values.

Most of the people who visit the DNMs are mostly looking for shady deals or dangerous products like weapons.

The various scams in the various DNMs led to mistrust and eventually the deterioration of the community mindset. 

Versus Market is trying to rekindle that flame by promoting a community mindset. The security is top-notch to ensure you are well protected from the scammers lurking on the deep web.

Policies such as the PGP key ensure your account is secure. 

An advantage of Versus Project is that it supports multisig, both 2/2 and 2/3. 

It uses cryptocurrency for payments where it allows Bitcoin and Monero. 

The vendor bond is set at $250 to allow both the buyers and sellers to benefit from the platform.

Overview of the Versus Project

If you have a true community spirit, you should visit the Versus Project. It’s one of the few DNMs that still promote that community spirit.

The Versus Project Market – Here’s How You Can Get Started

An example of this is their vendor policy. In most online platforms like Amazon and eBay, you’ll find that the products that appear first on your search list are those with top listings.

It creates a monopoly among the best sellers since the search bar shows products from these companies instead of showing you better products.

Versus Project tries to avoid this by creating a platform where all traders are given equal opportunities.

The ideology allows first-time sellers to grow and also ensures they don’t have to deal with issues like monopoly.

This platform is not limited to the buyers or sellers and instead encourages both of them. 

You’ll be pleased to know that Versus Project doesn’t hold funds in exchange. 

Registering on Versus Project

Just like any other site, you need to register before you can begin to access its service. The process is quite simple. Before you begin the registration, make sure you are on the right site. 

The Versus Project Market – Here’s How You Can Get Started

There are lots of scammers out there who place fake links to get a hold of your details. The official website ensures you use a safe approach when registering. 

The first step is creating your username and password. Make sure the username is between 4-8 characters long and the password is at least 8 characters.

The next step is the login phrase. It’s a personal message shown each time you log in.

Once you are done with registration, you’ll be taken to the main page where you can view the various products available to you.

Although the site is secure, it’s important to ensure you’re protected before visiting the site. Things like VPN services will ensure sensitive information does not end up in the hands of scammers lurking in the darknet.

How to Order on Versus Project

Once you register, I am sure the next thing you’ll want to do is order products.

The code developers put a lot of work into designing the site. Customers find it user-friendly and thus easily navigable. 

The Versus Project Market – Here’s How You Can Get Started

Before you order, you should prepare a dedicated electrum wallet. It makes your transactions easier as well as ensures your safety.

On the main page, you will find vendors that have been classified according to their experience. For example, there’s a list of top vendors, newbies, and promoted vendors.

Once you set your preferences, you’ll also find a recommended section for you.

To find your product, browse the categories section by typing the product in the search bar. Their internal search engine is well-coded to bring you perfect matches. 

Check the vendor’s rating and feedback before you begin any transaction. Don’t ask for samples unless the trader offers them on their page.

Once you have chosen the right vendor, the product will be added to your cart. 

Things like the quantity, shipping, and payment options will be included in the details of the product.

You need to input your Refund Address in case something happens while making the transaction. 

The system generates an invoice for your order. All you have to do is key in the right amount of cryptocurrency through your wallet, and the payment will be made. 

You should know that there is a time limit that cancels the transaction when time is up. 

The seller will not see your order until you pay the invoice. 

The trader can either accept or decline your offer. And then the funds will be sent back to your account. If the vendor accepts your order, the product will be shipped to you.

Once you receive your product, you need to finalize your order so that the seller can be paid. You are allowed to give feedback on a vendor when you finalize your order.

If there were any issues with your product, give constructive criticism and leave a nice review of the vendor.

Payment Method & Multisig Explained

Payment on the Versus Project is through 2/2 or 2/3 multi-sig. It’s defined as the number of signatures needed to release funds held in an MS transaction.

2/2 is simply a transaction between 2 parties that requires two signatures. 2/3 is a transaction between 3 parties that requires two signatures.

In 2/3 the parties involved are the buyer, seller, and the marketplace while 2/2 only involve the vendor and the marketplace.

Payment is made once the product is added to the cart since the system automatically generates an invoice. 

When releasing funds to the trader there are two options available: FE and FP.

FE refers to Finalize Early which means the funds are released as soon as the vendor marks the product as shipped.

FP is referred to Fast Pay where the money is held in escrow for 3-5 days before being released to the seller.

The Versus Project Market – Here’s How You Can Get Started

When dealing with escrow, there is no deposit to any particular third party. You can easily pay at the checkout just as you do for other online platforms. 

The mode of payment is via cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and Monero are the cryptocurrencies allowed on the Versus Project. Handling cryptocurrencies may be easier if you create a dedicated electrum wallet as well. 

The standard time to accept an order is 72 hours. If a vendor does not accept and order within this time, the transaction is canceled.

If the vendor accepts an order, they have 7 days to update the status. Once again if the seller does not do this within the timeframe, the transaction is canceled.

If there are issues with the transaction, you should contact the vendor. If you can’t sort it out with the trader, you can cancel the transaction and seek another vendor.

The Bottom Line 

Finding a good community on the dark web is not easy. The Versus Project has proven that it is one of the few reliable communities on the dark web.

In the spirit of community, it has prohibited the sale of amoral products such as pornography, weapons, doxxing, Fentanyl, and services that may lead to harm. 

It has also tried to create equal opportunities for both buyers and sellers. 

For example, it has ensured there is no monopoly in the listing of products as observed in most online platforms like Amazon and eBay. 

This policy has allowed upcoming sellers to showcase their products without the fear of being intimidated by accomplished traders.

Its payment services are also secure to ensure your details are not exposed. It also has refunds in case a transaction is canceled.