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Versus Market Guide – How To Use Versus Project Market

Versus Market

If you’ve been looking for the best ways to use Versus Market, you have come to the right page
right now.

You might still remember the waves of the darknet markets shut down that happened back in 2020 The impact is like an outbreak. Some of the markets exist as a scam, some of them got DDOS attacks, and some were taken down by the authorities.

Versus Project URL: http://solhi2dtgvuplclo6yrax6h5gyjbm67qggvxgzajtlxhdxznldtdbrad.onion

Versus Market  Guide – How To Use Versus Project Market

But there is one site that survives amongst the survivors. The name of the market is Versus
Market. The Versus Market or Versus Project Market has been one of the markets that survived
in 2020 and it is their second year now. It has a great reputation amongst dark web enthusiasts.
And still, it is one of the best darknet markets that you can find out there.

At the early phase of the operation, it was smaller than its competitors. But there have been
significant increases in the members from early 2021.

Like other dark markets, the Versus Market comes with many bizarre categories, which mostly
offer more listings in the Drugs categories. It also features a wide array of other categories that
you rarely see in the legal marketplaces.

At a glance, you’d agree that the Versus Market is focusing on vendors. The top vendors are
shown on the home page instead of the top listings.

Many users have reported that the market tends to be on the vendor side when resolving an
open dispute. While it seems that it only gives the benefit to the vendor, we can see the silver
lining here. This approach will keep the market lively by the high-quality vendors.

For those who want to purchase something with ample anonymity, this site will offer you such
safe haven to transact. One of the breaking through aspects is the multi-signature escrow which
is performed in the market. the officials claim that the exchange won’t ever hold the funds.
Instead, both the buyers, market and vendors can be participating in the multi-signature escrow
transaction for a safer procedures.

No funds are being held on the market. So, what happens when there’s a dispute is that both
buyers and vendors will solve it by themselves, without the Versus Market intermediaries.

Therefore, it is very important to comprehend how the multi-signature works. Consider
equipping yourself with the basic knowledge about this type of transaction. It will save you a lot
from hassle later when opening a dispute.

Besides the Drugs listings, you can also find other categories such as Fraud, Digital Items,
Services, Software, as well as Malware. By far we wrote this guide, the site still only accepts
Bitcoin – BTC as the main crypto for transactions.

But there’s a Multi-signature escrow to make sure everything is safe during the transactions
between the involved parties. There is no FE – Finalize Early, though. That means the vendors
will need the sellers to mark the order as finished in order to release the funds to the vendor’s
account. For those who are interested in being a vendor on this site, you will need to prepare
your $200 to pay for the vendor bond.

Prepare these first before making your first purchase

How the Versus Market works is pretty much similar to the other darknet markets that you can
find on the internet. And if it is your first time using the darknet marketplace, you will want to
equip yourself with ample knowledge first for few aspects as follows:

  • Bitcoin purchase, sales, usages, and storage
  • Creating Electrum wallet
  • Locate wallet’s Xpub
  • Conduct Multi-signature transactions
  • Using the Tor Browser

The Versus Market is only accessible through Tor Browser, just like other darknet marketplaces.
If you are still using your Chrome, Firefox, or other browser types at your place, you will want to
exclude them for good since the Versus Market will only work with the Tor Browser.

The good thing about Tor Browser is that it can erase the traces of your online activities. To
fortify it with more privacy, you could use your VPN service to connect to other countries’
servers. This will conceal your online activities so that your internet service provider won’t know

Tails Os is also a good tool to help you out. It is a private Operating System that you can boot
from a USB drive or dongle. So, instead of using the common OS which cannot guarantee the
quality of your privacy, you could switch to Tails OS that will give you good privacy and security.
This will help you to keep your online activities private.

For making the purchase, the Versus Market officials would like to recommend all of their users
to download the Electrum wallet and set the wallet up for the market. In other words, you will
need to use the particular Electrum Wallet only for your transactions in the Versus Market. It is
a safety precaution to protect your cryptocurrency information. Make sure to create it as a
normal wallet.

Register an Account with Versus market

Versus market register page
Versus market register page

We suggest you use the official URL of the site. You might find the links on other websites, but
you need to beware of these alternatives since not all of them showcase the real links. Most of
the links from unauthorized sites are leading you to phishing sites where they can snatch your
credentials to drain the funds in your real account. Consider sticking to the links provided by
official sites like us.

The Versus Market link is available on this page. You could just click on the link and it will
redirect you to the official login screen.

As you visit the Login page of the Versus Market, there will be a CAPTCHA challenge that you
need to overcome. Consider filling the CAPTCHA and proceed. Then you just need to follow
these simple steps to create your account in the market.

Register to Versus project market

Click the Register link at the bottom left center of the page. Then the site will redirect you to the
actual registration page. Just like other darknet markets, you just need to enter your username,
passwords, and a login phrase that will appear every time you log in through the official market.
It is a good thing since a sort of “login phrase” won’t show up if you login in to the fake site.
Save the credentials in the safe place where you’re the one to access them.

Versus account creation status

The site will inform you about your account creation status. Then you could just log in with your
pre-made credentials. From this page, you can see how the 2-FA login works. If you want to fortify your account
security, consider turning this option on.

mnemonic page

The site will then redirect you to a mnemonic page where there are 16 words mnemonic that
represents your account passphrase. This mnemonic is the only way to recover your lost
account, forgotten username and passwords, and other things like getting locked out of the
account. The mnemonic will help you to reset the passwords. Consider saving the mnemonic
words in a safe place and never sharing them with other people.

versus market mnemonic page
versus market mnemonic page

Back to Versus Project market homepage screen

After finalizing the mnemonic page, you will go to the Home Screen. The home page is intuitive
and user-friendly. You can see the listing categories where you can navigate the site and find the
products you will want to purchase. Then you can access account setting options and order
information. There are also top listings and vendor names there. You can browse around the
market but you will need to do a few things before making your first purchase in the market.

Versus market front page
Versus market front page

Configure your Versus Market Account

Configure your account first to make it ready to make a particular purchase on the site.
Find the Settings option at the upright corner of the page and click it.
Enter the Xpub or Bitcoin public key. This public key is important to conduct the multi-signature
transaction feature in the market.
You can find your public key through the Electrum platform by opening your Versus Wallet in
Open the “Wallet” menu, then hit ‘Information’. this will produce your wallet’s master Public
Key instantly. The key will begin with the prefix “xpub”.
Then you just need to go to the Versus Market Settings Page and find the Extended Public Key
section. Paste your public key there.

Versus market change wallet address
Versus market change wallet address

Copy and paste your Bitcoin address to the BTC refund address box.

Copy and paste your Bitcoin address to the BTC refund address box. This will be useful when you
are opening a dispute and ask for refunds for failed orders in the future.
You can set the currency for the listings. The default one is EUR. Double-check everything that
you put in the box. If it is okay, then you can hit the Save button to continue. Proceed to the
next screen.

Change PGP on your new Versus project market account

In the account settings, find “Change PGP”. you will see the text box wherein you will need to
insert your PGP public key. It is very important to fill in because it will allow you to receive
encrypted messages. And it is an important part of conducting all of the transactions and
correspondence in Versus.

After inserting your PGP public key, you just need to hit continue. The screen will then get
updated. Sign your PGP public key and paste it to the Change PGP text box. The site will then
notify you if the process is successful.

Versus market change pgp key
Versus market change pgp key

After doing all of the steps above, your account of Versus Market is now ready to make the first
and next purchases. You could also activate the 2-FA feature which prompts you to enter your
PGP key every time you log in with your credentials. It is a great idea to fortify your account
security so that no phisher or hacker will want to touch your account for their ill intentions. If
you’re planning to use this market for a long time in the future, do not overlook the necessity to
activate the 2-FA.

Browsing Versus Market

As you first use the Versus Market, it won’t take a long time until you master all of the site’s
interface and features. Versus comes with a user-friendly interface and ample navigability.

It focuses on benefiting the vendors rather than products. That’s why we can see there are top
Vendors introduced on the homepage of the marketplace.

There are various profiles for Promoted Vendors, Newcomers, as well as recommended
products section.

There are 18 main categories available in the marketplace that are divided into subcategories to
even two levels of subcategories. You could click “All Listings’ to give you an overview of all
categories of the listings.

If you don’t prefer to find the product through the categories, you could use the search utility
instead. You can find the search button in the left panel of the “All Listings” screen. Selectmultiple categories when searching by holding down the CTRL button as you select the
particular categories.

There are also filters below the categories that you can use to narrow down the listings on the
page based on sensible variables such as Shipping from/to, stealth rating, communication
rating, quality rating.

As you see the product previews on the categories page, you will see some basic information
such as the name of the product, vendor name, price, bulk prices, stock number, ship from and
to, vendor ratings, and so on. As you click the product listing, it will bring you to another page
that talks about the product details.

From here, you will see the tabs entitled Description, Terms & Conditions, and Feedback.

Hit the Description tab to see the detailed description of the particular product. It shows you
the revolving information from the sellers. This listing product page will give you a hint about
what kind of product offered by the vendor and what you can expect from it. There is also other
important information about the refund policies, shipping policies, terms and conditions, and
other pivotal information.

Click on the Vendor name to know more about the Vendor who is about to supply you with
their products. The Versus Market vendor’s profile includes the various information to absorb.
For instance, the feedback from past customers will be the first thing you will see from the
particular vendor.

The Versus Market also comes with the Versus Points, which is the successful feedback
information retrieved from the other markets. The market also keeps tracking the vendor levels
based on the Versus Points accumulation.

The vendors with a high level of successful trades can be the best option for the clients. You will
want to check on their feedback and star ratings. Consider focusing only on reputable,
experienced, and trustworthy vendors. Vendors who have ample years of experience and good
ratings can improve your chance for successful item orders.

Always go for the experienced vendor rather than new kids on the block. The last thing you
want is to get disappointed by the result of the order because the vendor is still new in the field.

Placing an Order

Take your time to browse around and pick the product that you desire the most. Once you’ve
found your vendor, product, or service, you could select the quantity of it. Then click add to cart
just like you usually do in common marketplaces.

If you are not done yet, you could just keep browsing and add another product.

browse versus market
browse versus market

Let’s assume that you have done getting your items to the cart. The next thing to do is to make
your purchase.

On the shopping page, you will select the Shipping Option, Payment option, and update the BTC
refund address.

Many of the vendors in Versus Market accept the Multi-signature option which requires the
action from two involved parties to release the funds from escrow to the vendor.

It is a common vessel used by common vendors. But some vendors who have high-rated
reputations come with a Fast Pay option. It is a multi-signature 2/2. In this case, the funds are
moved by the market and vendor. You don’t want to use the Fast Pay option if you are not really
sure about your vendor. But if you trust the latter, you could proceed using this particular

The next thing to do is to enter your shipping information. Unlike when you do at the usual
marketplace, you will need to encrypt your message to give protection for you. The encryption
is done with the vendor’s PGP key. You will then need to paste the encrypted text into the
shipping info text box.

Encrypting your messages has been one of the obliged practices in the OPSEC. To attain the
message encryption, you will need to use your PGP client, then import the PGP certification and
verify it.

The Versus Market simplifies the method by showcasing the link with the PGP public key from
the vendor that you can find above the shipping information text box.

Check everything before continuing to the next step. Then hit the Checkout button to proceed.
The Versus Market site will then direct you to the invoice screen page where you will be shownthe payment amount in the BTC. It also shows the particular BTC address that you need to send
the payment to.

The Versus Market will give you 24 hours to complete the payment. After making the payment,
your payment will then be confirmed by the Bitcoin network. Then the vendor will process the
order. It could take a day or two before they ship the items depending on the available stocks,
logistics, and other factors. But they will let you know if there is any issue with the working

As the vendor packs your items and sends them, the order will be marked as Shipped. From
then, you just need to sit back and relax while waiting for the package to finally arrive at your

After the items arrive at your home, you will want to open them and check if the product is
okay. Then you can mark the order as Finalized if you don’t have any problem with the product
you receive. This will trigger the command to move the funds to your vendor’s account. This
procedure must be done under the Bitcoin signature. You can see at the Help section of Versus
Market if you wonder how to sign the Bitcoin transaction to release the funds.

If you are not okay with the item that you receive, you can file a Dispute on the order. In the
dispute box, you will give the moderators complete information to tell the story of your side.
Meanwhile, the vendor will also have the opportunity to explain from their site.

The moderators will then weigh the two stories and assess the evidence. Then they will decide
to favor one of the deserved parties. If the buyer wins the dispute, the funds will be released
back to your refund address. To proceed to this process, you will need to sign a Bitcoin
transaction as well.

The dispute is a rigorous activity. It is best not to open a dispute in the first place. From many
problems that we have seen in the marketplace, most of these items are held in the logistic
problems. So, it was not the vendor’s fault. Some trustworthy and reputable vendors even have
a backup plan when the orders are seized or lost. They will replace the orders.

It has also been reported that opening a dispute will only benefit the vendor. As you open a
dispute, the chance to win is very little. As we mentioned before, this marketplace is a
vendor-centric platform.

The Versus Project Market offers everything you need to work around the darknet market. It has
come with a good interface and ample navigability. Not to mention that it always guarantees the
layers of security when transacting with your vendors. The encrypted communications will
guarantee that your privacy will be protected all the time. It is a win-win solution.

Versus Project Link: http://solhi2dtgvuplclo6yrax6h5gyjbm67qggvxgzajtlxhdxznldtdbrad.onion