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ToRReZ Market Full Guide 2021 – ToRReZ Darknet Market

ToRReZ Market

ToRReZ Market is one of the most popular darknet markets in the deep web that has been
operating since 2020.

With less than a year of experience, it has already hosted over 20k listings (at least the moment
we wrote this guide). More and more members are joining the platform on a daily basis. So, it is
not exaggerating to assume that the listings also keep increasing.

ToRReZ Market URL: http://tmfvrnhwcfrovkl33pe3hgj2ssnwdhzlkqpnzvpczmv6u4kgvrgxfvid.onion

ToRReZ Market Homepage
ToRReZ Market Homepage

ToRReZ Market General Overview

In this platform, you can find a lot of dark categories which you cannot find in the conventional
marketplace. However, Drugs are still the most popular category.

This site also offers a lot of different categories that you’d expect to see from the real darknet
market platforms. There are about 1k vendors who have been offering top products and
services in the market.

The market also claims to be the first community-driven market on Tor Network. But the claim
should be free for everyone who wants to do it. Yet, we don’t know if it is indeed true or not.

The market has some signs of the claim, though. For instance, it has tons of features in the
interface that makes the user’s experience more convenient. You can switch the platform to the
dark mode which is less intensive for your eyes, making it easier to explore all of the darknet
items there.

ToRReZ Market accepts four cryptocurrencies in its platform deposit.

For the security aspect, the developers of ToRReZ Market have made the encryption system for
the messages. So, you will be able to encrypt your message before sending it.

Is there any authenticator for safety measures?

YES, there is. The site is fortified with a
sophisticated 2-FA system for the login. This will secure your account and make sure that your
data won’t get tampered by the other party.

Some people were complaining about this market but most of them were because of the
non-received orders. As our reviewers investigated, it was not because of the vendor’s side, but
it seemed to be the interception of the packages while being shipped. We are not really sure if it
is because of naughty delivery guys, the local authorities who ban particular products, logistic
problems, or other problems that can cause the items not delivered. It is also a word of thought
that we should use any darknet website with our own discretion.

The other thing that we’d like to highlight is its strong CAPTCHAS challenge. For some folks, it is
a calmer factor because of the challenges that can’t be beaten by robots. But for some people,
it is a bit annoying since they needed to do CAPTCHAS more than twice in order to log in to thesite. How good or bad this security layer will depend on you as a user. Knowing this fact alone, we can rest assured that this site is not going anywhere soon.

This site accepts Bitcoin – BTC, Litecoin – LTC, Zcash – ZEC, as well as Monero – XMR as their
transactional coins.

If you are not sure about the vendor or the market, you could switch to the MultiSig Escrow to
give you peace of mind every time you are ordering a particular item. They also provide FE –
Finalize Early for benefiting both the vendors and the buyers. For those who are interested to
join as a vendor, be prepared to spend $500 for the vendor bond.

Preparation before using the ToRReZ Market site

Before using the market for selling or buying darknet items, you will need to cover all of the
bases to avoid any pitfalls from your side. You will want to understand at least these four points:

  • Using Tor Browser
  • Manage your cryptocurrency
  • Conduct OPSEC practices
  • Using PGP Keys

Let’s break them down in more elaborating manners.

Using Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a fail-proof bridge between your device and the darknet market. If you are still
using your Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, you can leave them now because none of them will work
to access the ToRReZ Market. There’s a good reason for this. Tor Browser has the features that
allow you to access the darknet market without being caught or tampered with by another

Torrez markt ddos captcha page
Torrez markt ddos captcha page

Tor Browser is the only way to access onion sites including the respective ToRReZ Market. Tor
itself already comes with privacy and untraceable features that the other parties can’t access.
But still, your internet service provider will be aware that you are accessing the darknet market
because of the log information. It is important to know that your ISP may work with the
government to monitor the activities of their users.

The last thing you want is that you are conducting your transactions in darknet markets that are
not compliant with your local laws. To handle this, you can simply turn your VPN on and connect
to the other country server. You can effectively hide your connection to a particular network
with the best VPN service. Stick to the most renowned services like Expressvpn, Nord VPN,
CyberGhost, Private Internet Access, and so on.

Manage your Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is not a new thing for some people. But not all users know the basic things
about it. Each cryptocurrency have their own characteristics, including how to get it,
purchase/sell it, and fund it into a particular market account.

For instance, the Bitcoin blockchain will record all of the transactions using Bitcoin. That means
your activity will be easily traced when you use these coins from an exchange that requires your
personal identifications. Usually, these exchanges require the user’s personal information for
KYC or AML purposes. For those who haven’t known, KYC is the abbreviation of Know Your
Customers. It is a formal procedure that is compliant with the anti-money laundering policy.
Depending on the regulations in your country, exposing your personal identification on a
darknet website like ToRReZ Market can mean that you are breaking those rules.

If you are going to use Bitcoin for transacting in the darknet marketplace, we’d suggest you use
the Mixing service. The Bitcoin Mixing service will help you to get rid of your identity traces in
the particular coins. Your name won’t show up when you make a purchase in the ToRReZ
Market. It is also imperative to send your Bitcoin to your personal wallet first before funding
your account in the particular market.

Conduct OPSEC Practices

The main purpose of OPSEC practices is to protect your real-life identity and prevent cyber
threats. There are tons of OPSEC practices that you can do to fortify yourself against the
malicious threats out there.

But the very first thing that we’d like to suggest to you is to pick a wise username for your
account in ToRReZ Market. As you register to any darknet market, don’t use your real name or a
nickname, or any name that will lead to your real-life identity. That includes the name usually
you use on your Game account or other sites. Think about a completely new name that no one
in your social circle would be able to guess.

The second thing to consider is the usage of the VPN every time you use tor browser to access
the darknet websites. Consider subscribing to a good VPN service. Don’t get tempted to use
free VPN services since most of them turned out to be a bogus service.

Always encrypt your private and classified information using the PGP. the PGP is very important
to conceal every important data so that the third party won’t get a hand to use it for any ill

We mentioned back then that the market accepts four kinds of cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin
tends to be more familiar for many crypto lovers, it does not guarantee the best privacy of yourtransaction. Instead, you could use Monero – XMR as your main crypto payment method for every transaction in this marketplace.

While Bitcoin will record everything in your database, Monero does the opposite. There will be
no other parties that can access the XMR transaction information since it hides the source,
amount, as well as destination of the transaction.

When using Monero or other cryptocurrencies, do not send the crypto to the market directly
from an exchange. It will trace back to your real identity. If you’re using Bitcoin, consider using a
mixing service first after getting the coins from the exchange. Meanwhile, using the Monero
requires a simpler procedure. You could just send your Monero to a personal address first. Then
from there, you could send the crypto to the particular market address. This will remove the

How to Register an Account

Click the official link of the ToRReZ Market. Then you will arrive at the home page of the site
along with its login screen. It is easy to find the “Register” button there. You just need to hit it
and proceed with the registration process.

Click register to create an account.

ToRReZ Market Full Guide  2021 – ToRReZ Darknet Market

Create your user name and fill in the password twice. Pick a username that is tie-off with your
real identity. Choose a strong password that consists of numbers, symbols, lowercase and
uppercase letters. It is okay to be confused at first but you will have peace of mind later since it
is hard to guess your password.

Then you need to choose the PIN which you later use for the transactions.

Save this information in the safest place in your home or office where no one can’t find it. Make
sure you always remember where you store your credentials information so that you can
retrieve them anytime you need.

The last thing you need to pass is the CAPTCHA. Then you can click Register to proceed with the
registration process.

The site will redirect you to a mnemonic page where you can see the mnemonic that consists of
12-word phrases that you need to store. This mnemonic is the only way to recover your account
in case it gets logged out, compromised, or forgotten by the passwords.

Torrez market register page
Torrez market register page

Save the mnemonic information with your login information in somewhere safe. You could also
make a hard copy of the mnemonic to provide hacking-proof secret passwords. After doing this,
click continue and log in with your credentials. There’s a hard CAPTCHA that you need to
overcome first before continuing to the shopping page.

The market’s main page is straightforward and simple. you can look around but yet to shop
since there’s one thing you need to do before making your first purchase.

PGP key is one of the most pivotal aspects in the OPSEC practice. So, you will need to import
your PGP public key. The public key grants you the capability to accept messages from your
vendors and other members of the site.

Go to the My Account section and select Account Security. Then you could click on the link of
the text “Click here to set your PGP key”.

Then the site will redirect you to a new text box screen for the PGP public key. Insert your public
key there and then hit the “Save” button to proceed.

The site will then prompt the verification to make sure that the key you paste is yours. It will ask
you to decrypt a message sent to you as a part of the test. Use your own PGP tool to decrypt
the message.

Copy and paste the result in the blank text box. Then click Save.

The site will redirect you again to the next page to create TOTP for 2FA purposes. But it is
optional. You could choose it or leave it. But we suggest you set this up to strengthen the
security of your account. It can be more challenging to log in to your account later but it is
worth it to protect it from being snatched by hackers.

After completing all of the steps above, you are good to go.

Browsing ToRReZ Market

The ToRReZ Market has such a user-friendly interface and easy navigability. You can easily
browse and filter the products to pinpoint what you are looking for in no time.

There’s a good reason why the listings are rapidly increasing. This market has attracted vendors
from a dozen of other darknet markets. No wonder that it has become one of the greatest dark
markets regardless of its younger years of operation.

The listings are spread over 7 categories that include several subcategories for easier
navigability. But as expected, the most crowded category is Drugs and Chemicals. The other
main categories are Counterfeit, Software & Malware, Tutorials, and eBooks, Services, Carded
Items, Electronics, Fraud, as well as Fraud. You will see these categories on the main page. you
can find your product by looking at their categories or use the internal search engine with its
filters to pinpoint the best products.

The filter comes with good variables that can help you to find the darknet items much easier
such as product type, shipping, payment types, pricing, Shipping time ETA, and others. You can
also use its Advanced Search to seek the products in-depth.

ToRReZ Market Full Guide  2021 – ToRReZ Darknet Market

Use the filter by keyword to show you the best possible result.

You can also see more information about the product/service and the vendor, description, item
price in different cryptocurrencies, and so on.

It is imperative to keep in mind that each vendor might have different considerations when
accepting the payment. Some of them might prefer the only Bitcoin, and some of them might
prefer the others. But there are also vendors who can accept all of the four cryptocurrencies
that are supported by ToRReZ Market.

Before proceeding, you will want to read about all of the information including the preferences
from the vendors.

Just like other marketplaces, the ToRReZ Market showcases the ratings or feedback left for the

The ratings of the vendor can tell you a lot about the quality of their services/products. It will
give you a clear hint about what you can expect from a particular vendor.

After clicking the product listing, you will know whether the vendor is online or not. The
message will appear to let you know that “This vendor has not been active for…”. Therefore,
you will know if they are available to receive your order or not. Consider skipping the vendors
who are not active for quite a long time. There’s a risk that your order would never be
processed. Focus on active vendors with good reputations.

By clicking the vendor name, you will see their statistics of their sales in the specific market.

You can see the relevant information like the date they joined the market, last login, transaction
numbers, feedback, and many other statistics that can help you to assess the quality of the
particular vendor.

It does not hurt to read all of the information thoroughly before making your next move.
Vendors also provide their PGP key in their profile which you can use later for the messages
encryption or other verifications.

The feedback information consists of three ratings: positive, neutral, and negative. The historical
feedback is the ones that are imported from other darknet markets. When looking for particular
items, make sure to focus your search on the top-rated vendors to minimize the risks of failure
and pitfalls. Consider sticking with experienced vendors over the beginners.

Placing an Order

We assume that you won’t have any problem in window shopping the ToRReZ Market by yourself. The
site has great navigability and a friendly user interface. So, it won’t be a big deal to browse around and
pick your choice. After finding your product or service that you want to purchase, you can proceed by
clicking the “Buy” button.

ToRReZ Market Full Guide  2021 – ToRReZ Darknet Market

Choose the quantity of the products you will want to purchase. Then fill in your encrypted shipping
information on the specific text box.

It is a must to encrypt your personal information for the sake of your safety. Besides, not all vendors
want to proceed without encryption. The PGP address of the Vendor can be found in the shipping
infobox. So, you could just encrypt your info there.

Then you will need to select the type of payment. If you are interested in Allow Finalize Early, you could
proceed to check the box of options. The FE means that the vendor will receive the funds as soon as your
item is marked as “shipped”.

After checking all of the elements on the order page, you could continue to hit the Next button.

In this page, you will need to double-check the information and make corrections if there is an

You could use one of the escrow methods on the site. But it is important to know that the
internal ToRReZ wallets are no longer available. This old option is only eligible for the older
account holders.

The escrow in the ToRReZ Market is handled differently depending on the types of crypto you
are using. For instance, the standard form of escrow is used for the users of LTC, XMR, and ZEC
payments. But the thing will get different when you use BTC to make your purchase.

The BTC payments have the multisign option. The involved parties must sign the transaction to
release the funds to the vendors. For a refund, you will sign it with the market. It is best to use
this option since it will provide a multi-layer of protection for both the buyers and vendors.

After you set everything, you could hit the Next Button. Then the site will redirect you to the
order placement screen. Here you will use your payment method to place the order.

The site gives you 24 hours to complete the payment. If you fail to deliver, you may need to
make an order again from scratch. The screen will be updated after payment is finished. Then
the vendor will process the order. They will mark the order as “shipped” after sending your

As you receive the item successfully, make sure to finalize it so that the vendor can accept the
money. But if you are not receiving your item, you could open a dispute.

If the package is late, you could wait for several additional days before finally opening a dispute.

ToRReZ Market Link: http://tmfvrnhwcfrovkl33pe3hgj2ssnwdhzlkqpnzvpczmv6u4kgvrgxfvid.onion