Torrez Market is Retiring: No Exit Scam

Torrez Market is Retiring: No Exit Scam

After 675 days Torrez Market announced their retirement: Not an exit scam, just closing the doors for now. What other markets can I use?

Torrez Market Retires

Torrez Market is Retiring: No Exit Scam

When entering the Torrez Market webpage, users are now met with a PGP signed message from the market head mrblonde. Torrez is closing its doors. Just under 2 years since the market started. The message made it clear that this retirement was in no way an exit scam, and that all vendors and users can collect their items if needed. 

This is following a trend after both the White House marketplace and Cannazon retired their websites, two of the biggest marketplaces available on the darknet. Each of them left without an exit scam, which is a relief for the hundreds of thousands of users affected. An exit scam is a common tactic for the darknet.

Final Transaction Should Be Complete Within 3 Weeks

The letter provided assured all Vendors and Users that they still have their final opportunity to withdraw and complete all active trades and transactions on the site. However, no new vendors can pop up, and no new orders can be made. 

Users can file disputes against any difficulties they encounter, and any Vendors should be aware of using this opportunity as an exit scam. The operates confirmed that they will be banned and their data is shared with Recon. 

Mrblonde spoke over basic disputes that can not be resolved as well. 

What is Torrez Market?

The Torrez Market is one of the biggest European darknet marketplaces for drugs. The site was offered specific products including Drugs and Chemicals, Tutorials and eBooks, Services, Carded Items, Fraud, as well as Counterfeit items. where the main focus of the site. Torrez is known to have the largest trade of cannabis in Europe. 

The site provided a trusted place for cannabis vendors to sell their products and for customers to purchase items “safely”, at least as much as one could on the darknet.

The site appeared a mere 677 days ago (at the time of writing) and quickly grew as one of the more popular markets. The site was easy to use and provided 4 cryptocurrency payment methods through its escrow system.  LTC, BTC, XMR, as well as ZEC.

Once the process is complete, Torrez would release the payments to the vendor’s site wallet. Through using a trusted and community-backed “middle-man” the site was easy to use. The website would make a small commission off of each purchase.

The Letter

The site used a PGP Signed message to show its legitimacy and was written by mrblonde, the site’s operator. 

Hash: SHA512

Dear Users.

After 675 days of presence on the darknet, we have decided to close our door for good. Please read the following
statement to understand the market's closure process.

- From 2021-12-17 certain functions of the market has been disabled: registering, upgrading to vendor account,
purchasing, featured items auctions, support.

Market wallets are working fine and are ready to get your withdrawals requests. Because we use a fully automated system,
please be ready for queues when it comes to the withdraw. We especially expect the queue on XMR withdrawals (because
of how XMR is built).

Market will be left online for at least two to three weeks until all orders are finalized and disputes are closed.
We will review the disputes on the daily basis so you can withdraw your funds as quick as possible.
Buyers and vendors - please work with us on your disputes. Please provide information about the package status.
Do not be a dick to each other. We give you an opportunity to leave the market with your gear or funds so help
us to achieve that.
Vendors trying to use this opportunity to exit scam will be banned. We also share our vendor's data with Recon.

If you forgot your mnemonic / pin / password / pgp - there is nothing we can do about it.
If your deposit did not come - it is because you got phished and there is nothing we can do about it.
If you paid for the order and it is not on the list - it is because you got phished and there is nothing we can do about it.

It has been a great pleasure to work with most vendors and users. We are aware that we leave quite a big gap
in darknet markets but we hope most of you will find a new home.
While choosing a new market, please use your common sense. I would personally avoid any "established" market
as older they get, bigger chance of collapsing is.
Please give a chance to the smaller markets, which are not that loud as others. This is exactly how we became no
1 - being quiet and doing our job, serving customers 24/7 for 675 fucking days.

While ToRReZ will be gone for good, we might (or not) come back at some stage with something different.
The whole world goes green. Maybe we will join the trend at some stage ;] When we decide to be back,
we will sign the message with one of the known keys so watch out for any copycats.

If you have anything to say to me, you can use Dread's system but I give no warranty that any of your messages
will be read, not to mention that they will not get answered.

Thanks for supporting us.

ToRReZ Market Team


Torrez Alternatives

Mrblonde added some great advice in his letter when helping users find an alternative marketplace. Use your “common sense” and give smaller markets a chance. 

There are many marketplaces to select as alternatives. We suggest using a marketplace with an escrow system. This leaves less of a chance for phishing and exit scams from vendors. 

World Market

Torrez Market is Retiring: No Exit Scam

World Market is possibly the most similar marketplace to Torrez and has great customer backing. The service is largely available for many of the same European consumers, and many vendors have opted for this marketplace as their next option. 

The marketplace uses an escrow system as well and is known for its decent customer service. 

Dark0de Reborn Market

Torrez Market is Retiring: No Exit Scam

Dark0de Reborn is the second version of Dark0de, as the first one shut its doors. The Dark0de marketplace is extremely large and has a large variety of products. Whether you are looking for black market items or some bizarre items that you don’t want your neighbors to know about, they have everything.

The site uses 2FA for security and allows Bitcoin and Monero as viable payment options. The escrow payment method is optional here. 

Other Darknet Marketplaces

We have a list of the most trusted and Best Darknet markets links, along with information on the marketplaces and how they work. Take a browse and pick your next marketplace home, whether you are a vendor or consumer you should research your next home!

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