Darkweb Vendor Serving 160 months

Darkweb Vendor Serving 160 months

What happened to Florida’s meth vendor IcyDicy? A judge sentenced the darknet vendor to 160 months in prison without bail.

Florida Darknet Meth Vendor IcyDicy: 160 Months of Prison Time

A Federal Judge in Miami – Florida officially served the well-known darknet meth vendor with a 160-month prison sentence for selling crystal methamphetamine, cocaine, and other illegal drugs.

Darkweb Vendor Serving 160 months

Jose Rodolfo Barraza Flores or more commonly known as “IcyDicy” and “GXAW” was captured after an undercover fed “purchased” 500 counterfeit oxycodone pills. The undercover play lead to his arrest ending IcyDicy’s 2 years running as one of the best Meth dealers in Florida. 

At just 23 years old, Barraza made a name for himself through popular markets such as White House Market, YellowBrick Market, and Empire Market. The young man was well-rated and although he started with just crystal methamphetamine, he soon moved on to selling cocaine, counterfeit Percocet pills, and other drugs as well.

From 2018-2020 his vendor account grew and gained popularity until the vendor’s capture. 

The Capture

According to the court case archive “On September 2, 2020, FBI agents purchased four (4) ounces of crystal methamphetamine from GXAW on Yellow Brick Road Market for .157277 Bitcoins. In the description, GXAW advertised the drugs as “4 oz 99% Crystal Meth”. After receiving the package in the Southern District of Florida, agents found a crystalline substance secreted in a wax candle. The substance was sent to the DEA Southeast Laboratory for testing with positive lab results for I12.6g (+- 0.2g) methamphetamine hydrochloride (100% Purity +-6%).’

Darkweb Vendor Serving 160 months

The report explained how the feds made their investigation on Barraza. They explained how they purchased items from Barraza from YellowBrick, White House Market, and Empire Market during the investigation on multiple occasions. They would use the Darknet to make the orders and have the vendor send the items through US-Mail to an undercover secret mailbox. 

Captured on footage at a US-Mail Depot

The report went into detail on a specific occasion, ” On December 4, 2020, FBI agents purchased twenty-eight (28) grams of crystal methamphetamine from IcyDicy on White House Market for 3.035592319950 XMR (Monero). In the description, IcyDicy advertised the drugs as “14 grams 99% Crystal Meth”. The package was mailed on December 8, 2020, at the Glendale Post Office, Glendale, AZ. Postal Inspectors recovered the package and upon opening it, agents found a crystalline substance secreted in a wax candle, similar to the crystal methamphetamine received from UXAW and IcyDicy in prior purchases. The substance field-tested positive for methamphetamine and weighed approximately 30.4 grams.”

This was one of the major breaks in their investigation on Barraza. The Feds were able to obtain Barazza’s IP address by tracking the computer used to order the US-Mail label for this specific package. The IP address tracked belonged to the defendant’s brother. 

Darkweb Vendor Serving 160 monthsThe defendant was also captured on camera at the post office depot used to send the package. Once the feds seized all of Barraza’s belongings and took him in, they were able to link his PGP Key through the Kleopatra tool and matched the key to an email address “[email protected]”. This address was similar to the email address “[email protected]” used to purchase the US-Mail label.

FBI Special Agent Hofman a lead investigator of this case wrote about these similarities of email addresses as evidence because “I am aware that regular internet users, and users of the darkweb in particular, often have common personalized naming schemes and themes with which they create email addresses, anonymous internet profiles, and account usernames”

Darkweb Vendor Serving 160 months

Barazzas Apartment

The feds explained that there were many pieces of evidence found at Barraza’s home address. Along with Barraza’s passport and pictures of his family, they found “Drugs for personal use” equipment used to make and distribute drugs, 5 pounds of Methamphetamine, cocaine, a pill press, wax containers, candle molds in the same shape used by the vendors GXAW and IcyDicy on the darknet. 

“Defendant kept some records of his drug orders on at least one of his HP Laptops, among other devices he used to conduct his dark web activity. Other information and photographs regarding drugs, darkweb vending, and the use of Cryptocurrency were found on another computer and phones belonging to FLORES which were recovered in the course of this investigation.”

Barraza had previously been caught with over $75,000 in cash while traveling back from New Mexico. The money was stored in a speaker’s amp. At the time Barraza claimed he was unaware of the money and he had simply purchased the amp. The DEA let the defendant go at the time and issued a receipt of “abandoned money”

In October 2021, Barazza pleaded guilty and was charged with conspiracy of distributing illigal substances, and three counts of distribution of a controlled substance. Aileen M, the US District Judge of West Palm Beach, Florida imposed a 160 month prison sentence along with a $400 fine. 

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