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What are the Best Darknet Markets for 2022?

Best Darknet Markets For 2022

In 2021 many darknet markets retired, were seized, or simply disappeared. What are the best Darknet Markets to use in 2022?

Dark0de and World Market are seen as the best marketplaces for customers worldwide with an already established customer base. Cannahome is a fantastic option for the US marketplace. Archetyp is best for the EU.

You should take your time, research the marketplaces before you select your nextstraightforward home. A smaller market is still a viable option and is not always something that needs to be avoided. 

Before Selecting a Darknet Market

The Darknet is not a toy to play around with. Between scammers and security flaws before selecting your market you should ensure you have a decent understanding of OPSEC and how to avoid Honeypots

Assuming you already have already downloaded the Tor Browser and understand it, that’s step one. From here ensure you have a well-known VPN that is a paid subscription. Ensure all other programs on your device are cut off as well. 

Using sites such as Dread or the Hidden Wiki to find darknet links and information on them is a great option, and is completely legal. However, from the moment you open your Tor Browser you should already have your VPN turned on and pre-existing knowledge of OPSEC. It is nobody else’s business knowing what you are looking for! Whether counterfeit items or a private investigator, take that step to privacy right away. 

Ensure any link is authentic. Due to the nature of the darkweb, it is riddled with many scams, phishers, and feds looking to catch you out. The Hidden Wiki can be edited by any user and they can change the links if they would like. 

Have a PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) software provider to ensure all your passwords and data are encrypted. Almost all Darknet Marketplaces will force you to have a PGP tool in order to create an account of any sort. This is for your own safety. 

Lastly, you need to use common sense.

Look around at the market design and working flow and make sure that there is good development team behind it, you can judge by the design and features.

If your gut feeling is to not go to the website, or not make that purchase, Don’t.

If an item is too good to be true, it likely is not true. 

Now let’s get to business. What markets should you go for?

What Should I look for in a Darknet Market?

Ultimately this is a choice you should make at your own tuition. We do have some tips though. 

  1. Only use sites that accept cryptocurrencies, preferably Monero. Always use a wallet.
  2. Leave any site that asks you to lower privacy settings, immediately. 
  3. Use sites with an Escrow or Multisig system. 
  4. Look for sites that have a community backing them. Especially if you are new to the scene.

Best Darknet Markets

Dark0de Reborn

What are the Best Darknet Markets for 2022?


Location: World Wide, English

Currencies: Bitcoin and Monero

Established: July-05-2020

Payment Method: Escrow / FE (Auto-FE with a timer of 5 – 99 days)

Fees: 3.5% commission on all sales, 1.5% on withdrawals, $1000 Vendor Bond

Dark0de Reborn is the largest English Darknet Marketplace. This site is often seen as the best market currently active. With over 300,000 users and over 2000 vendors, the site provides a service for users all around the world.

Dark0de has one of the largest varieties as a marketplace. From drugs to digital to other dark market items, to even online tutorials. The site includes options for a Mixer and a Coin Shifter.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is required for all users when signing up, for extra security. The User Interface is simple and easy to use. The site also has solid customer service for disputes. 

For safety, the site has a Vendor Bond that each vendor needs to create a shop, and uses an escrow system for payments. 

Dark0de accepts both Bitcoin and Monero as their official payment methods. 

Check out the full dark0de market guide here 

World Market

What are the Best Darknet Markets for 2022?


Location: World Wide, Mainly English

Currencies: Bitcoin and Monero

Established: Nov-09-2020

Payment Method: Escrow, FE (For trusted shops only)

Fees: %4 commission on all sales, $1500 Vendor Bond

The World Market is a well-established marketplace, the website is essentially a copycat of the  Empire Market and Alphabay darknet marketplaces that are now closed. The site is trusted by over 100,000 users and is the main shop for nearly 1000 vendors worldwide. 

The site offers multiple markets including narcotics, pornography, digital items, to many other dark market items. The high vendor bond of $1500 makes it difficult to scam customers who provide more security.

The Site has the basic 2FA and PGP tool requirements. Along with an on-site wallet for payments that can be topped up with Bitcoin and Monero. The site has a trusted escrow payment method and ticks all the boxes for what one needs from their darknet marketplaces. 

The site has an integrated XMR-BTC exchange making for safer transactions that can’t be tracked.

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​​What are the Best Darknet Markets for 2022?

Onion Link: http://cannahome3ke3366.onion

Location: USA

Currencies: Bitcoin and Monero

Established: Mar-21-2018

Payment Method: Escrow , Direct, FE (Auto-FE with a timer of 5 – 99 days)

Cannahome is the biggest darknet marketplace for Cannabis and Mushroom related products in the US. With nearly 100 Vendors and over 3000 products to choose from. 

The Cannahome is extremely well known for its safety systems. They only accept Vendors that already have over 500 sales from other sites, and extremely high ratings (Less than 1% negative reviews). Leaving an extremely low possibility of scam vendors. 

Cannahome is a replacement market for CGMMC, a market that closed in 2018, and has frankly bettered its predecessor. Their market is possibly the most trusted drug market on the darknet. 

Their security features include an F2A system, and they have one of the best customer support systems on the darknet. They heavily suggest using the Multisig escrow system as payment, but also provide FE and Direct as options since the Vendors are already well established. 

The only issue in this market is that the product prices are higher than you find on other marketplaces, due to the nature of security of sales this site provides. Lower risk is a higher price. 

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Archetyp Market

What are the Best Darknet Markets for 2022?

Onion Link: http://4pt4axjgzmm4ibmxplfiuvopxzf775e5bqseyllafcecryfthdupjwyd.onion/

Location: Europe, English and German

Established: 10-May-2021

Currencies: Monero

Payment Method: Escrow / FE (Auto-FE with a timer of 5 – 99 days)

Fees: 5% commission on all sales, $200 Vendor Bond.

Archetype is a Europe-specific darknet marketplace that focuses on drugs specifically.

The site offers an easy to use and pleasing user interface. 

Archetyp places a lot of value on privacy and security, which is why they only accept payments through Monero. Their system requires the basic PGP tools and 2FA. Their dispute system is quick to respond and as helpful as can be. 

Archetyp is a market that focuses on allowing freedom to purchase narcotics and other illegal drugs.

Their rules prove to be against any other products or markets that could harm others such as fraud and scams. 

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What are the Best Darknet Markets for 2022?

Onion Link: http://hbhb6n5h5d33rmfomgoi2kihzyxa2jpjmnwcxy75faccpnpt6czlnoad.onion

Location: World Wide

Currencies: Bitcoin and recently added Monero

Established: Apr-2020

Payment Method: Multisig Escrow

Fees: %4 commission on all sales, $150 Vendor bond

Darkfox is one of the most open markets on the darknet currently, there are no restrictions to items available. The new Silk Road. There are no regulations, though as expected drugs are the main seller on the market. Almost any item you can think of is available here, from fraud, to counterfeit items, to illegal services. 

The markets hold over 11 000 products available to purchase and have over 100K Users. It’s known for its quality products. With an easy to use interface that responds really well. The customer service does not have the best reputation but still works for the most part. 

What makes the site so trustable is the source code used Eckmar script, which is an extremely trusted source for darknet websites. It also checks the boxes of PGP tools, 2FA, and multisig escrow payments. 

The only real worry on this site is scammer vendors through the site.

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ASAP Market

What are the Best Darknet Markets for 2022?

Onion Link: http://ky5kf3cxl4jb6xqcvrlguyhbappyeozzokt4rltq5f32iipxxxrigqid.onion

Location: World Wide

Currencies: Bitcoin and Monero

Established: Around Mar-2020

Payment Method: Escrow / FE (Auto-FE with a timer of 3 – 14 days)

Fees: %3 commission on all sales, $600 Vendor Bond

ASAP Market is nearly 2 years old and grew to popularity because of it’sstraightforward your next effective system. The focus is on Drugs, Digital items, and fraud, but extends to more. 

The market is an easy to use and simple site with a dark design making it easy on the eyes. But of course, UI is not why you should choose a darknet market. 

The market has a unique system where it changes the mirrors rotate every 30 minutes. The developers do this to mask their online activities so that the third parties won’t compromise their dark web market activities. 

Asap market include the average PGP tool for sign in and 2FA is an option.

They have a 24-hour dispute system as well. They offer rewards to those who find any security flaws in their system and promote internet security and privacy. 

The flaw in the ASAP market is the missing Multisig Escrow as a payment option, although they use the safety BTC and XMR as payment towards a site wallet, their only option for purchasing is P2P and FE. This opens doors to many issues. 

Their high-priced, $600 vendor bond makes it difficult for scammers to join.

See our detailed ASAP Market page

Vice City Market

What are the Best Darknet Markets for 2022?

Onion Link: http://zzg634zozoo4uuwfyhgadmdxwcydgxdbbpoxvoullnhmnlfnegnq5cid.onion

Location: EU and US mainly

Currencies: Bitcoin

Established: May-25-2020

Payment Method: Multisig, Escrow and Finalize Early.

Fees: %4 commission on all sales,$99 Vendor Bond

Vice city gained its popularity quickly in 2020 as one of the most used darknet markets because of its safety systems and well-coded website. The name comes from the popular GTA game Vice City and has a layout similar to the in-game website. The site has over 8k listings and has a great community. 

The site allows for adding balance to the wallet of the site but advises against this. The Vice City team has a typical dispute system, and multiple payment methods available for customers and vendors for comfort. 

With the use of PGP security and multisig payments, their security is decent. Their only issue comes with not having Monero as a valid payment option. 

The Website provides a great black market for drugs, fraud, credit cards, data, digital, etc. Basically only the following is not allowed on Vice City.

  • Weapons / Explosives
  • Hitmen / Murder for Hire Services
  • Fentanyl (including any analog)
  • Stolen data containing information of any user under 21 years of age
  • Doxxing or Doxxing services.
  • Pornography of any type. 

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What are the Best Darknet Markets for 2022?

Onion Link: http://monopolyberbucxu.onion

Currencies: Monero

Established: Early 2019

Payment Method: Direct

Fees: 0-4% as it increases in size, $500 Vendor Bond

Monopoly is a small drug-specific marketplace. It is unique in its design as they have “no user-base” The site has no escrow and only vendors will get a sign-in to the site. This makes the site controversial, but its popularity is on the rise as it works. The site is straightforward and simple.

Monopoly reviews all its vendors before accepting them. The site directors claim that “​​To avoid evil vendors before they are even allowed to sell on the marketplace we conduct the following checks;

  • Past feedback on other marketplaces.
  • Posts within the community (mainly Dread) to review how complaints were dealt with, involvement in drama, and other general activity.
  • Age of their vendor profile and how long they have been in the community.”

The site only accepts reputable vendors that are already trusted by the community. Because the site is “userless” it can not gather data on any customers and has no possibilities on exit scams. 

Their site only has a few hundred vendors which means it doesn’t cater to users all around the world, but this may change in the future. 

Monopoly is unique but proved to work well, which is why we have included it here. 

See a full Monopoly guide here

Many other markets are out there and we recommend trying smaller markets too. Below are some other honorable mentions. 

Closed Markets from 2021

While many new markets have picked up and soared in 2021, with the movement of technologies, governments have found many new ways to take down markets. Some markets have retired with a good heart and a noble goodbye, but some have also sadly ended with a large exit scam. 

 White House Market 

What are the Best Darknet Markets for 2022?

White House was one of the greater markets on the darknet and was up for over 2 years. The site began in August 2019 but retired in October 2021. They were an open market, for the most part, though their main focus was drugs. 

“We have reached our goal and now, according to plan, it’s time for us to retire. Effective immediately user registration and orders have been disabled, everything else (yes, withdrawals included) is working as usual.”

What made White House unique is it retired,  no exit scam, no closure due to being seized, they simply said that they had reached their goal and did not want to be greedy. 

This sparked a trend. 


Cannazon was the biggest Cannabis and Mushroom related darknet marketplace outside the US. The market retired voluntarily without an exit scam in a similar manner to the White House Market.

“TL;DR: We are retiring. No exit scam. All orders finalized. All vendors got their money.

Everyone knew that this day would come. No market will be here forever. We are officially retiring.”

The site started in 2018 but officially closed down on November 29, 2021. The site made their position clear that their time on the darknet had come, and they were doing so in a friendly way. 

Torrez Market

Just a week ago Torrez announced their own retirement, similar to both Cannazon, and White House Market. This was a shock to many as once again it was not any form of exit scam or seizing. 

“It has been a great pleasure to work with most vendors and users. We are aware that we leave quite a big gap in darknet markets but we hope most of you will find a new home.

While choosing a new market, please use your common sense.”

The site offered some advice on how to pick another marketplace with a heartfelt message and gave all the information on how they would make their closure. 

The Torrez Market was one of the biggest European darknet marketplaces for drugs. It started in early 2020 and should close its doors officially on January 10th, 2021.


On 28 April 2021, Thousands of vendors and users found themselves in a panic as the darknet marketplace Aurora successfully pulled an exit scam on their users. 

The site was short-lived but had grown in size extremely quickly, it started in November 2020 and only 5 months later pulled the sad stunt. The Aurora team ended the site with a note telling the vendors to follow pursuit and not send through any items. 

This was to no surprise as almost all darknet marketplaces are either seized by law or exit scam. 

Big Blue Shuts and Gives Data to Law

Big Blue Marketplace was one of the biggest darknet marketplaces and started in Aug 2019. The site sold all dark market products but ended up exit scamming its large user base. 

To throw salt on the wound, it seems that after the market closed shop and provided its data to law enforcement voluntarily on April 5th, 2021. 


One of the biggest darknet markets, DarkMarket, was seized after its owner’s arrest in Germany. DarkMarket took over after the Silk Road and racked in over 500 000 users worldwide.

The site simply worked well and this was what drew in its user base. However, soon after the capture, on 13 January 2019, DarkMarkets servers closed and 14 of its staff were arrested. 

The seizure of DarkMarket caused a bit of a rollercoaster as at a similar time many other sites were caught and seized, and others took it as a sign that they should end their site and exit scam such as Yellow Brick Market. 

Other closures

  • Neptune: Exit Scam, 2 January
  • Sipulmarket: Seized, 10 January
  • Yellow Brick Market: Exit Scam, 14 January
  • Joker Stash: Credit card shop retires, 15 February
  • Slilp: Seized, 11 June
  • NamasteLCD: Seized, 9 August
  • Sipulmarket Siezed
  • Neptune disappears
  • DarkMarket Siezed
  • Yellow Brick Market leaves
  • Big Blue Shuts and Gives Data to Law
  • Aurora Exit Scam
  • Slilp Seized
  • NamasteLCD Seized
  • White house retires
  • Cannazon retires
  • Torrez shuts down
  • The Versus Project

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