What Darknet Enthusiasts Can Learn From Alexandre Cazes’s Story

alexandre cazes

For most people who have been involved in the darknet marketplaces for years, one should be familiar with AlphaBay, the arguably no.1 dark market at that time.

Rainmaker Labs was planning to launch a new product in December 2016, and they needed enthusiasts’ help.

The start-up has undergone many of the same procedures as other companies on their first day of operation. In addition to publishing a vast range of distinctive and powerful characteristics that highlighted the usability of the product, the company also sprinkled attractive phrases on the target online marketplace, producing a professional YouTube clip.

alexandre cazes
alexandre cazes

The Reign of Alphabay

The Rainmaker Labs have earned more than $60,000 since the beginning of the product called Philadelphia. The entire product portfolio of the group enables it to generate six-figure sales in 2017.

This is an important issue for safety professionals as well as law enforcement personnel.

Why? The Rainmaker Labs builds malware, packages it extremely professionally and sells it to thieves as a cutting-edge way to swiftly generate enormous amounts of money. One of the innumerable dishonest traders who have made a profession out of cybercrime as a consequence of Alpha Bay, the world’s most profitable and popular dark web market.

Its success as an online marketplace for illicit goods – malware, stolen data, medicines, and weapons – has catapulted AlphaBay to the rank of the dark web’s, owing to its exceptional long-lastingness, placing it in front of its competitors.

Various spectacular crashes, multimillion-dollar robberies, and unexplainable losses have been observed during the cybercrime markets’ limited history. Almost none of these sites, including the famous Silk Road, have reached the 1,000-day threshold. AlphaBay will be the darkest web market in English history if it survives until year-end.

alpha bay
alpha bay

Most experts are baffled by the existence of a big yet unlawful company for so long. How long has AlphaBay survived?

It is acceptable to argue that the natural development of AlphaBay has followed in many respects the development of its legal counterparts. The site is more responsive, trustworthy, and well-supported than almost any contest. AlphaBay’s consumers say that, with virus marketers, data hawkers, and drug traders, it is a step above its dark web predecessors.

AlphaBay, like other dark web markets, has faced failures throughout its history, including numerous squabbles prompted by serious security issues. Despite this, AlphaBay’s popularity has grown while other marketplaces have folded or closed.

This firm, which employs at least a dozen people, is a well-structured operation that, according to its own admission, is located in the epicenter of global cybercrime: Russia.

AlphaBay, which publicly sells stolen personal data from people all around the world, prohibits the sale of Russian nationals’ personal data. AlphaBay has been blacklisted by at least 20 merchants for breaking the rules and selling stolen Russian information.

The market, which also provides malware and hacking tools with no regulation or control, necessitates a “built-in feature” to ensure that malware does not infect any computer in Russia, whether government, industrial, or private. Russians and Russian Commonwealth residents are prohibited from directly targeting malware.

The employees at AlphaBay, who have traditionally been open and receptive to press queries, not only neglected to comment on the matter, but also removed our reporter’s AlphaBay account log after receiving the enquiry.

The top administrator of the site uses the phrase “удте в еоасности, рат” as his signature when communicating in the particular black market’s discussion forum. That is translated as “Be Safe, brothers”.

alpha bay vendor
alpha bay vendor

Since AlphaBay has 10x more influence than Silk Road, it has drawn law enforcement attention. But that was only speculation because the movements of the authorities were silent.

The Russian limitations on AlphaBay may be motivated by patriotism, with the goal of preventing the underground market from becoming a threat to the country. It may be a sensible strategy to avoid drawing the attention of local authorities while simultaneously removing the chance of establishing an actual link.

Despite the fact that the Russian government’s involvement with cyber criminals had been well-documented and repeated over the previous decade, no evidence led to a single explanation in the Alpha Bay case.

Furthermore, Terbium researcher Emily Wilson has remarked that AlphaBay is a “unique and valuable source of pertinent intelligence.”

Calculate how much money AlphaBay stands to lose by removing Russia from its multibillion-dollar global market. A mechanism for creating the difference must be in place in order to make extra money.

While Silk Road functioned like a corporation or a libertarian experiment, AlphaBay is definitely a form of payment for criminal conduct. The organization has devised a financial strategy for bitcoin that is utilized to fund its operations, no matter how implausible this plan appears to be.

You could compare AlphaBay to a bank in that, while we allow users to deposit and withdraw cash at their leisure, pharmaceuticals are only one of the commodities that lure clients to our platform. The cold wallet coins are not idle: we utilize them to invest anonymously in a number of commodities and earn money from those investments, all while maintaining a 100 percent reserve. In summary, there are thousands of ways to make money online by investing in Bitcoin, about which we will not go into detail.

alpha bay items
alpha bay items

Consider how the market operates in terms of cryptocurrency alternatives to bitcoin: Earlier this year, the daily trading volume of Ethereum, a privacy-focused token, hovered between $5 and $10 million, with the cryptocurrency’s single coin price averaging around $12. The trade volume of Ethereum set an all-time high between the 15th and 17th of March, reaching 554 million dollars in a single day. AlphaBay officially announced their support for Ethereum on March 18th. When the word spread, the item’s price increased by more than $50, reflecting a gain of roughly 300 percent in just a few days.

In 2016, AlphaBay announced support for the Monero cryptocurrency, which followed a similar pattern. Monero’s daily trade volume increased by more than 1,000% in the days leading up to the cryptocurrency’s official launch. Anyone who got in early enough reaped huge rewards, as the price of Monero surged after the cryptocurrency openly supported AlphaBay.

While running an underground market is difficult, AlphaBay did not exhibit any signs of impending collapse or extinction during its existence. In contrast to the demise of competing markets such as Evolution and Agora, Alpha Bay has continued to thrive and flourish in the manner of any legitimate e-commerce company.

Alexander Cazes and the Fallout of AlphaBay

According to his LinkedIn profile page, Alexandre Cazes is a young information technology worker who specializes in everything from website development to encryption services.

The Department of Justice arrested AlphaBay’s alleged inventor in Thailand earlier this month on behalf of the United States, according to court documents. According to the Department of Justice, the 25-year-old committed suicide in a Thai jail a week later.

Among other things, he was accused of drug distribution, identity theft, money laundering, and other misdeeds.

A youngster is thought to have started the corporation that is now known as Cazes Technologies, whose founder is named EBX Technologies.

When asked how to remove a virus from a digital photograph on a computer forum in 2008, he gave his advice. His location had been tracked by authorities for more than a year before that, according to authorities.

alpha bay seizure
alpha bay seizure

Cazes’s family in Montreal, where he grew up, though he possessed an extraordinary talent.

“A young man is extraordinary,” according to the Canadian Canoe news portal because he “has no past or criminal record.” Martin Cazes’ kid is “a young man extraordinary,” according to the Canadian Canoe news portal.

According to his mother, he never smoked or used drugs at any point in his life.

Cazes’s knowledge of information technology will be put to good use in the near future.

Federal prosecutors in the United States have claimed that a front business was used to “justify” the organization’s financial activities and considerable cryptocurrency holdings.

For the past seven or eight years, Cazes, 25, has been living in Thailand. In September 2014, he founded the AlphaBay darknet market, which has grown to become the world’s largest darknet market.

AlphaBay, which was confiscated by law enforcement agencies in the United States and Europe, was used to sell anything from drugs and poisons to guns and fraudulent identification documents.

Thailand is a place where you can live a happy life.

Villa Torcello’s ponds and luxurious rooms can be seen from this panoramic vantage point.

Alexandre Cazes is said to have owned a number of additional homes in Thailand, in addition to this one in Phuket, according to reports.

Some referred to him as Cazes DeSnake, and his wife was reported to be expecting a child.

Despite all of the hype about the dark web, the vast majority of people are still unable to grasp its significance. How it works, as well as the problems it causes, are explained in this simple and easy-to-understand explanation.

In addition to his multiple houses, he drove a $1 million Lamborghini as well as other high-end vehicles around the world.

The Thai Narcotics Suppression Bureau Director-General Major General Soontorn Chalermkiat told the AFP News Agency that the man involved in global bitcoin transactions was a computer expert, according to the news agency.

He did not own a business in Thailand, but he did own a large number of residences there.

In addition, it has assets in Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Antigua and Barbuda, and Switzerland, among other places.

It appears that Cazes made his money through commissions, according to court records.

In response to the closing of police stations in Bangkok earlier this month, Cazes was apprehended by Thai authorities on July 5, 2011.

He was apprehended after Thai authorities spotted his laptop open and logged onto the AlphaBay website, prompting them to arrest him.

The homepage of AlphaBay is seen by United States government personnel.

Because of the collaborative efforts of US and European authorities, Alpha Bay was taken down.

The discovery of a document named Total Net Worth on his laptop computer revealed that he had accumulated a substantial amount of wealth in many categories, including cash and bitcoin.

He claimed to have a net worth of $23,033,975 dollars.

Cases own foolishness in releasing his personal email address into the public domain looks to have been the ultimate stubborn blunder of his career.

It’s possible that you’ll be able to track down Alexandre Cazes, who used to live in that area.

Cazes was discovered dead just hours before he was scheduled to appear with prosecutors to discuss his extradition to the United States of America.

He had previously been reported to have committed suicide.

How Alexandre Cazes Got Caught

Alexandre Cazes, according to his relatives, was a genius and a magnificent young man who had no criminal record or a history of drug usage. He also has no criminal record. He was born in Canada, migrated to Thailand, and, after retirement, bought holiday homes all around the world. He started EBX Technologies, a 16-year-old information technology company that sells computers and supports small businesses in establishing their websites. He created and operates the world’s largest darknet market, AlphaBay, which is completely open to the public.

As a result of AlphaBay’s efforts, many items have developed unique markets. When it first went live in 2014, the site received a significant boost in visitors. A digital contracting system was introduced around a year after the company was founded, allowing clients to engage in contracts for as little as $5 per contract. Any agreement could be linked to a user’s reputation, and users may include almost anything in the contract if they choose to. If one of the parties violates the conditions of the contract, market workers may be summoned. Users that violate the contract will be notified via their profile page, and those who regularly violate their contracts will be prevented from accessing the service.

alexandre cazes
alexandre cazes

AlphaBay was noteworthy for accepting a wide number of different cryptocurrencies as payment options. Monero’s price increased by more than 600% in 2016 after Monero announced support for the coin. When AlphaBay announced its support for Ethereum on March 18, 2017, the cryptocurrency’s price surged by more than 300 percent, rising from around $12 to more than $50.

Some analysts believe that AlphaBay employees collected a considerable number of Monero and Ethereum and purposely affected their prices by declaring their presence on the exchange’s market.

Alexandre was charged by US officials with using EBX Technologies to conceal his banking and crypto-monetary assets.

Alexandre Cazes raised millions of dollars as a pharmaceutical contractor and lived a luxury lifestyle for a time. His immense riches allowed him to have four houses in Thailand and a Lamborghini worth over a million dollars. He also has a second villa in Thailand and several more bank accounts. He was able to maintain this lifestyle for a short time before being captured due to poor OPSEC. On June 1, 2017, he was indicted by a Grand Jury for a number of offenses. He was detained in Thailand on July 5th.

The first big gaffe happened in 2014 when the email pimp alex [email protected] was used as the “From” address for AlphaBay user password resets. Furthermore, the e-mail address was linked to both his legitimate computer repair business and his LinkedIn profile. As a result, law enforcement organizations were able to identify AlphaBay’s culprits in a reasonably short amount of time.

A Canadian company kept AlphaBay servers that were directly linked to the personal information of its clients. The final nail in his law career’s coffin has been driven in again.

alexandre cazes
alexandre cazes

I saw him enthusiastically gloating about his financial accomplishments on numerous Internet sites, including one called “RooshV,” and he submitted his own high-end films when his followers couldn’t believe what he was claiming about his financial performance. Everything ended up being a huge waste of time. Never thank random strangers for your good fortune, even if you acquired it legally, because nothing positive can come of it, and by doing so, you paint a target on your back for others to exploit your good fortune. When it was sent to him, it allowed law enforcement investigators to track him down and determine his affiliation with AlphaBay.

During an examination of a man’s Thai home, authorities discovered that his computer had been unlocked and that he had logged into both his AlphaBay market administrator account and his previously protected forum account. As a result, police discovered that seizing his assets was quite simple because he had provided a list of them.

According to the evidence, he logged on to AlphaBay using the same user identity that he has used to post on tech forums since at least 2008. This is another rookie blunder.

What we can learn from Alexandre Cazes

So, here is what to learn from this past case. Never make a basic OPSEC mistake!

Alexandre Cazes committed a number of major operational security (OPSEC) violations that are uncannily comparable to Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht’s.

AlphaBay was the first darknet marketplace to accept a wide range of currencies, paving the way for other marketplaces to do the same. When their website was taken down, it heralded the end of darknet marketplaces around the world.

Alexandre Cazes was a womanizer with a voracious appetite for both money and a female company. According to the RooshV website, he promoted Thai ladies, lauded the “strong prenup,” and allowed women to sleep with him outside of his marriage. “Alexandre is a nice man,” said Alexandre’s buddy Joé Lacerte in an interview with Radio-Canada. “He had always been an observant person. Because of his obvious suffering, I assumed he wished to relocate to any area as a result of the ruse. ” A clerical error occurred.

Sunisa Thapsuwan Cazes, the developer of the darknet marketplace AlphaBay, and his Thai wife live in one of their houses.

Joé Lacerte’s statements made sense to me. I feel the most likely explanation for AlphaBay’s demise was an exit scam, especially given that Alexandre was not apprehended and AlphaBay was not confiscated. According to what I’ve read about him, money was his favorite thing, and he even said that narcotics were just a way to get clients. His moral fiber was at best flimsy, at worst non-existent, according to his own wife. If he became dissatisfied with the way the market was being run or had amassed sufficient funds in the escrow, he would almost certainly have lied about his reasons for leaving the market. Doubtful. Is it feasible that if he had wanted to shut down the business, he would have banned deposits or allowed people to withdraw millions of dollars in bitcoin from the website?

We learned nothing more about Alexandre Cazes throughout his trial, since he died one week after being captured by police who believed he had committed himself, and he has since passed away.

alexandre cazes
alexandre cazes

Despite his assertion that he had never taken narcotics previously, it is possible that the drugs caused his OPSEC flaws. Certain drugs have been demonstrated to cause ACTUAL paranoia, and those who are paranoid are more prone than those who are not to experience substantial OPSEC.

As a result, many people who ordered drugs on the darknet reported feeling paranoid while stoning, believing that authorities were following them around the block. Nonetheless, it has been seen that cops communicate with their neighbors and have nothing to do with them even when they are present in the area. Anyone who has been in a similar circumstance will understand what I’m talking about, so please bear with me.

If you have never used drugs before, managing a drug market is generally not a good idea. It is obvious that you are unable to relate to the great majority of your website’s users and that you only provide drug-related advice that you are intimately acquainted with.


Alexander Cazes was definitely one of the best darknet geniuses ever. He knew everything. He has a set of skills that can be useful for many people’s lives. But he mistook it by operating an illicit marketplace. Being a genius must be balanced with wisdom.

It is much better to build something hard but for the long term, rather than something profitable but volatile.

The little OPSEC mistakes jeopardized his life. We can learn a lot that OPSEC is very important for everyone who uses darknet sites with anonymity.

R.I.P. Alexander Cazes.