What We Can Learn from WELEAKINFO Seizure

What We Can Learn from WELEAKINFO Seizure

WELEAKINFO was the top-rated website back in the day for hackers and other enthusiasts of the darknet community. As the name suggests, the site offers leaks of information about specific targets.

The decentralized site comes up with a bunch of information which is used by hackers, private investigators, angry customers, revengers, or any other type of person who wants to take leverage over the personal information that they get on the internet.

Hackers would buy access to the site and then search for a target’s name, email, or username. The site would then show all data breaches that included the user’s data, including cleartext passwords if available.

The hacker would grab old passwords and try to use them on other users’ online profiles, hoping for re-use. Luck is the important factor here. If the users are still using the same old passwords, the hackers will be able to get the credentials with the personal information that they need at once.

The website was dirt cheap, making it available to even novice hackers with limited funds. For as little as $2 per day, hackers could scan the site for a user’s data. But not only the hackers, users with a lower level of technical savvy can also make use of the site for their own purposes.

Back in January 2020, WELEAKINFO representatives claimed to have 12 billion user records from thousands of data breaches.


The FBI seized the operation.

WeLeakInfo was a website that freely sold billions of pieces of data till the start of 2020. In January, the FBI raided the illicit company’s website and seized it. The users of WELEAKINFO scattered around and quickly removed their traces from the sites.

It was a popular service at the time for obtaining stolen data credentials. According to sources, the now-defunct website included up to 12 billion stolen data records which were retrieved from across the globe.

Unlawful internet services offered, among other things, actual identities, user names, passwords, and physical addresses during their active period. There are many cases where people have their identities stolen for malicious intent, like money laundering, fake shell companies, and so on.

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Northern Ireland expressed satisfaction with the findings made by the teams who worked together around the clock to get the dark web right to the root of the problems.

On the dark web, details of about 24,000 WeLeakInfo customers who received stolen information through the site were exposed. There was no way for these customers to run from their responsibilities since the authorities had made records of their data.

This database will almost certainly retain a transaction from the Stripe payment card. As technology and government surveillance advance, hunters may become prey, as cyber criminals who get unlawful data become exposed and vulnerable.

What We Can Learn from WELEAKINFO Seizure

How The FBI Nailed It

After the FBI failed to renew the domain name, it was taken over by an individual who made a note of the expiration date and maintained track of the domain name’s status.

WeLeakInfo on may be reset with relative ease once access has been granted. Only a few clicks are required in order to acquire roughly 25,000 customer records.

Complete names, partial credit card information, the browser’s data string agent, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, transaction amounts, and IP addresses were all made available to third parties without the consent of the customers.

Consumers who purchased with cryptocurrency or PayPal, according to the user who acquired access to WeLeakInfo’s Stripe account, are now safeguarded.

Why Do People Use WELEAKINFO?

I think it was pretty clear that many experts had suggested fellow internet users not touch WeleakInfo for safety reasons. But still, there are a lot of people who use the services from top to bottom.

What kind of person would be interested in this kind of data? A large number of parties may opt to look at the list. Law enforcement agencies in the affected nations, hackers who believe they have credentials on the list and want to get a jump start, cyber criminals who can link the dots, and parties who acquired the stolen data are all targets of the data theft and their victims.

There were many people with different agendas. Some had malicious intentions. Some folks wanted to investigate the case that is being closed by the police. Some folks wanted to just play around.

People always have reasons why they want to sneak through personal information that should remain private.

What We Can Learn from WELEAKINFO Seizure

What we can learn from this case

Even the most seasoned hackers make mistakes and leave digital trails that can be traced back for decades or even longer periods of time. Others become more widespread as digital prints become obsolete, and they judge their actions as a result.

It is important to remember that hackers or generic internet users can gain access to your digital environment at any time, including your social media activity.

Instead of sitting around and waiting for the rest of history to catch up with your Internet connection, consider making your internet connection as private as possible.

As reported in relation to the WeLeakInfo seizure, there must be some people who use the site solely for educational purposes. But that will not help them with the case. The authorities will question them and they will end up in jail.

You must use the OPSEC practices and principles anyway you can when you dig into the dark web to find important information.

It is a jungle out there. You don’t know what is going to strike you. It is much better to be prepared for the worst. Always equip yourself with good resources, tools, as well as knowledge so that you won’t have any trouble when accessing sites similar to WeLeakInfo.