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A Comprehensive Guide On White House Market

White House Market

Among all dark web marketplaces, the White House Market is one of the most popular and trustworthy. It provides effective anonymity, security, and privacy. 

If you are seeking good and safe deals on the dark web, White House Market will assure you a safer environment to buy or sell anything that can’t be sold on the front web. 

White House Market URL: http://mukan44hs7ts56h4kxkioxxw4n3ketzumo3zjtpldx4xs2ya2bnk56ad.onion/ (Offline we do recommend to use World darknet market instead)

White House Market Overview

Founded in 2019, White House Market is one of the biggest and most respected darknet markets in the world. It only accepts Monero XMR as a payment method, which is possibly the safest cryptocurrency that buyers and sellers can use for the darknet market object’s purchases.

A Comprehensive Guide On White House Market

WhiteHouse Market stands from the others as a unique example of a darknet website that can be accessed through both Invisible Internet Project (I2P) and Tor software. 

Users might also consider applying VPN for better anonymity and safety protection. All transactions through the website are strengthened with the PGP – Pretty Good Privacy encryption program. 

A typical darknet user will use PGP to encrypt messages between buyers and sellers.  It can encrypt the shipping address and any other personal information, so only the seller and buyer in communication can have access and read the messages exchanged.

PGP will also decrypt messages, as sellers can encrypt the shipping information to the buyer,  e.g. tracking codes. With that being said, White House Market is the safest market in the darknet market. 

As we wrote this review, the web page serves over 460k customers with 2.8k companies and 37k products. The fee method is Direct Deposits. Other than this, 2FA is also available. 

Using the Monero XMR coins, users will be able to buy any object they like and is offered through the marketplace platform.

The layout of the website is straightforward. Each of the sections is easily navigable. At first contact, the user will find it fun and simple as the design is intuitive.

Users are not required to be experienced in the darknet marketplaces to make good use of White House Market. The website creators assured that the selling and buying journey would be smooth and secure.

WHM provides an interesting program called “Bug Bounty”, which is a compensation/reward program for the users who experienced and reported any bugs on the website. 

Their buyer service is also great as their customer service responds within an hour. Considering it is done through mailing, one hour/sixty minutes is already really fast.

Becoming Vendor on the White House Market

It’s effortless to become a member of the White House Market, however the user will have to invest $1,000 for the vendor bond.

Although the entry investment of $1,000 can be considered a lot, it’s required to commit and afford the transactions according to the regulations.

More importantly, this is how they prevent scammers from joining the platform. After all, online scammers are not willing to spend money to scam people. 

A Comprehensive Guide On White House Market

The website charges a flat 5% to make the orders finalized. There are no other fees such as withdrawal, deposits, or anything hidden. The 5% is the only flat charge the seller needs to worry about while making transactions with buyers. 

If a seller has sold an excessive volume of items, these transaction fees can be negotiated with the platform. In this case, the seller must reach out to customer service to know furthermore.

Another interesting advantage that deserves to be highlighted is the capacity of the White House Market website. 

Becoming a Buyer on White House Market

As described above, it is easy and simple to emerge as a buyer in the White House Market marketplace.

After ending the registration, the user can configure their account with PGP encrypted jabber/xmpp notifications in account settings. 

For safety reasons, the user could additionally select “Idle timeout” whereby the account will be logged out, in case it is idle the user forgets to log out. 

Every time a login is done the user will be requested with the image-based CAPTCHA. That could be challenging for bots to translate. The message security method in the website is fortified with the end-to-end encryption tool as well. 

A Comprehensive Guide On White House Market

Although the White House Market creators are extremely confident about their website security, they are not willing to take any risk. They don’t keep sensitive or private data on their servers for too long in order to prevent hackers from eventually getting access to it.

Registering for An Account the Right Way

Setting up a new account on White House Market is basically the same as any other marketplace. 

The user will need to make a username that contains a max of 16 characters long between lowercase letters and numbers. Passwords must be between 6 to 60 characters long.  

A Comprehensive Guide On White House Market

As it is a darknet marketplace with a huge list of potentially illegal products, it’s recommended to elaborate strong and unpredictable passwords to shield the account well enough.

Once you finish signing up, the website encourages the new member to add PGP. If the user is unfamiliar with PGP, make sure to research how to properly use the tool. 

It is highly recommended to not skip it as it adds a lot more protection to keep the user anonymous. Then proceed to add the PGP key in the account settings. 

After creating your account, you will be redirected to a login page that would look like this: 

A Comprehensive Guide On White House Market

Right after logging in, you can buy anything you like. 

Payment on the White House Market

After choosing the product of interest, the buyer will be taken to the product page where they can read detailed information on the product including prices, reviews, shipping method, and times etc.

After choosing the quantity of the product and shipping method, insert the address to be delivered – make sure to encrypt this information using PGP, press the “Place Order” button. The payment page will show up and the user will get an address and amount to deposit to.